Appleton, Wisconsin: more refugees on the way to your town

Here is a short AP story at The Republic of Columbus, Indiana. Apparently Appleton is a target city, among 6 others in Wisconsin, to receive the blessings of diversity—all kinds are on the way!

Appleton Mayor and Diversity Coordinator Flores celebrate on election night 2012. Photo from FairWisconsin.

The resettlement program is only three years old in Appleton—that is very new.

However, the chance of extricating itself from the situation is limited because with a DIVERSITY COORDINATOR on the city payroll, she will be working 9-5 to bring in the diversity and thus, in my opinion, dooming Appleton’s economic and social ‘future.’

From The Republic (emphasis mine):

APPLETON, Wisconsin — Plans are underway in eastern Wisconsin to resettle about 75 refugees from conflict zones around the world.

The nonprofit organization World Relief Fox Valley* is coordinating health screenings, housing and integration services for the refugees coming from Congo, Iraq and Myanmar in 2014. World Relief will work to help the refugees search for jobs that match their skills.

It is the third year for the operation, which has already resettled 174 people, mainly from Myanmar. Others have arrived from Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Darfur, said Myriam Mwizerwa, the Oshkosh office director.

“We’re expecting 135 in the next year, with about 75 of them in the Appleton area,” Mwizerwa told Post-Crescent Media ( “We don’t get notification about who is coming and when until about two weeks before they arrive.”

With the first refugees expected to arrive in January, nonprofits, schools and city officials are coordinating efforts.

“Our goal is self-sufficiency,” Mwizerwa said. “We have to get everyone in an employment position within a year and work to find industries that match skills.”

Appleton’s diversity coordinator Kathy Flores said she will be working with churches, synagogues and mosques to prepare accommodations.

“These individuals have faced some trauma in their home countries and are coming here for some very serious reasons, and we’re excited to be helpful and welcoming,” Flores said.

Diversity coordinator!  Do you have one in your town?

I see in 2011 there was quite a controversy involving Flores, a gay rights activist, and whether the city should fund such a position.  Apparently she survived the fight, because here she is with the Mayor on Election night 2012.

What are the six target cities for refugee resettlement in Wisconsin, according to this story from earlier in the year they are:

Appleton, Barron, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and Oshkosh

For readers arriving at RRW for the first time, you might find our “fact sheet” very helpful.  Click here.

*World Relief Fox Valley is an affiliate of World Relief Corp.National Association of Evangelicals which is one of nine major federal refugee contractors.  In the most recently available Form 990 World Relief had an income of $52 million and $34 million came from you, the US taxpayer.  None of this could be happening in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the US if the taxpayers weren’t paying the bills.

Israeli secret service to help Bulgaria with border problems

And, the Mossad has promised to help the besieged European nation on the border with Turkey to weed out the terrorists among the “refugee” flow.

From the Standart:

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad will help Bulgaria with the Syrian refugees, it became clear from the words of Interior Minister Tsvetlin Jovchev in a TV program on Nova TV, Standart daily reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister was on a week-long visit to Israel a few days ago and confirmed that the Middle Eastern country will help Bulgaria in securing the refugee situation, due to Israel’s experience in the area.

Jovchev also noted that he hopes that the forecast of 200,000 immigrants in Bulgaria will not prove true. “We have over 10,000 illegal aliens now. Part of them – more than 1,000 – have not sought refuge and will have to be expelled out of the country. About 8,000 of them declared that they seek protection. Around 3,000 of the applicants will not receive such because they have no reason to want it “explained Jovchev.

Keeping the jihadists out of Europe!

Jovchev confirmed the information that there are jihadists in Syria, who aim to return to Europe – perhaps through Bulgaria. However, he assured that the government uses all its resources to keep the terrorists out of the country.

We have written much on Bulgaria’s plight, click here for our complete archive.

Australia: people smugglers work a new angle

Instead of selling phoney asylum seekers seats on a potentially rickety boat to Australia they now have an air route and fake visas for them.

Iraqis are running the operation!

Iraqi national Abu Tarek

Before I get to the story, I see there is news this morning that more Rohingya have been caught in Indonesia headed for a another of those boat crossings.   Indonesia is a Muslim country, so why aren’t the Rohingya satisfied to break in there and stay in their own culture zone, why Australia?  (silly question!)

Where the heck are these destitute “refugees” getting $16,000 to pay for a ticket?  From 9News:

People smugglers are selling asylum seekers passports and Australian visas for entry to the country by plane – offering them an alternative to a potentially deadly boat journey.

The ABC’s Four Corners reported that it secretly filmed people smuggler Abu Tarek in Malaysia talking about the deal.

The Iraqi man tells a potential customer that for $16,000 they get a passport with an Australia visa.

The passport is from Oman or Bahrain, they get the Bahrain passport with the Australia visa in it, both official – not fake,” he said in a conversational secretly recorded by the ABC’s Four Corners.

“They use the passport to fly there and when they arrive safely, they tear it up and enter the country (Australia).”

He tells the person that when they enter the country they can then apply for refugee status.

His business partner Abu Saleh, also from Iraq, is accused of running his people smuggling business from an Indonesian prison with the help of corrupt prison officials.

One asylum seeker who dealt with him while he was in prison said he was “like a king”.

The photo is from a much more detailed story  (found after beginning this post) about this illegal operation at ABC News Australia.  Some of the flights are to New Zealand as well.