Another Governor Tells Trump to Send More Refugees to His State

Washington Democrat governor Jay Inslee has jumped to the commands of Open Borders Inc. and is telling the President that Washington state doesn’t have enough refugees (plenty of homeless people, but not enough refugees).

Washington ‘welcomed’ the second highest number of refugees in the last year, second only to (blue state here we come!) Texas.

Jay Inslee: Refugees add to our cultural landscape!


See my right hand side bar, here at RRW, where I am keeping tabs on the governors who are preemptively (before any procedure is put in place) telling the White House they want more, and more, and more refugees. Washington is the fourth state to tell the President to give them more!

See here that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is leading a campaign to pressure governors.

Welcoming Washington as a Port of Entry?

By the way, rumors are swirling that there isn’t enough housing for all of the refugees who have gone to the state of Washington already and that refugee contractors are secretively moving some into northern Idaho (demonstrating a significant flaw in the Trump Executive Order).

Press statement from Inslee’s office:

Inslee welcomes refugee resettlement in Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee notified the U.S. Department of State today that Washington will continue to welcome refugees, pursuant to the president’s executive order (EO 13888) that requires state and local consent.

“As the state that resettled the second highest number of refugees last year, we are honored to remain a place of safety and security for those fleeing persecution and violence,” Inslee wrote. “Refugees contribute to all sectors of our economy – as teachers, service members, doctors and more – while adding to our cultural landscape. They are an integral part of Washington’s past, present and future.”

In the letter, Inslee committed to work with localities across Washington on the written consent that the federal government now requires of them. Later this week, Washington state’s refugee coordinator at the Department of Social and Health Services will send a letter to local jurisdictions with further information on the new executive order and how to ensure refugee resettlement can continue unimpeded.

The letter also documents Inslee’s concerns with the Trump administration’s cuts to refugee resettlement and the imposition of new written consent requirements.

“I remain troubled by this administration’s deep cuts to refugee resettlement and disappointed that my call for a considerably higher number of refugees went unanswered,” Inslee wrote. “Further, I have significant concerns about the imposition of written consent requirements upon states and local jurisdictions as a condition to receiving new refugees for resettlement.”

Of course they would rather not go on record supporting the importation of more third world poverty to their states, but since they are going on record it should be clear what you must do in the four states that have already blasted the President—tell them what you think.

Indeed let all governors know that this isn’t a political freebie for them if they oppose the President’s 18,000 ceiling for FY2020.

Your best message: Take care of Americans First!

Tennessee: Knoxville’s City Council and Open Borders Mayor Begging Governor to Bring Them Refugees

Editor:  This is a guest post by David James who recently explained how the Trump Executive Order will not do what we had all hoped.


Knoxville City Council has voted unanimously to beg Republican Governor Bill Lee for cheap refugee labor and directed their open borders mayor Madeline Rogero, “to send a letter to the U.S. secretary of state to share the city’s plans to participate “’in this very worthy program.”’

Will Governor Lee go-along-to-get-along with local city officials such as Mayor Rogero and join a small number of governors (only three!) who have told the White House that they want more refugees for their state?

BTW, Rogero is a BIG supporter of the anti-American TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).

Governor Lee would be well advised to not go down the “compassionate conservative” route, remember who put him in office, and carefully study the issues raised in the Tennessee lawsuit.

He should pay particular attention to the long-arm reach the federal government has made into his state budget to pay for the federal resettlement program.

Federal reports have admitted to shifting costs associated with the refugee resettlement program to state and local governments.

Of course these urban lefties see no irony in the fact that the director of the federal contractor who heads up Bridge Refugee Services, was a refugee herself and now gets paid by taxpayers to bring refugees to Knoxville and Chattanooga.

Bridge Refugee Service*** contracts with national VOLAGs Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries and like all contractors involved in the resettlement industry, relies on federal cash flow to keep their pipeline flush. [Church World Service recently joined forces with CAIR to demand that the White House admit more refugees to the US.—ed]

Bridge’s financial reporting has been spotty, but what is available shows what they are really worried about – contractors are paid for each individual refugee they drop into your community – so the fewer the number, the lower the federal payouts. The combined federal and state grants in 2017 and 2018 likely reflect a much lower federal contribution resulting from Trump’s annual lowered refugee arrivals.

The state grants likely refer to money funneled from USHHS to NGO Catholic Charities of TN (CCTN), which USORR designated to replace the state of TN after TN withdrew from the refugee program. Best guess is that CCTN has decided to help keep Bridge afloat knowing that both Knoxville and Chattanooga are true blue cities where open borders groups rule and local governments agree.

2008 – $682,158

2009 – $641,801

2010 – $902,445

2016 – $1,329,939 – 155 new refugees for Chattanooga and 267 for Knoxville

2017 – $839,583 (combined federal & state grants*) – 48 new refugees for Chattanooga and 65 for Knoxville

2018 – $945,165 (combined federal & state grants) -150 new refugees for Chattanooga and Knoxville combined

The reports also show that on average, 50% of the new arrivals are under age 18 – meaning all state taxpayers are paying for their English learner services in school.

You’ll also be heartened to know that Bridge works to make sure that their clients don’t become like backward, hateful, prejudiced conservative Republicans in Tennessee.

Bridge collaborates with an Adventist Muslim Friendship Association which helps arriving Muslim refugees (like Whahab and Jinan profiled in the 2018 report), “overcome differences in language, faith, and culture as well as the prejudice in the community. ‘“We learned you don’t have to change yourself to be like Americans or change Americans to be like you,” says Jinan.”

Wahab has already joined Bridge’s board and no doubt it won’t take long for him to connect with the TN American Muslim Advisory Council which is doing its level best to force its desired change on Tennessee communities.

CCTN well understands that refugee resettlement MONEY is the lifeblood of not only Bridge, but its own organization as well. Take a look at their latest available financials – almost 50% of its operating budget for the entire organization is based on money flow from refugee resettlement program. At the same time, they have drastically reduced services to needy American citizens.


That’s the pattern with the open borders, moralizing lefties – needy and worthy American citizens – people with intellectual disabilities, the homeless, and veterans, step aside.

***Editor endnote:  Interesting that Bridge first came to the attention of RRW in 2007 when we first learned that it refused to give information to the FBI about two Iraqi refugees it had resettled. In 2003, Bridge joined the ACLU and Muslim groups to sue the federal government to block the use of the post 911 Patriot Act.

Idaho Senator Wants Special Refugee Program for Syrians and Kurds

“It is the ‘Invade the World/Invite the World’ attitude.”

(A critic of the proposal echoing a common theme of the President)


The Senator’s idea is to add thousands to the President’s 2020 refugee cap for those who ‘supposedly’ helped us to defeat ISIS.  He recommends flying them here ASAP.

The Senator is a Republican—Idaho Senator Jim Risch, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He is running for a third term, see here.

Thanks to several readers who tipped me off to this news reported by Neil Munro at Breitbart last Thursday:

GOP Sen. Jim Risch Offers Citizenship to Kurdish, Syrian Populations

Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) is pushing a new bill that would transport many Muslims from chaotic Syria and Kurdistan into America’s schools and workplaces.

The bill creates a refugee program for Syrians and Kurds who claim to have helped U.S.-funded armed groups, such as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Risch is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, so his legislation may pass as soon as this week.

But his bill would provide a “carve-out” in refugee law for Middle Eastern fighters, said a source. Also, the uncapped refugee inflow would include many unvetted and unidentified people because U.S. officials cannot prevent or even detect fraud in the war-torn areas occupied by hostile or corrupt warlords, said the source.

Once people are admitted as refugees, they are put on a fast-track to citizenship.

The program would import Syria’s chaotically diverse cultures and conflicts back into the United States, the official said, adding, “It is the ‘Invade the World/Invite the World’ attitude.”

The legislation reflects the politicians’ starry-eyed support for foreign groups, regardless of the cost inflicted on Americans, the official said. “They care more about Syrians than they care about Americans,” the source said.


Risch’s bill is titled S.2641 and is named “Promoting American National Security and Preventing the Resurgence of ISIS Act of 2019.” It was introduced October 17.

The bill cuts a hole through current refugee law to allow many Kurds and Syrians to be flown out of the war zone into the United States, providing they claim a connection to groups who were supported or funded by the U.S. government during the last few years….

There is much more, continue reading here.

The driving force for more refugees in Idaho is the ‘need’ for a continuous supply of cheap labor for large industries including dairy and, dare I say, yogurt manufacturing.  Pols are eager to please their industry backers.


A 2018 tweet speaks volumes!


A trip down memory lane!

I guess the Senator has forgotten the 2015 controversy about the possibility of Syrian refugees being placed in Idaho!  The mere suggestion created a firestorm of public outrage.

Trying to silence the critics, the big paper there called citizens who had expressed fear at the prospect—“paranoid!”

I have an extensive archive on Idaho that new readers might want to visit to get up to speed on what has happened there over the last five years as refugee contractors push for more refugees to ‘welcome’ to the state.

Indeed rumors are swirling that contractors in Washington state have begun to move refugees across state lines into northern Idaho.

Idahoans should take the lead and let their Republican Senator know how they feel about more Middle Eastern (Religion of Peace) refugees coming to Idaho and to America!

Colorado Study: Refugees Living in Cycle of Poverty

No! how can that be?

Over and over again the media spreads the gushing news (fed to it by the refugee industry) about how refugees benefit the economy by helping rebuild cities, paying taxes, and opening businesses (at faster rates than American slugs!).

So, how can refugees be living in a cycle of poverty?

They are, says the new study from the University of Colorado and guess what the answer is to lifting them out of poverty?  You guessed it!

Taxpayers need to pony-up and give them more financial support, build new housing for refugees and not make them go out and work menial jobs as soon as they get here.

Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden designed the Refugee Act of 1980. They promised we wouldn’t be importing poverty! But, they knew that their industry pals needed cheap labor and that people in need of welfare vote for Democrats!

But, supplying cheap labor is why they are here in the first place especially in places like Colorado with its meat packing facilities dotting the state, and Big Meat’s voracious appetite for a steady supply of unskilled labor.

When now deceased Senator Ted Kennedy with the help of ‘Uncle Joe’ pushed through the Refugee Act of 1980  they promised we wouldn’t be importing poverty!  They lied.

Now to the news before my head explodes.

From KUNC:

Colorado’s Refugees Can Become Trapped In Chronic Poverty, Study Finds

(No kidding!)

Between the high cost of housing and shrinking federal funding for local organizations, many refugees resettled in Colorado find themselves stuck in chronic poverty. That’s according to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder, which studied refugee communities across the Front Range.

Xiaoling Chen, a geography doctoral student,wanted to understand why refugees became trapped in low-wage jobs, despite the state and federal resources intended to help them succeed.

The Refugee Industry will not be happy with Xiaoling Chen’s analysis that says refugees are trapped in poverty!

“So we (wanted) to find out why and in order to help the federal government address these challenges,” Chen said in a recent interview.

In her study, published this fall with support from the University of Colorado Denver, Chen explains that, despite their level of education or English proficiency, refugees in the US tend to have lower incomes compared to American born citizens; 50 percent of the refugees she surveyed said their first job in the US did not match their education level.

According to data from the Colorado Refugee Services Program, refugees in Colorado tend to find low-skill jobs in light manufacturing and hospitality, where they earn a monthly household income of around $700 to $999 in their first year.

By their fourth year, their earnings have hardly increased and many said it’s not enough to support their family.

In her research, Chen aimed to identify the barriers faced by refugees in their first eight months in Colorado. What she discovered is that the high cost of housing in cities like Denver have forced refugee agencies to get clients employed faster, often within their first three months in the US. Even though refugees are given financial assistance for the first eight months, those funds are quickly consumed by rent according to several agency workers interviewed for the study.

You can go read the complaints about the lack of taxpayer funding.  Then here (below) we see it is once again Trump’s fault.

Notice Chen does not clearly spell out the fact that the resettlement contractors are paid by the head to place refugees.

LOL! Larger budgets for the resettlement contractors doesn’t trickle down to refugees, but fuels fat cat salaries at the CEO level! The International Rescue Committee has offices in CO and its CEO is raking in a salary of over $900,000 a year. See here.

But, the mainstream media never reports on those exorbitant salaries.

KUNC continues….

Since Chen began her research in 2016, budgets for local refugee agencies have been further restricted as the overall number of refugee arrivals has plummeted under the Trump administration. For the year 2020, the annual cap was recently set at 18,000, the lowest number since the refugee program was created by congress in 1980. These restrictions have reportedly triggered layoffs while other agencies have closed down completely.

Among her policy recommendations, Chen suggests Colorado develop affordable housing for refugees and that the federal agency, Office for Refugee Resettlement, adjust the definition for “economic self-sufficiency***” to reflect actual living standards. In the end, said Chen, these investments would benefit everyone.

Really! Everyone! Even the taxpayers who must shell out more money to a program that already exceeds a billion dollars at the federal level and surely that much or more across 49 states.

“We can see that if the federal government and the state government can give more support to the resettlement community … those refugees can enrich the culture in the US and help to establish our economy,” Chen said.

“Enrich the culture!” “Establish our economy!”  Says who?  A PhD candidate at at Colorado University!  No wonder we are sick of the mainstream media!

Read it all.

Ms. Chen has confirmed what you knew intuitively—that refugees are not bringing economic boom times to your towns and cities!  Her prescription for solving the problem of refugee poverty, by throwing more of your hard earned money at it, must be resisted!

***You need to know that presently a refugee can be getting food stamps, housing help, medical care along with a low wage job and be considered “self sufficient” by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.  The contractors take every opportunity to tell the public the big lie—-that refugees are self-sufficient in only a few months.


Will the President Stand Firm on Determination to Admit 18,000 Refugees this Year?

Any day now, the Administration will send a delegation to the Hill to consult with the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on the President’s plan to admit a maximum number of 18,000 refugees to the US in FY2020 (the fiscal year began on October 1).

A reminder:  Trump set the level for FY19 at 30,000 and reached that ceiling on September 30th.  An 18,000 ceiling for FY20 would be the lowest in the program’s history.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been dozens and dozens of stories planted throughout America each one showcasing some poor refugee family that would not be reunited if the ceiling is that low.  And, without fail, the articles tell us which of the resettlement contractors had to close subcontractor offices.

Frankly I have read so many of these whiny stories I want to barf.  That said, I would like you to have a look at this one from Twin Falls, Idaho where the local resettlement subcontractor is expected to continue in operation for another year at least and my guess is that is in order to keep a refugee worker flow going to Chobani Yogurt.  See my Twin Falls archive here.

However, when quoting the director of the program there, the reporter, Megan Taros, says something that is not factually correct and I want to mention that to you:

A new executive order issued by President Trump last month that cuts the number of refugees the U.S. will accept from 30,000 to 18,000 this fiscal year threatens the center’s funding. The center receives federal money based on the number of people it takes in. With the new order its approved intake, which is now 140, may drop. Congress will meet on Tuesday to decide what the final nationwide cap on refugees will be.

Maybe the consultation will happen today as the reporter suggests, but Congress will NOT DECIDE ON THE FINAL NATIONWIDE CAP.  Congress’ only role under the Refugee Act of 1980 is a consultation role when it comes to setting the upcoming ceiling/cap (but of course they do appropriate the funding for the President’s plan).

That said, it will be interesting to see if over the last few weeks, the massive media PR campaign (like the one here in Twin Falls)  by the refugee industry has succeeded in getting the administration to up its original number of 18,000!

The article also reminded me to direct you to the Refugee Council USA‘s (lobbyists for the refugee industry) report which lists the subcontractor offices that have been closed since the Trump Administration began reducing the number of refugees being admitted.

Please take a minute and go here to see if an office has closed in your city.

Scroll down to page 23 to see the list.  Here is a screenshot of the first page:

Trump can’t do this alone!

If you want to see the Refugee Program dumped or reformed, you must get involved now where you live.  This is no time to sit back and assume the President is taking care of this.  The refugee industry is extremely well funded and has a massive media network.

As soon as the Trump Administration ends—it will sooner or later—they will be back full steam ahead and they have been laying the ground work with the sob-story news reports spread throughout small city newspapers everywhere.

One thing you can do right now is to send letters or opinion pieces to papers like this one to express the theme I think is most powerful—why aren’t we taking care of our own vulnerable people first?  After all, we the taxpayers are paying for all of this!  Use some statistics or sad stories about your community.

And, it goes without saying, you absolutely must attempt to elect people to local offices that represent your views on the subject of mass migration!  Start now by dogging candidates for the 2020 Elections and press them on their views on immigration!