Sauerbrey: Refugees become terrorists if we don’t bring them here

Oh brother!     A couple of days ago we reported to you that Asst. Sec. of State Ellen Sauerbrey visited Louisville, KY, the city that lures refugees.   We’ve heard many explanations about why we are the largest refugee resettlement country in the world, but this is the biggest stretch I’ve seen (so far)!   She told audiences in Louisville that we are bringing them to keep them from becoming terrorists!

We do it because it’s the right thing to do, but we also do it because it is in our national interest,” Assistant Secretary of State Ellen R. Sauerbrey said, telling of how many refugees languish for years in crude camps.


“When you have people in these hopeless situations, this is where terrorism breeds, this is where failed states come from,” she said.

What kind of terrorists Asst. Sec. Sauerbrey?  Christian terrorists?  How about those potential Buddhist terrorists?  Or, could she possibly mean Islamic terrorists?    This idea that the economic plight of Muslims is what drives them to become the world’s leading terrorists is B.S.  This is what is wrong with the entire Bush Administration, Sec. of State Rice and right up to the President himself, they do not understand the imperative of Islam!

Then she made this interesting comment:

Among the most recent waves of refugees: a growing influx of Iraqi refugees, including a disproportionate number of Iraq’s minority Christian population who fear persecution. Sauerbrey said Sunni and Shiite Muslim refugees — who also are coming to the United States and Louisville — face similar fears.

Really?  We have not heard that we are bringing a “disproportionate number” of Christian refugees to America.

Back in October we heard quite the opposite, that Muslim UN employees were ‘discouraging’ applications for resettlement from the desperate Christian Iraqis.   See our post here.

So, what is it?   Give us the numbers Asst. Sec. Sauerbrey!   How many Christian Iraqis have we resettled and how many “persecuted” Muslims have we brought to America?  How many of each are in the pipeline?  Everyone should e-mail the Asst. Secretary and politely ask for the answer.   And, if anyone gets the numbers we will post them here.    Her e-mail address is

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