Catholic Charities targeting Ithaca, NY for new refugee resettlement office

I suspect this is going on all across America now as Obama has put the pedal to the metal to get his 10,000 Syrian Sunni Muslims resettled on top of the 75,000 (more than in recent years) other refugees from around the world.  The existing 180-190 contractor offices are probably all struggling to find housing for the huge flood expected by September 30th.

Refugees are already being placed in all of these cities, but they need fresh “welcoming” territory!

This article at makes it all sound so nice, so welcoming, so easy.
What a joke that they will get these impoverished people on their feet in three months and it won’t cost local taxpayers a dime!  Oh yeh! What about the kids in schools, what about health care, what about housing for poor and disabled Americans—this is all FREE! Who knew!
For all of you near Ithaca, please read my post from earlier in the week about what is happening in those other cities in New York state that are overloaded!
(Come to think of it, maybe the Catholic Church in Ithaca has an unused church that they can sell for a mosque!).
Calling Donald Trump! They are pouring the Middle Eastern and African refugees into New York in a big way— before you can get to the White House!

Catholic Charities of Tompkins and Tioga counties is applying to become a refugee resettlement agency.

That designation means the not-for-profit will get federal funding to help prescreened refugees from wartorn countries start their new lives in America. [Remember, we just learned that instead of 18-24 months of screening we are now down to 3 months for Syrians!—ed]


Sue Chafee and Laurie Konwinski of Catholic Charities appeared before Common Council on Wednesday night to explain the program, which proposes to resettle up to 50 people during the 2017 fiscal year – beginning on October 1, 2016. [They will not stop at 50!!!—ed]

“We have a lot of say in who we’re going to select,” Chafee said. [No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t select!—ed] “There is an option to bring single people, but it’s easier to house families in Ithaca because you can pool the money going to each member of the family and cover rent for four or five months.”  [If you are wondering what she means by pooling money, it is because they are paid by the head for each refugee, so a family of six or eight brings in a lot more money than a single refugee.  And CC gets to pocket some of it.—ed]

The countries of origin which Catholic Charities expects to focus on locally include Syria, as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bhutan, along with anyone en queue from communities already well established in the Ithaca area, like the Burmese.

Who might be available in the area as translators is an important consideration, Konwinski said. For example, since Syracuse has large Sudanese and Somali communities, refugees from those countries tend to go to where their home folks already are.

Officially, federal monies would be for three months of services provided by Catholic Charities to new Americans.  [And, what are the odds that they will be supporting themselves in 3 months—zero!—ed]

Here is the contact information for the Ithaca Common Council if you are concerned about this proposal.
And, see our ‘Ten things your town needs to know’ by clicking here.
You should all be on your toes wherever you live watching for stories like this one!  If you hope to have any say in what they are doing, you must get into the fray now!

You have every right to question what Washington has planned for your city or town!

One more thing….I saw news that there is a push on to get refugees seeded in White Plains, NY, but haven’t had a chance to write about it.

Illinois: Zakat Foundation to open cultural center specifically for Rohingya Muslims in the state

While we focus on Syrians, thousands upon thousands of equally questionable Muslim refugees are being admitted to the US—most notably Somalis, Iraqis, Uzbeks and now enough Rohingya Burmese Muslims to warrant a special “cultural” center for them!

Explain to us again how we are security-screening the Rohingya who have fled Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh in boats and are scattered throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

My! My! how times have changed.  When I first began writing RRW, the US State Department would not admit Rohingya Muslims. Now thousands are here!
We have probably the largest archive anywhere on the Rohingya Muslim ‘refugee’ issue with 187 posts extending back to 2007 where we first learned from Time magazine about how Islamic terror groups had infiltrated the devout Rohingya population.
If someone wanted to write a book on how the ‘humanitarians’ and the international Leftists can wear down a country (the US) by creating a media drumbeat to the point where our leaders have now thrown previous caution to the wind and are admitting refugees who definitely cannot be properly screened, your research is done on these pages! (Unfortunately, most of our so-called leaders in Washington don’t even know this is happening!)
Here is one of many posts I wrote way back when.  And this is what Time magazine said about the Rohingya in 2002!

Here is what Time magazine said about Rohingya on October 14, 2002 in an article entitled, ‘Deadly Cargo’ by Alex Perry.

Today, southern Bangladesh has become a haven for hundreds of jihadis on the lam. They find natural allies in Muslim guerrillas from India hiding out across the border, and in Muslim Rohingyas, tens of thousands of whom fled the ethnic and religious suppression of the Burmese military junta in the late 1970s and 1980s. Many Rohingyas are long-term refugees, but some are trained to cause trouble back home in camps tolerated by a succession of Bangladeshi governments. The original facilities date back to 1975, making them Asia’s oldest jihadi training camps. And one former Burmese guerrilla who visits the camps regularly describes three near Ukhia, south of the town of Cox’s Bazar, as able to accommodate a force of 2,500 between them.

This is the news today from Illinois (hat tip: domstudent11) from The Daily Northwestern:

Home to more than 2,400 new refugees from 29 nations that migrated in the past year, residents say Illinois has historically been an open and welcoming place for asylum-seekers and immigrants alike.

“Illinois is easier to resettle because it’s so diverse,” said Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, a Syrian refugee and founder of the Syrian Community Network. “It’s important to see people who are of different ethnic backgrounds because then that makes our transition a little bit easier.”

Rohingya Cultural Center to open in Chicago on Saturday.

But following Governor Bruce Rauner’s call in November to halt the flow of Syrian refugees into Illinois and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric on immigrants, including a proposal to temporarily bar all Muslims from entering the United States, some say the state may turn in a different direction. [Illinois is in the top five states for the resettlement of Syrian Muslims, see here.]

Muslim ‘charity’ to open cultural center just for Rohingya.

In the 2015 calendar year, Syrians made up about 6 percent of all refugees in Illinois, preceded by those from the Democratic Republic of Congo at 12 percent, Iraq at almost 20 percent and Myanmar at nearly 40 percent, according to U.S. Department of State data.

The Zakat Foundation of America, an organization that provides resources for low-income communities, plans on opening a culture center just outside of Evanston this weekend. The center, which has been in the works for six months, is the latest effort by the organization to provide resources for Rohingyan refugees fleeing Myanmar.

“There are two basic things motivating the project,” said Jamie Merchant, public relations coordinator at Zakat. “The specific problems of this uniquely disadvantaged community of the Rohingya and also trying to establish a new angle for approaching the general challenges of resettlement.”

Catholic Bishops lobbied for Rohingya!
The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is one of the major lobbying groups to push for the seeding of America with Rohingya Muslims as we reported here in 2013.  I was in attendance when the USCCB said we must bring more Rohingya to America.
One more thing….
Although there is no evidence any of your tax dollars are going to this group, but generally the federal government (with grants) encourages the establishment of cultural centers specifically for ethnic groups to be with their own kind of people, how does that help assimilation to America?

Migrants now headed to Libya (from Turkey) to invade Europe from there (blame Hillary!)

Invasion of Europe news….
You probably know that the European Union has clamped down finally on the arrivals of migrants in Greece (from Turkey) with their latest scheme to return those who have no legitimate claim to asylum back to Turkey.

boat_people from Libya

So it is no surprise that smugglers are finding a new (old!) route.  It is not really new because ever since the Obama Administration launched its foolish attack on Libya (with its equally foolish European partners), Libya has been a launch pad for invasion, albeit the flow from there slowed during the winter months as the invasion of Europe by mostly Muslim migrants was directed at the Turkey/Greece route.

Blame Hillary!

And, in this hot US Election 2016 season why is there no mention of the fact that Hillary (and her girls) are to blame for the hellhole Libya has become?  
At least strongman Libyan leader Col.Muammar Gaddafi was able to keep the invasion of Europe from launching from Libya! Now it is a crime-ridden hellhole where smugglers ply their trade with impunity.
Here is what UKIP’s Nigel Farage said last year:

Libya was actively working with Italy to prevent illegal aliens from trying to cross the Mediterranean on boats. Then the US and Britain armed and provided air support to Sunni Jihadists to topple Gaddafi. Now, people from all over Africa are packing into small boats and trying to illegally enter Europe.

USA Today tells us how the Turkey to Greece smugglers are turning their attention again to Libya.  “Refugees” will not sit idle in Turkey they say:

Abu Hassan, the administrator of a Facebook page dedicated to smuggling, said that’s already happening. “People are now traveling from Turkey to Libya by air and then to Italy by sea in a more expensive and more dangerous journey,” he said.

Of course the government of Turkey is complicit too, surely they must know that “refugees” are hopping planes to Libya in increasing numbers!
Every photo of invaders of Europe from Libya should be juxtaposed with this video of Hillary cackling after her plans killed Gadaffi!  (Watch Huma hand her a phone in front of the cameras).
Think about it! History could easily blame Hillary as the chief architect of the death of Gadaffi, the demise of Libya and ultimately the destruction of Europe.  Now that would give her a huge historical footprint!
For our extensive archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe,’ click here.