Republicans and immigration: an incisive and depressing analysis

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Peter Brimelow publishes an adaptation of a speech he gave in a post called  “Hitler’s Revenge” And Donor Riots: Why Americans Aren’t Allowed To Talk About Immigration.  Brimelow is a longtime critic of our immigration policies and author of the 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.

Peter Brimelow

The speech is too complicated to summarize, and it is well worth reading in its entirety, but I’ll give you some excerpts.  This one makes one of his key points:

…the West now faces another existential threat—every bit serious as the Soviet Union. And that is mass Third World immigration.

In the U.S., mass immigration as was kicked off again by the 1965 Immigration Act, after a 40 year pause during which there was essentially no immigration at all. Simultaneously, enforcement against illegal immigration collapsed, so that there are somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegals in the country right now.

The demographic impact of this is dramatic. Because immigration is skewed by public policy toward non-traditional sources, by 2040 a majority of people in the U.S. will be non-white. This is a country that was 90% white in 1965, when the Immigration Act was passed.

Now, of course, what that means is that at that point the US will cease to exist. It will not be the historic America that we know. It may be something else. But it’s not going to be America.

And this is going to happen very soon. Within the lifetimes of at least two people in this room!

Now the amazing thing about this transformation is that it isn’t inevitable at all.  It’s the result of a public policy that isn’t popular at all–in fact, it is extremely unpopular.  

Of course Brimelow has been called a racist and excluded from polite society.  I myself would not emphasize the color of the immigrants but rather their culture, which is the important thing.  In fact, I recall Pat Buchanan writing several decades ago that he would rather have an educated Nigerian neighbor than a British football hooligan, or something along those lines.   Another excerpt:

So now, federally, we have the third major Amnesty drive in the last 10 years, the Gang of Eight’s bill that was put together after the last election—S744. It’s important to recognize that this bill is not simply an Amnesty bill: it also double or triples legal immigration, which was already at record highs. It’s a mind-boggling thing.

Obviously, this tremendous, well-funded campaign for the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill was not put together in 5 minutes after the 2012 election. It was ready to go regardless of who won. I believe that had Mitt Romney won the election, he would have supported Amnesty, just as George W. Bush did. Romney actually said that in the Hofstra debates (“I’ll get it [Comprehensive Immigration Reform] done. I’ll get it done. First year.” But nobody paid any attention to him.

So why the huge gap between what the ruling class wants, including the GOP establishment, and what the vast majority of Americans want?  Why can’t we even have a proper debate?  Two very interesting points.  The first:

Everyone here is interested in the power of ideas and ideas rule the world and we all agree on that. The difficulty in the immigration debate is what I called in Alien Nation back in 1995 “Hitler’s Revenge.” The elites of the West emerged from WWII utterly traumatized by the experience of confronting Nazism. It was so traumatic that they went overboard on the opposite side. They became convinced that any discussion of ethnicity or cultural heritage at all, let alone race, was unthinkable. You couldn’t address these things without being a Nazi.

Second is something I’ve not seen before, at least anything beyond slogans of the rich benefiting from immigration:

But there’s a secondary finding that hasn’t has gotten even as much publicity as the general finding: Although immigration doesn’t benefit in aggregate to the native born, it does cause a redistribution of income from labor to capital. It’s running somewhere at 2-3% of GDP, it’s a very large number.

Republicans who benefit from this redistribution are the big donors.

You hear a lot about how the Republican Party is a captive of an extremist faction—that is, the Tea Party. But I actually think that the real extremist faction is not the voters, but the donors.

In some ways, you can interpret the GOP’s history in the last 20 years as a kind of donor riot. The donors just simply refuse tolerate any kind of restriction on immigration at all. They go straight to the candidates, and above all to the consultant class, and tell them they won’t spend money on elections.

There’s lots more, including an account of how Israel recently solved its illegal immigration problem.  Solved it.  Because they knew it was a matter of national survival.  But Israel has an identity as a Jewish state.  We have lost our identity, as those who asserted there was such a thing as an American culture (not popular culture but one concerning traditions, morals, politics, religion, etc.)  have been stigmatized as racists and have, for the most part, shut up.

George Soros flying in “conservatives” to lobby for amnesty

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And, it will be one big happy lovefest with Ali Noorani’s National Immigration Forum and surely with Noorani’s pal Grover Norquist hovering in the wings (or, he might be right out front).

Here is the Breitbart news story.   And, then I’ll direct you to a couple of posts at Refugee Resettlement Watch where we have more details on Noorani and where Norquist and Noorani intersect.

Pakistani Ali Noorani began his open borders activism as head of the Massachusetts Immigrants and Refugee Advocacy Coalition.

When you read about the ‘Evangelical’ lobbying push (below), the strategy has Grover written all over it (although his name does not come up in this article).

I honestly think that Norquist is a sleeper long-ago planted in the Republican Party, I just can’t figure out yet who he is a sleeper for!  Or, is it all about the payola?

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart:

The George Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) is organizing a “fly-in” of what it calls conservatives from across the country aimed at lobbying House Republicans for an amnesty bill.

According to USA Today’s immigration beat writer Alan Gomez, NIF is planning to organize the fly in with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy.

“The fly-in is being organized not by conservative groups, but organizations that have focused on legalizing millions of people who are in the U.S. illegally and changing the legal immigration system to bring in more foreign workers,” Gomez wrote on Monday. He noted that the 300 activists for an immigration grand bargain were looking to make what he described as a “conservative pitch” for amnesty.

Gomez noted NIF’s Executive Director, Ali Noorani, who “has advocated for changes in immigration law to help legal and undocumented immigrants for three decades,” claimed “the broad collection coming to Washington represents ‘the conservative base of the Republican Party.’”


Soros is heavily involved in funding the lobbying for amnesty. After Breitbart News exposed NIF for being Soros-funded while running a campaign to make it appear as though evangelicals support granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, Noorani admitted his group accepts funding from Soros. Noorani denies that the funding was being used for the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), a project that his group runs the operations of, but admits that millions of NIF’s dollars come from Soros and that about 10 percent of its budget this year comes from the leftwing billionaire.

There is more, with links to follow, read it all.

Here are all of our posts in which we mention Ali Noorani at RRW.  See especially this post from last February.  This is what I said:

This closing section of the Politico story has Norquist written all over it—Ali Noorani is Grover’s Pakistani buddy (big smooch from Noorani to Grover ), and this is classic Norquist strategy:

It’s not just religious leaders looking to help galvanize support from social conservatives. The National Immigration Forum has created its “Bibles, Badges and Business” effort that targets conservative lawmakers by bringing in pastors, law enforcement and business owners into the debate. The group helped facilitate more than 70 meetings on Capitol Hill in December, of which 56 were with Republicans.

NIF is preparing to roll out a formal network to help provide a vehicle for sharing and strategy.

Ali Noorani, head of the forum, said it just makes sense when looking at how immigration reform is going to get passed.

“A conservative voter is going to listen to a conservative leader, especially in conservative states,” Noorani said. “From our perspective, this is about voters hearing from their pastor police chief or business — why their Republican member of Congress needs to be supported in this push for immigration reform.”

Be sure to read this piece (it is linked above also) by Noorani in which he begins his Evangelical Christian push by quoting Norquist.

There have been rumblings that Norquist has met with Soros, maybe they cooked this whole thing up together.

See also our recent post on Norquist here.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing things I learned over the years of researching the refugee program was that many so-called Christian and Jewish groups have their hands deeply planted into the pockets of federal and state taxpayers—Catholics, Lutherans and Evangelicals alike.  They help facilitate more immigration to America and benefit big business interests (and their own as they are paid by you to help the immigrants get set up with social services).   The so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” bill passed by the Senate is larded with goodies for the “churches.”

How is this any different than what angered Christ so much with the Temple moneychangers?

S. 744 provision: “Statelessness” would be one more reason to enter US illegally; receive asylum

Esther Olavarria: Shhhh! Let’s keep it under the radar!

As so-called “Immigration reform” surely now returns to the front burner in Congress, Don Barnett, writing at the Center for Immigration Studies, alerts us to yet another reason the Senate-passed S.744 will be a nightmare for America.  Barnett says being “stateless” in the US could be reason enough to allow the illegal entrant to stay and be granted asylum.

Longtime readers here know that we have covered the advancement of the media meme of “statelessness” extensively in our coverage of the Burmese Rohingya (whole archive here) and to a lesser degree the attachment of that label to Palestinians.  The label could be applied to Somalis as well.

Here is Barnett (emphasis mine):

White House Director of Immigration Reform Esther Olavarria reportedly told an audience at the September 19 Congressional Black Caucus annual conference that S.744 (the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill) has a number of “important provisions that have stayed under the radar, and we’d actually like to keep them under the radar … because we want to be able to maintain them as we go through the legislative process.”

The elite media, indeed the entire commentariat, is seemingly anxious to keep the whole bill “under the radar”.

Chalk up one more provision of the bill not quite ready for prime time news hour discussion: Section 3405 of S.744 creates a new category of individual eligible for conditional and then permanent residency as a result of being identified as a “stateless person present in the United States”. There is no need for the individual to establish that he or she fears persecution; it is sufficient to merely declare oneself “stateless”.

Asylum has always been available to stateless individuals who manage to get to the U.S. as long as they establish a “well-founded fear” of persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a “particular social group”.


The U.N. estimates there are some 12 million stateless persons in the world today. This group includes former Soviet and Yugoslav citizens still in limbo in successor states as well as certain Palestinians, Somalis, Syrians, Royhinga from Burma, and others.

Read it all.

Here is some information from wikipedia on Olavarria.  The page is outdated in that it doesn’t include her role in the Obama White House:

Ms. Olavarria has spent years representing immigrants and working on the issue of immigration. Between 1986 and 1998 she was a staff attorney for the Haitian Refugee Center, co-founder and managing attorney of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, and on staff with Legal Services of Greater Miami as directing attorney with the American Immigration Lawyer Pro Bono Project. From 1998-2007 she was counsel to Sen. Edward Kennedy and the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Refugees and from 2007-8 Senior Advisor for Government and External Relations to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. From August 2008 until her appointment to the Department of Homeland Security in February 2009 she was Senior Fellow and Director of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress.

Guess that tells you all you need to know!   For readers visiting here for the first time, Kennedy was the chief architect of the Refugee Act of 1980 that was responsible for our present-day refugee program.   And, of course the Center for American Progress is a George Soros creation.

Photo is from the Wilson Center, here.

CIS: Amnesty bill combined with legal immigration will add estimated 32 million new voters by 2036

The Center for Immigration Studies has just released a new report.  The press release accompanying the report begins with this (emphasis is mine):

WASHINGTON, DC (October 10, 2013) — The Center for Immigration estimates that if the Senate Gang of Eight Immigration bill (S.744) becomes law it will add more than 17 million new potential voting-age citizens by 2036. These new potential voters are in addition to the roughly 15 million that the current level of legal immigration will add by 2036. Combined, current immigration and S.744 would create more than 32 million potential voters by 2036.

To place these figures in perspective, the last four presidential elections were decided by 4.5 million votes on average. Even if only a modest share actually vote, the impact of these new votes on future elections will likely be substantial.

Dr. Steven Camarota, CIS Director of Research and author of the publication, comments, “Current immigration policy is adding millions of new voters each decade; the Gang of Eight bill will add millions more.  This is one of the most important consequences of immigration.  Will it result in voters who need or want more government services? [You betcha!—ed] Or, will it reshape American foreign policy? There has been almost no discussion of the impact on the electorate.”

Go here for the full report.

While you are at the website, be sure to see David North on ‘Diversity visa month!’

Valerie Jarrett: Obamacare and Immigration Reform will bring fundamental change to America

Editors note:  I posted this today at Potomac Tea Party Report and have slightly modified the introduction.

We know how detrimental these two laws (of course one is not yet a law) will be to America, so how come the ruling class Republicans don’t get it!

At Potomac Tea Party Report I’ve called Jarrett the “Rasputin” of the Obama Administration and have many posts, click here, on who she is and how she operates.

Valerie ‘Rasputin’ Jarrett: Obamacare and Immigration Reform will be OUR crowning achievements!

We haven’t heard much from her lately.  There was some speculation that she was calling the shots that terrible night in Benghazi and so she has been hiding out ever since.

Here she is front and center making it very clear that ‘Comprehensive immigration reform’ is an Obama plan (so hey, McCain, Graham, Rubio, Ryan and Boehner why hand him this victory?).

From the Daily Caller:

Valerie Jarrett, one of President Barack Obama’s top deputies, said Tuesday that immigration reform would be as important to the country’s future as Obamacare.

“It will be a landmark piece of legislation,” she told a videotaped meeting of progressive allies in a building alongside the White House.

“Together with the Affordable Care Act — two major pieces of legislation — that when we look back 50 years from now, I think we will all just be extremely proud,” said Jarrett.

Jarrett’s close relationship to Obama was underlined by her repeated use of the first-person plural. “We are confident that with everybody making [immigration] a priority, it will in fact pass, and we will sign it into law,” she said.

Jarrett’s pairing of Obamacare and immigration echoes her critics, who say the immigration rewrite is an effort by Democrats to gain political supremacy by adding tens of millions of Democrat-leaning immigrants to election rolls after 2020.

“Politically, pairing them in her mind suggests that the administration sees both pieces of administration as transformative,” said Mark Krikorian, a noted critic of immigration and the director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

It is fundamental transformation alright!

Obamacare and increased immigration are “ways of fundamentally changing the United States so that it will not be like our country before Obama was elected, which has always been his goal,” he said.

So Paul Ryan and others, what the hell are you thinking!

The Daily Caller continued:

Jarrett’s pairing of the two bills also contradicts efforts by Republicans to focus the GOP’s base on the existing Obamacare law, and to divert the base away from the closed-door, bipartisan efforts to pass an immigration rewrite, Krikorian said.

“Without realizing it [Jarrett] is probably doing a favor to opponents of amnesty because [Rep.] Paul Ryan and other other Republicans are trying to distract attention from immigration by focusing attention on Obamacare,” said Krikorian.

“Valerie is bringing everyone back to the connection of the two,” Krikorian said.

Go to all of our coverage of S.744, here, to see how the new “comprehensive” immigration bill will increase the number of refugees/asylees in the US and how the contractors will be raking in the taxpayer cash.