Australia’s rejected asylum seekers arriving as refugees in the US don’t show up in State Department’s data, or do they?

Manus Island refugees
330 of these mostly single Muslim men held in detention by Australia have been placed in American towns and cities during Donald Trump’s presidency.  Trump said we would take up to 1,250 (processing is continuing) that Australia will not allow on its mainland.


Every few months I have a look at the “Processing Country Map” provided by Wrapsnet (The US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center).

The new map is posted usually on the fifth of the month for the previous months of the present fiscal year (in this case FY18).

The processing country is the location where the ‘refugee’ goes through his or her paperwork processing and security screening.  We are not told what nationality they are.

One is left guessing about who exactly is coming in from that country.

The latest map is below.  You can find it here yourself (click on this: Map Arrivals by Processing Country and Nationality as of August 31, 2018) and you might want to look at it because it is accompanied by a table which gives exact numbers for each processing country.

For example, it lists Malaysia (a Muslim country) as having processed 1,443 ‘refugees’ in to the US this year.  Those aren’t Malaysians, but likely a large number are Rohingya Muslims from Burma who have been illegally entering Malaysia over the last few years.  They should be Malaysia’s problem, not ours.

Here is the map…

Processing country map Aug 18
When you look at this map and see the countries where we are processing refugees consider how much fraud could be being perpetrated on America.



Let’s talk about some of the questionable processing countries.

But, first, I had been wondering for months why the rejects from Australia (the “dumb” Obama deal that Trump is honoring) weren’t showing up as being processed by Australia. Ah ha! Here they are!  234 were processed by Nauru and 96 in Papua New Guinea.

A total of 330 failed asylum seekers to Australia are now living in Yourtown, USA! 

These were Australia’s problems not ours! (See my Australia deal file here.)

Other questionable processing locations are these:

Israel (133):  Why are we taking any refugees from the prosperous country of Israel?  If asylum seekers from Africa arrived there they should be given a thumbs up or down from Israel, not shuffled off to Yourtown, USA as a ‘refugee.’

El Salvador (624):  What the heck! I thought the Trump Administration ended the illegal pick up of migrants from El Salvador that Obama had initiated.

Costa Rica (56):  Who are these people (what nationality) and again why are Costa Rica’s migrant issues our concern.

Pakistan (409):   There are a few Christians coming out of Pakistan, but no where near 409. So who are these Muslims we feel compelled to resettle from a Muslim country?

Aquarious cargo
When you see images of Mediterranean ‘rescue’ ships, remember that some of these migrants who get to Malta are coming to the US as your new neighbors!

Malta (128):  I have dozens of posts on Malta going back ten years.  When I first heard of the resettlement Bush began from Malta, I was infuriated.

Malta is a safe European country but unfortunately its location in the Mediterranean made it a primary target for migrant ‘rescue’ boats which were bringing Africans and Middle Easterners to Europe by the hundreds of thousands.

So guess what! We kindly allowed some of those African illegal aliens to be passed along by Malta to Yourtown, USA.

Europe’s illegals are not our problem, but even Trump is continuing this questionable practice.

South Africa (128):  So who the heck are they?

SA is the Rainbow Nation, right?  Why does the State Department data base not tell us which nationalities are not being ‘welcomed’ in SA?  Why are we taking migrants who got in to SA from elsewhere in Africa and bringing them to America?  We know from past reporting that many are Somalis (if you didn’t know, black South Africans are xenophobic)!  Why is that our problem?

Although, as I said, there may be a way to find out which nationalities are being processed in these countries, I can’t find it.

But, I did a check to see how many South African citizens we have resettled in the last 11 months and the answer is 1 (one Christian).

Donald Trump could do more!

The choice of which countries we work through to process refugees is a choice that is made through the US State Department and the UN.  As I have said repeatedly the US Refugee Admissions Program must be completely overhauled by Congress.

Meanwhile, however, the President can do a lot administratively and one thing he could do is to reassess where we pick up ‘refugees’ around the world!

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