Traveling to Washington, DC soon? Check out the Refugee Act of 1980 on display!

Wow!  I didn’t know, but since I’ll be in DC next week I might just have to stop at the National Archives for this important display.
I sure hope it is still there since it opened last November (but could find no information when the display would close).  Got to give them credit, they are working hard on their PR campaign!
By the way, you might want to have a look at what Senator Ted Kennedy had to say about his baby—the bill that was ultimately signed into law by Jimmy Carter, here.
Kennedy wasn’t alone, here are the other chief Senate sponsors of the bill:

Sen Biden, Joseph R., Jr. [DE] –
Sen Boschwitz, Rudy [MN] –
Sen Hatfield, Mark O. [OR] –
Sen Javits, Jacob K. [NY] –
Sen Levin, Carl [MI] –
Sen McGovern, George [SD] –
Sen Moynihan, Daniel Patrick [NY] –
Sen Pell, Claiborne [RI] –
Sen Randolph, Jennings [WV] –
Sen Ribicoff, Abraham A. [CT] –
Sen Riegle, Donald W., Jr. [MI] –
Sen Sarbanes, Paul S. [MD] –
Sen Tsongas, Paul E. [MA] –
Sen Williams, Harrison A., Jr. [NJ]

I wrote about the law here in 2013.
If you plan to visit, call the archives first to be sure the law, that is changing your cities and towns, is still being showcased!

From Syrian refugee camp to dumpster-diving in Memphis, TN

To get Obama’s promise of 10,000 Syrians on US soil by September 30th fulfilled, resettlement contractors like World Relief (and eight others) must resettle about 358 a week for the remaining weeks of this fiscal year.
Is this story from Memphis indicative of what is happening in your town as more and more refugees are dropped off?

“Welcoming” Memphis! Syrian refugees dumpster-dive to support families. Where are all the charitable and good Evangelical Christians at World Relief? When the RAP was created, these federal contractors were supposed to match the federal dollars with private charitable giving. The private share is almost non-existent now.

The Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) of the UN/US State Department already costs American taxpayers over $4 billion and this is what you get for your money!
Where is all the money going? I expect to offices and staff at the nine federal contractors!
From the Memphis Mirror:
After a lengthy lead-in about the troubles the Alkani family had in leaving Syria, check this out!

Today, Alkhani’s strife is drastically different. He is not surrounded by warfare, but struggles every day to make his family’s next dollar with no English language skills and a sixth grade education.

His worries about money started immediately. He owed the U.S. Department for their flight fares – a total of $6,000.***

Refugee families receive a one-time welcome payment of $925 per person from the U.S State Department, or $4,625 total for this family, that was channeled to them through World Relief Memphis. [Most people, especially the refugees, don’t know that World Relief, as the middleman, gets a cut of the money —-ed]

World Relief Memphis was the Alkhani’s first American contact and provided the family with the basics to get them started in Memphis. The money for basics like couches, kitchenware, and beds was deducted from their welcome money. [And, World Relief couldn’t get those items donated and save the cash?—ed]

“The World Relief Organization took care of the migration process,” Alkhani said. “We were supposed to get $4,500 in welcome money. We only received $900 of it.”

World Relief Memphis also provides English lessons for refugee families. But Alkhani, like other refugees, said he did not learn much. Alkhani gave up after three months because the teacher only spoke English, and he could not understand anything.  [Your tax dollars paid for those English lessons!—ed]

Rami Alhomsi is another Syrian refugee who gave up on the English classes that World Relief Memphis provided.

“None of us benefited from these lessons. We all quit school after sixth grade,” Alhomsi said in Arabic to an interpreter. “We don’t know any English.”  


Because of the language barrier, Alkhani has trouble finding a permanent job. He works for people in the Arab community whenever someone needs an extra hand. He also collects items thrown out in dumpsters and on sidewalks and sells them in a flea market on Summer Avenue.

By the way, World Relief has been advocating that 100,000 Syrians be admitted to the US. For what? So they can compete with poor Americans in dumpster diving?
*** One thing most of you don’t know is that when World Relief collects the airfare loan money they get to keep a portion of it for themselves for running the collection service.  All of your money does not return to the US Treasury.
Meet the staff at World Relief Memphis by clicking here.

Midway through fiscal year 2016, how is Obama doing with his refugee surge?

Editor’s note:  I’ve been away for several days and so am terribly behind on the refugee news.  I was in Albany to receive an award from the NY State Federation of Republican Women—their Woman in the Forefront award.  It was quite an honor!  And, I took the occasion for a mini-vacation to visit family and friends.  Now back to work!

Yesterday, Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily reported that in order for Obama to reach his goal of placing 10,000 mostly Sunni Muslim Syrians in your towns by the end of the fiscal year (Sept. 30, 2016) he has to get them security and health screened and distributed at the rate of 358 per week.   See Hohmann’s excellent report here.

Obama, Kerry, Rice Power
Obama, John Kerry, Samantha Power and Susan Rice have been working over the last many  years to flood American towns and cities with needy third-worlders. This is their last year to get it done! However, if Hillary is elected she will continue the seeding process unabated.

So I thought I would have a look at how Obama is doing with the increased number of all refugees to be admitted.
In previous years Obama set the ceiling on refugee admissions at 70,000, but this year it is 85,000 from around the world with 10,000 of that number being Syrians.  It appears he and his team at the US State Department are way behind.
Checking the data as of yesterday (12 days past the midway point in the year which was March 31), we have admitted 30,632 which leaves 54,368 to go.

To reach that goal in a little over 5 months we are looking for an arrival rate of nearly 10,000 a month! Yikes!

Will your town be a new resettlement site?

Before I get to the top states, we reported that they are going to have to find new ‘welcoming’ cities (such as Ithaca, NY and I heard they were back in my county seat trying to make inroads there where the program was halted for mismanagement in 2007).
Watch for efforts being made in your towns and cities to get a federal resettlement contractor office open.  They will be scouting towns/cities with cheap subsidized housing which I think is probably their major limiting factor.
So here is the US resettlement map so far for Fiscal Year 2016 (source: Refugee Processing Center):
Map US 2016 half way through year
Here are the top ten states for resettlement in FY 2016.  Remember these are only resettled “refugees” not the much larger category of migrants you pay for which are now called by the feds “humanitarian arrivals” whose total number is ranging around 200,000 a year now.

Texas (2,826)

California (2,816)

New York (1,742)

Ohio (1,452)

Washington (1,412)

Arizona (1,363)

Michigan (1,265)

Pennsylvania (1,163)

North Carolina (1,129)

Georgia (1,104)

And the next three (all over 1,000) are Florida, Illinois, and Minnesota.

LOL! And, I am sure it didn’t escape your attention that Washington, DC has received zero as has VP Joe Biden’s Delaware (and it isn’t the size of the state because tiny Rhode Island got 111 so far this year). Remember ol’ Joe was one of the Senators, along with Senator (don’t bring them to Hyannis) Ted Kennedy, who created this program over 35 years ago.

How do I begin to understand what is happening to my city, my state?  

It will take a little work and persistence!  Go here to see where to begin your research!