Ridiculous comments made on steps of Supreme Court yesterday

Ridiculous and ungrateful I should say….

Supreme court props
Setting up their props at the Supreme Court yesterday. Don’t you wonder who pays for stunts like this!

(See my post yesterday about the Supreme Court hearing on the travel ban.)
Now, look at this headline from Talking Points Memo:

‘They Bomb Us, Then Ban Us:’ The Scene Outside SCOTUS Before The Travel Ban Case

And, then the reporter goes on to report from migrants to the US who would be better served putting their heads down and working hard to become good and grateful Americans.
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Refugee contractor: 100 refugee offices have closed

If this is true, then nearly 1/3 of all refugee resettlement offices have closed around the country. Really?
And, if this is true, why has the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) not deleted any of the contact information for those now supposedly non-existent agencies from its database, or updated their resettlement site map? What are we paying them for?
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