California: Fishy Iraqi “hate-crime” story was well, fishy!

We now have learned that the “hate crime” story from El Cajon* that I reported here in April in the wake of the Trayvon Martin “hate crime” story turns out to be wrong.  No kidding!  The Iraqi husband has been arrested for killing his own Iraqi wife.  It was a hate crime alright—Iraqi man on Iraqi woman hate.

This is how I began my post in April:

CAIR and the Muslim grievance lobby are trying oh-so-hard to elevate this tragic murder of a young Iraqi mother in California to be on par with the Trayvon Martin circus in Florida.   I’ve been reading about the case elsewhere and there is something fishy about it.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has the updated real story, here:

It was all a lie – There was no hate crime…

Back in March, Kassim Alhimidi appealed to the local community to help find his wife’s killer. The family told reporters the mysterious killer snuck through the garden and into the back door and murdered Shaima Alawadi in a hate crime.

A note left with the woman’s body read:

“Go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”

Fast forward to November….

Police yesterday arrested Kassim Alhimidi on suspicion of murder.
He killed her while the kids were getting ready for school – then blamed it on whitey.

The local CAIR office now calls it a “family tragedy.”  Where is the apology?

* For new readers, El Cajon is a refugee resettlement “welcoming” community.  Type ‘El Cajon’ into our search function for more on the problems they have there.  Also check out our category on ‘Iraqi Refugees’ with its over 500 posts!  Maybe we need to give that category a subtitle—Iraqis gone wild!