Afghan Evacuees are Going to Kentucky etc. etc. etc….

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The other day I mentioned that you could check this list of existng resettlement sites and have a good idea if your community was going to be ‘welcoming’ Afghan evacuees and Special Immigrant Visa holders that Biden flew out of Afghanistan in the last week.

Of course there are caveats.  First, longtime readers know that new arrivals can be placed within 100 miles of the listed office, and secondly, they are permitted to move anywhere they wish and many will.  That is because they will want to live with their own kind of people where existing enclaves of their particular ethnic group have settled.

But, just you try to say you want to live with your kind of people and watch the moral outrage!  Funny how it isn’t considered racist or phobic in any way when the situation is reversed.

I also said I would tell you another method to find out if you were going to be the lucky recipients of mystery (they loaded up many who had no discernable reason to be getting seats on planes to America) Afghans is to (duh!) check your local papers as one of my readers did for Kentucky. See here:

Richmond Register:

Kentucky prepares to resettle up to 775 Afghan evacuees amid challenges

To test it out for you, I simply searched for Maryland and Afghan refugees (although most are NOT legitimate refugees) and presto up popped many articles from the last week or so including some about how our Republican Governor Larry Hogan has his arms open to invite them in!

Within a few minutes I saw stories from Michigan, Utah, New York, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

Another suggestion I have had in the past is to find someone with gumption to infiltrate your local ‘Interfaith group’ because they will be the first to be in on the action and in the know about who is coming especially if the new arrivals will be Muslims (which the majority of Afghans will be).

Okay, so when you get that information (assuming you are unhappy about it), what do you plan to do?

Are you planning to yak on social media about how it isn’t fair, that you had no say in the matter?  Are you going to mount your high horse and fume about the Constitution and State’s rights as one “Constitutional Republican” did in recent days.  In a comment shared with me, he fumed about Arizona’s Governor Ducey and asked why Ducey couldn’t just tell Biden NO, no Afghans should be dropped in Arizona.

WTH!!! Do you really think that the Open Borders Left plays fair and gives a flying c*** about prissy high-minded notions like what is Constitutional and what isn’t?  And, besides, where were you all when President Trump did try to give governors the opportunity to stop resettlement?  I reported extensively on his efforts.

Arizona’s Ducey was one of the Republican governors who told Trump, no thanks, the feds could continue sending refugees to Arizona at will. 

Obviously not enough Arizona voters have told Ducey they are unhappy with him.

Only Texas Governor Abbott said he supported Trump in a bid to get his state’s right back!  (If you are wondering, DeSantis and Kemp remained silent, the contractors sued and stopped Trump, and that was the end of it).

Breaking News! Texas Governor Abbott Says NO! Will not Accept More Refugees in 2020

So, back to my question: what are you going to do besides fume on social media? 

Are you simply going to read more news at sites that agree with you, shake your head and fume some more?  I’ve already told you what you have to do in my series on Fighting Back Locally.

Sorry I never finished it, but I saw little interest in it from my readers.  Frankly I assume that was because it takes more work than reading news and yakking to like-minded people on Facebook, etc.

In my opinion, that is what is wrong with conservatives generally —we think our high-minded ideas are going to sway the debate. Fat chance!

What do we do now? Fight Back Locally!


If it is too hard for you to stick your necks out (and I understand that) even with the help of a few friends to speak up locally, or organize group of activists like the Left does, then at least now, more than ever, you must get to work on political campaigns for 2022!

And, let those who are in office now know what you think about the migrant invasion from all fronts.  Pounce every time they make a move that you disagree with.

Find good pro-America candidates at all levels of government!

Then you better find candidates who put America First and work on those campaigns.  Go to every campaign debate you can get to and ask the candidates in front of the audience and the media about immigration and where they stand!

You can choose to stay silent and watch them change America by changing the people, or speak up now, risk being labelled a racist (who cares!) and maybe, just maybe, pull America back from the brink!

Endnote:  I have an extensive archive on Kentucky if you are interested, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Afghan Evacuees are Going to Kentucky etc. etc. etc….

  1. Hi, Ann. I’ve already shared with you and your readers that our Governor Lee told the jerks not to bring these people into TN…they just thumb their noses at him and brought them in under cover of night. I already have 3-4 families on my street in Shelby County.

    This is a violation of our Constitution….how is it that Trump got impeached a couple of times…with no valid reason…..and Biden has already earned at least 10 valid reasons to be impeached. AND

    WE are already screwed…..have been since the Obama/Soros/Biden administration took over.
    We’re like the frog in the slowly heating pot and before it knows it, the frog is dead.

    I lived in Nevada where GW Bush brought in thousands of illegal Mexicans and dumped them into our schools system. I had to remove my 7th grader out of the schools and home school. The “culture” brought in believed they could grab girls body parts and make filthy suggestions.
    A year after I took her out….there were knifings in the schools and other disgusting things.

    Two highly different cultures CANNOT EXIST PEACEFULLY IN THE SAME PLACE.


  2. Will the new unity collectivists be moving into the neighborhood of comrade kommissar Hogan? (sarc)
    Red State got 5000 at a no longer in use military base and I saw the C-130 flying in last week and knew what it was about.

  3. You were right Ann, lots of info on the newspapers when you google your state and afghan refugees. One thing that is not mentioned enough is that this is illegal what the government is doing. Those not eligible for SIV visas should never have been put on the plane. Parolees is a new made up Democrat term to Ok bringing in whoever they want.

    This is from one agency who is bringing in afghans”Individuals who were not eligible for SIV status – women and children, advocates, journalists, outspoken anti-Taliban, will be parolees and they will not get Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) benefits for congressional/legal reasons.” I hope it works out for America but I fear more terrorism. We never seem to learn our lessons. Just when our own citizens are trying to get back to work and recover from the covid shut down, we import hundreds of thousands of needy people that do not speak the language and who will not assimilate. I am waiting for someone else to take over the fight. I did it back in 2015.

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