Housekeeping Items from Me….

First, I am alive and well and thanks to readers who have checked in on my welfare!  And, special thanks to those of you who sent notes to my snail mail post office box.

If you are wondering, I will post from time to time, more maybe when cold weather arrives and I am stuck in the house.  And, if I see things where I can contribute some additional information that isn’t being discussed elsewhere.

In the meantime, see John Binder at Breitbart who is staying on top of Biden’s Afghan on-going airlift of ‘new Americans’ to a town near you.  Stories like this one yesterday.

Check Borderhawk daily for links to stories about illegal aliens and refugees around the world.

Use my search window (upper right hand corner of RRW) with a few key words to access some of the thousands of posts I have written since 2007.

If you have additional questions about policy, reports and facts about immigration, be sure to ask one or all of the three major immigration control groups which have offices staffed with lots of people in the Washington, DC area:  Center for Immigration Studies, FAIR (Federation for Immigration Reform), and NumbersUSA.

Finally, I recently told you that you could reach me through the comments section at the end of each post, well, now that isn’t working as I have been flooded with so much spam mail that it has completely clogged up my comments section.  Sigh.  I think I am getting a sign that retirement might be in my near future!