President Bush signed Iraqi refugee bill earlier this week

The President quietly signed into law the “Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act” as part of the 2008 Dept. of Defense Authorization Act.  We’ve written on many occasions about this amendment which was attached in the dark of night to the Defense authorization bill without hearings or public discussion because Senators know that if these things are done in the light of day people would be furious.   The bill calls for 5000 special visas to be made available for Iraqi refugees each year for the next 5 years, but presumably this is in addition to the 12,000 the administration already plans to bring in FY 2008 alone.

I planned to bring your attention to another pro-immigration group (another place to find information on refugees and asylees) tonight and just happened to find their joyful press release dated today.   The group is called Human Rights First, but if you are a middle class taxpaying American citizen your human rights will not be first.

And, if you are an American who has lost a loved one in Iraq, fighting to give freedom to the Iraqis, this law is going to be a bitter pill to swallow when an able-bodied young Iraqi Muslim man is living next door to you.

New English Review: Interview with Shelbyville, TN reporter Mosely

 Update:  See Judy’s excellent points about this interview here.

Stop whatever you are doing, and read this great interview on Somalis in Shelbyville by Jerry Gordon of New English Review and reporter Brian Mosely!    Here is a part of the introduction.

We have written extensively about the problems of assimilation of émigré Somalis in cities like Nashville, Minneapolis, Lewiston, Maine and another Tyson Foods locale, Emporia, Kansas with a Somali meatpacker work force. The problems in those communities have included issues such as TB, public health, drug dealing, petty crime, in some cases massive unemployment, federal Medicare and Medicaid fraud and separation of Church and State provisions.


One of the few members of the Fourth Estate, who has covered the problem of assimilation of legal Somali humanitarian émigrés in the US, is Brian Mosely of the Shelbyville Times Gazette.


In a series of hard hitting articles in the Shelbyville Times Gazette, Mosely has vividly portrayed the problems of what happens when hundreds of Somalis with a strong tribal culture and Muslim faith come to a small community in America’s heartland. What threads through Mosley’s series is the Somalis demonstrable lack of discernable public health standards and minimal education, plus their rejection of US cultural standards of tolerance and offers from community outreach groups.


In this interview with Mosely, we discuss the background that led to the Times Gazette Somali series, the reaction of the community to his reports and opinion pieces, comments by readers, and the attempt to muzzle his free speech rights under our Constitution.

Read it all here.  It is fascinating.

Note:   We have a very good search function at RRW and have covered the Shelbyville issue extensively, just search for the word “Shelbyville.”