2010 Annual Report to Congress is out (more than two years late)

Longtime readers know that the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is required by law to produce an annual report to Congress about the status of the Refugee Resettlement Program within three months of the close of the previous fiscal year.  ORR is chronically late—over two years in this case.   The report should have been […]

Will Congress clamp down on food stamp fraud?

More in our on-going reporting on food stamp fraud….. Fox News reported yesterday that Congress will consider measures to attempt to get the fraud out of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that has grown enormously in recent years—both the program  and the fraud! Our interest is in the food stamp trafficking that we see almost […]

The World grows in Garden City, KS (or does it?)

We’ve written on many previous occasions about Tyson Foods meatpacking town of Garden City, KS (here is our archive). One of my all time favorites is this post about Somalis in Garden City asking for a separate cemetery for their people (so even in death they needn’t assimilate).  And, this post from January 2011 was […]

Another 400 plus migrants rescued trying to reach Europe; Fjordman gives us the larger picture

Here is the news from Oman Daily Observer today.  Those identified in at least a half a dozen boats are Africans and Middle Easterners: Rome — Italy and Malta were facing a new influx of migrant arrivals yesterday, as over 400 people were rescued from the Strait of Sicily and more boats carrying would-be refugees […]

More food stamp fraud busts, and SD paper wants data on convenience stores

Longtime readers know we follow food stamp fraud busts as a side interest here at RRW—specifically busts involving convenience stores run by immigrants (which is most of them!). Here is an indictment from last week in Illinois, but surprisingly this US Attorney’s Office press release is devoid of one of the major items we normally […]

Palestinians blame their own leadership and UNRWA for the suffering of Syrian Palestinians, not Israel this time

We learned recently that many Palestinians fleeing Syria died attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean.  So this first article from last week was interesting as Palestinians blamed their own factional leadership for their seeming lack of concern for the average Palestinian.   One has to read through 16 paragraphs before the word ‘Israel’ (the usual […]

Handy guide to US asylum (from somebody)

Some time ago a reader sent this web page (American Immigration Center) describing eligibility and how one might apply for asylum in the US.  Since we write about asylum almost every day, I’ll post this in our ‘where to find information’ category for future reference.  However, be aware this is not an official government website […]

UK Mirror: Turkish gangs smuggling Syrians into UK and other European countries

The invasion of Europe continues! The UK Mirror has an incredibly detailed story today about how human trafficking gangs are moving Syrians into Europe and making millions doing it.   No surprise! Turkey is one of their transit points and the leader of the gang profiled here is a Palestinian. The amount of money these “refugees” […]

Portland, ME: Do African immigrant-entrepreneurs benefit Maine economy?

I don’t know how many times lately I’ve seen stories like this one (especially as the push is on for Congress to get the amnesty bill done), but frankly the premise that immigrants are growing businesses faster and with more success than Americans makes no sense to me. How does a Somali with a small […]

Kenyan officials say Westgate slaughter planned from refugee camp

Kenya is home to the largest number of Somali ‘refugees’ anywhere in the world.  Security officials are pointing a finger at refugee camps within their border as the planning area for the Somali slaughter of innocents at Nairobi’s upscale Westgate mall last month. Readers may remember that we reported last December that Kenya told the […]