Last year: Group called for reform of Refugee Program for African Muslims

The series that ran this past week in the Shelbyville Times-Gazette has brought to light many new pieces of information that we weren’t aware of.   After a lengthy and powerful explanation the Pipeline News. org and the Militant Islam Monitor came to the following conclusion over a year ago (and long before others of us began looking into the whole issue of refugee resettlement.)  Read the whole document here.    Summary below:

Looking at the totality of the evidence in this matter a number of aspects stand out:

1. In general, American society has made a tremendous effort to accommodate tens of thousands of these Somali refugees and their perceived needs into the mainstream, offering them jobs suitable to their skill level along with housing, social welfare assistance and a cultural support structure.

2. For its part the federal government has expended hundreds of millions of dollars on plucking these people from East Africa, most likely rescuing them from early death. It has taken extraordinary steps to be understanding and accepting of the refugee’s culture and religion.

3. Unfortunately, in large part many of these refugees seem to have less than total devotion to the idea of actually becoming Americans as distinct from Somalis who happen to be currently sojourning here.

4. In many cases American hospitality has been repaid with a refusal by the Somalis to integrate into the larger society that hosts them, bringing lawsuits and allying themselves with radical Islamist organizations.

5. In fact many Somali Americans seem be intent on reproducing nothing more than “little Mogadishus” wherever they have been resettled.


The track record of America’s Somali refugees so far suggests that these people are largely unappreciative of the stunning commitment which has been made to them by the people of the United States.


We therefore strongly recommend that the U.S. Dept. of State reevaluate the entire refugee program as it applies to both Somalia and also to other African Muslim countries.


What has been demonstrated so far is that – for whatever reasons be they cultural or religious – the Somali refugees who have been granted asylum here, are unwilling to live as full citizens, demonstrating a singular lack of commitment to making the necessary accommodations that are required to live in a pluralist, secular Western society.

Linked in the above document is a reference to a booklet on how to understand Muslim refugees.  I came across this once before but had forgotten about it.  It is worth looking at.

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