Refugee News Roundup January 10, 2022

Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me to keep the news coming about refugee issues here and abroad.  However, the best I am going to be able to do is to give you a few stories that interested me over the last couple of weeks—stories that might not have been widely viewed.

You will see that the Invasion of Europe is on-going.  Yikes! Poland now.

And, you might get a chuckle out of the fact that the contractors are fuming over their man in the White House and the fact that the US Refugee Admissions Program is limping along (except for the huge rush of Afghan Muslims being distributed in places that have heretofore not seen many refugees) like not far from me in Frederick, MD where the Lutherans are now opening a new office.

And, getting ready for future refugees—those fake refugees they call climate refugees—are places like Fayetteville, Arkansas of all places.

Check out John Binder at Breitbart for news on Biden’s Afghans.  And for other immigration news see Borderhawk every day!

And, use my search window for background research as there are over 9,000 posts archived here!



A Year in, Biden Hasn’t Fulfilled Promise to Repair Refugee Resettlement Program

This photographer captured how activists helped migrants at the Poland-Belarus border : The Picture Show : NPR

For Muslim migrants, religious prejudice compounds horrors of Latin American route (

Duke of Cambridge: I was frustrated we could not get more refugees out of Afghanistan (

Many Afghan refugees, including unaccompanied minors, remain in legal limbo in the U.S. | PBS NewsHour

Finding home: Volunteers racing to secure housing in Maryland city for Afghan refugees | Stars and Stripes

Fayetteville council approves trust fund for climate refugee resettlement | Fayetteville Flyer

Record 122,000 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Arrive in US Shelters in 2021, Reports Say (



Refugee News Round-up: Second week of March 2021

First up this week to lure you in (before I get to some more important, but less titillating news) is today’s post at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ which could just as easily have been posted here first.

Know that almost all Somalis in America arrived in the US as refugees (you paid for them to come with your tax dollars) or are the children of refugees.

The resettlement contractors*** and the US State Department salted them throughout the country including in Tennessee.



Busted in Tennessee: Somali Students Ripped-Off College to the Tune of $114,000


And, since we are on the subject of colleges….

A new campaign by the refugee industry is calling on Chairman Joe to get behind the idea of allowing colleges to sponsor refugee families!

This is one more ploy to find more places to ‘welcome’ refugees and it’s a twofer as far as they are concerned—it will help indoctrinate your college students to the supposed joys of diversity as the push is on for so-called ‘action civics’ as I mentioned at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ on Tuesday.

From the Niskanen Center:

More Than 50 Organizations Call Upon Biden Administration To Pursue Campus Sponsorship of Refugees

At first when I saw this news, I assumed that 50 colleges were begging for refugees, but check out the letter, here, and see that the signatures are the usual refugee industry activist groups (including Americans for Prosperity/Koch Brothers, and a few of the resettlement contractors) and only a smattering of colleges are backing the idea.

For my Minnesota friends, St. Cloud State signed the letter.

Another bit of news this week that you need to keep an eye on going forward is this.

The refugee industry wants to make sure that a President could never again lower the ceiling on refugee admissions as Trump did.

Democrat Bill Would Stop Future Presidents Lowering Refugee Intake Quota.


Pay attention to this news too!  In 2014, Obama began a likely illegal program involving Central American children who could be processed into the US as refugees from their own countries. Trump abolished the program, but now Biden has reinstated it.

They think that if they can process ‘kids’ (mostly teens) into the US from their own countries it will slow the rush on the border.  It won’t.

And, by the way, remember that fleeing violence is not a criteria for a legitimate determination as a refugee.  Over the years the open borders Lefties have expanded the definition and just assume they will get away with it because they are rarely challenged in court.

From USA Today:

Biden restarts program to help migrant children fleeing violence in Central America

State news…..

Here is news from a few states. I think the refugee industry lobbyists have sent out marching orders to their “affiliates” and asked them to gin-up warm and fuzzy stories on refugees for local media consumption.





New York:


Find your state refugee coordinator!

One day this past week I was reading information on refugee medical assistance and was reminded about your state refugee coordinators.

Refugee coordinators are in the process (right now!) of figuring out (along with the contractors) how many refugees can be accommodated in certain towns and cities in your state.

Get in touch with them and get as much information as you can about plans for your state by being friendly and courteous.  Your goal is to get information first, so it is also best to not be a know-it-all.   You won’t learn a thing if you start by antagonizing them.


***For New Readers these are the nine federal refugee contractors who worked to put Biden and Harris in the White House, are lobbying for millions of illegal aliens to be transformed into legal voting citizens, and they have succeeded in getting the new administration to promise to raise the ceiling for refugee admissions to 125,000 for next year FY2022—that is the highest it has been in 29 years.

The 62,500 number is for the remainder of FY21.  FY21 ends in less than 7 months.

They are largely paid by you, the taxpayer, for their work of changing America by changing the people, and in so doing, are putting struggling Americans last!

See my category News Round-up for previous posts.  Round-ups have been sporadic over the years, but I am trying now to do them regularly.

February 2021: Refugee News Round-up

Refugee industry media has gone into high gear.  As we reported recently, Biden is now aiming for 62,500 refugees to be admitted by the end of this fiscal year—September 30th.

Biden’s New Plans to Boost Refugee Numbers, Wants 62,500 by September 30th


See maps (in below story) where the first waves of new third worlders will be placed.  Later in the Biden administration I expect the contractors*** and the US State Department to spread out to new sites as they overload the existing sites.

During Trump’s Presidency Many Refugee Agency Affiliates Closed

By the way, the maps in the above post do not tell the whole story.  Refugees can be placed within 100 miles of a resettlement office, and at the end of the Obama administration his State Department was working with the contractors to expand offices into about 40 additional locations. Trump’s victory in 2016 killed that plan.

There is limited data available now at the Refugee Processing Center where numbers indicate that they have a long way to go to reach a cap of 62,500 by September 30th.

State Department data shows that as of the end of January (4 months into the fiscal year) only 1,403 refugees were admitted.  They were distributed across three fourths of US states.

Top ‘welcoming’ states are California, Washington, Texas, New York and Illinois (North Carolina is just one refugee behind IL).

Media fluff stories!

Apparently, the word has gone out to all of the subcontractors, who work for the nine federal government resettlement contractors, to gin up the media with fluff stories about the refugees soon to bring the joys of diversity to your towns and cities.

I’ve been posting some of those stories at my Refugee Resettlement page on Facebook and they have reached thousands; hundreds have weighed in with spirited comments.  Over the last 28 days I’ve reached 75,000 people there, so I don’t plan to get off of Facebook until they dump me.

News from Florida:








See my interview at One News Now.

Keep an eye out for more on AOC and her pals pushing for “climate refugees” to be admitted to the US by the thousands.

Here at the UK Daily Mail.

And don’t forget!  No one in Washington is going to save you, it is up to you to organize locally to Make America Great Again!

Personal Story From a Reader Reminds Me! It is now up to YOU!

See my tutorial on how to compete with the Left!  I am going to add to it weekly and it will be available in my sidebar (see Obama the community organizer image!) here at RRW and at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

I have also written many refugee posts at ‘Frauds and Crooks’, see here.

For those who have inquired, I am at Gab with a limited following.  Twitter has suspended my account and removed my followers.


***For New Readers these are the nine federal refugee contractors who worked to put Biden and Harris in the White House, are lobbying for millions of illegal aliens to be transformed into legal voting citizens, and they have succeeded in getting the new administration to promise to raise the ceiling for refugee admissions to 125,000 for next year—that is the highest it has been in 29 years.

They are largely paid by you, the taxpayer, for their work of changing America by changing the people, and in so doing, are putting struggling Americans last!



Border Hawk: Site Aggregates Immigration News in One Handy Location!

Just in case you don’t also read my other blog, this is a crosspost from Frauds and Crooks this morning!

I’m sure you are all familiar with Drudge and the many similar sites that provide timely headlines in areas of the media that appeal to you.

This one appeals to me!  Border Hawk! where you can see the latest news on a wide variety of subjects under the overall umbrella of immigration topics. It will surely save you lots of time every day if you are desperate to find more news on illegal immigration/refugees/border issues and more.

Exciting too is the Eye on Europe section.

Here is a screenshot of today’s front page:


Refugee news round-up July 16, 2017

I tried this previously, and will try it again because there is way too much refugee news for me to keep up with.
Thanks to all of you for sending me stories (most I tweet, if I don’t post) and I read a lot that you should know about, but haven’t time to post it all.  Therefore, I am trying again to simply give you links to follow on your own.
(Not to be confused with my occasional weekly and monthly round-ups of RRW top stories)
~’Charities’ freak out as Italy tries to slow the flow of African migrants to the country. From The Independent:
~Turkey’s great wall is nearing completion! From Al-Monitor:
~Canada granting asylum to too many, and that is why some Canadians prefer Trump to Trudeau.  From The New York Post:

Here come the “replacements.”

~White South Africans face genocide, why aren’t they admitted as refugees? From WND:
~Derbyshire: Trump could put white South Africans in his determination for FY18 due in September. From VDARE:
~Europe’s Afghan crime wave out of control. From The National Interest:
~Heritage allows a twenty-something to set their refugee policy and Forbes publishes it! Nuts!
~French Archbishop says the “great replacement” is underway in Europe. From Christian Today:
~ For all of you who have asked how ‘citizens’ are voting who can’t speak a word of English, here is the answer. From the Unz Review:
More later ….
This post is cross-filed in my archive for the ‘Invasion of Europe,’ here.