Reflection upon the Emporia frontporch meeting

Judging from the Emporia Gazette post, the town meeting appears to have been helpful in conveying information and helpful to the citizens in expressing their concerns.  The special forum set up by the Gazette for citizen response is also helpful for further reflection and venting.

However, the councilmen were in up over their heads.  They were not dealing with simply a “business” problem, tied to town image and building codes. They were not dealing simply with an economic development problem. They will be measuring what it means to have two adverse cultures collide on their watch in their town, thanks to the goodwill of US taxpayers and the government.  In this they were dealing with a quality of life issue that will affect future generations.

What will come from this frontporch meeting?

As one forum commentator related, it was hardly mentioned at a meeting with Congressman Moran, the morning after.  Perhaps dust hadn’t settled, yet.  The problem, though immense, still seemed local, the day after.  However one in the forum expressed concern that part of Emporia was becoming a ghetto.  That being said, are the citizens properly assured that Emporia will not become a new resettlement site when these refugee immigrants remain, though no one knows for sure, how many?  Who will fill those 1,000+ empty substandard rental units?  What will become of the perceived ghetto?

One calming influence in the meeting was the person who said that this was an opportunity to show forth the love of Jesus.  From the Christian perspective, this is true.  But, what will that mean?

Are the folks willing and prepared by their pastors and teachers to do that out of love for God, on “mainstreet,” particularly because these strangers have not been trained to RECOGNIZE that love or THAT God?  The VOLAGS (non-profit groups) should know about this problem, being motivated to show mercy to all.  Large businesses know about this problem, but don’t recognize it.  It is not PC to say so: the going impression is that all religions are equal, so this lack of recognition shouldn’t make a difference to anyone … but it will ….

By their cultural exposure (and by the teachings of their imams and old men) these refugees have been trained to test and try the intentions of anyone in order to gain advantage over another in order to survive.  This isn’t unusual … it is the law of the jungle, even among civilized businessmen ….  However, these are made adept at doing this, particularly with someone otherwise known as “enemy,” i.e. INFIDEL, even a kind infidel.  “Let us walk as one,” said an unidentified member of the refugee community, who also said, “… we expect from you our enemy also become your enemy.”  >> Is that enemy:  unbelief of Allah and Muhammad?  And, walk as one, doing what? Building up the town, or, the ghetto enclave?  The VOLAGS should know about this dynamic.  CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) does.  The ACLU does.  The going mantra is that all cultures are equally good and equal, so,  join the struggle.

The aforementioned testing will come as folks are brought up over and against SHARIA, a body of law creating a system of jurisprudence antithetical to the US Contitution, laws of the State of Kansas, and those on the books in Emporia.  It’ll be called cultural law, by “pool” journalists, but it is still that same system of jurisprudence which allows for women:  to be beaten, suffer clitoralectomy, exist in and outside the home in the status as chattel.  It is the same body of law to which these strangers will be ordered to adhere by “their” community leaders and the imams they bring, since they won’t assimilate.  They will fight to have prayertime while on the job, and maybe even  for an extra holiday or two.

And eventually (because some will stay, having claimed a space) they will form a voting block.  For the sake of Allah, they will work together, not only those in residence, but also those nearby in KC, Hutch, Wichita, who belonging to organizations, are trained to publicize perceived slights and affronts against their brothers.  Allah is the same deity which recognizes, not Jesus to be the source of God’s love, even for them, but, instead, Muhammad, who is near diety in their minds.  It is not PC to say so: such is a benefit of pluralism and diversity.

So, there will be business done, some good some bad, for a few years.  There will be peaceful coexistence in the name of brotherhood, but that, for a time, with tacit animosity and disdain, particularly for the infidel, who cannot be loved back.

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