Have you missed Refugee Resettlement Watch?

If you didn’t know I started a new website called Frauds, Crooks and Criminals three weeks ago and have posted about 40 times there already. Here are two posts from yesterday that might interest you (click on the headline): Worcester “Man” Admits Guilt in Identity Theft Scheme at Crooked Convenience Store And, here: Cleveland: Suit against Catholic […]

Denver: Former law enforcement officer accused of absconding with refugee charity funds

The refugee resettlement contractor has apparently, according to news reports, been shuttered for a couple of years, but now its former Board Chairman, a former deputy sheriff, has been indicted for taking money from the publicly-funded charity. According to the Patch: DENVER, CO — A fired former division head of the Denver Sheriff’s Office and […]

Former State Department employee: virtually impossible to vet refugees

Adding a knowledgeable and experienced voice to the on-going debate in the White House on possible refugee admission numbers for FY19, don’t miss Mary Doetsch writing at the Daily Caller yesterday on the question of security screening of refugees.   FAILURES IN REFUGEE VETTING PROCESS LEAD TO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IN OUR HOMETOWNS   As refugee […]

Ethiopian refugee arrested in Virginia, government says he lied to become US citizen

Here we go again!  It sure looks like the Trump Justice Department has launched a campaign to ferret out those who fraudulently got in to the US claiming they were refugees. (Reminds me to start watching DOJ press announcements on a daily basis!) Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart has penned another post within days of […]

DOJ website lists cases of immigration fraud, check it out!

Reader Cathy alerted me to this page at the US Department of Justice website.  I had never seen it before, but I will be checking it regularly from now on. Go to the Department of Justice, here.  Then in the search window type ‘immigration fraud‘ and up pops some juicy bits of news you probably […]

Corruption and bribery alleged in UN refugee office in Sudan

And, the allegations are coming from a humanitarian publication under the UN umbrella. Why do you care? Because the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is the first stop for most refugees coming to your towns. (We took 53 from Sudan in the last 7 months).  This is just more evidence that the US State Department […]

Messy business as Miliband and refugee agency embroiled in fraud and sexual harassment charges involving DR Congo

Two days ago I wondered why the International Rescue Committee*** statement on Trump’s budget cuts did not feature newshound David Miliband (IRC CEO) making the comments against the President. Look at this! Headline from the UK Daily Mail yesterday. I guess he had bigger problems bubbling up than Trump’s budget this week: Charity fronted by […]

Vermont machete attacker was the son of a Somali refugee (chain migration!)

That is what the Daily Caller has learned from the Dept. of Homeland Security, but I still have questions. See my previous posts here and here about the violent attack on a Vermont woman at a hotel for the homeless.     But, first, in every community where a person commits a crime, all of […]

Denver Post: donors thought they were helping refugees in the Middle East

A non-profit group called Humanwire based in Boulder, Colorado was allegedly the piggybank for the group’s founder—Andrew Baron. How many more ‘non-profits’ have been set up to take advantage of gullible donors responding to the refugee ‘crisis’ around the world? Here is the story from The Denver Post: Boulder police on Thursday arrested Andrew Baron […]