Chris Coen of Friends of Refugees on Nashville

This morning we received this letter from Chris Coen, Director of Friends of Refugees  in response to our post on Nashville yesterday.  He tells us more that the Tennessean reporter should have known about the downside of multiculturalism in Nashville.

Dear Refugee Resettlement Watch,

The reporter ‘forgot’ to mention a few other incidents with refugees in Nashville,  one of which had been reported in her own paper just a few years earlier.

What the State Department needs to consider when deciding where in the U.S. to resettle refugees is the appropriateness of communities for the various groups of refugees. In 2001 the State Department with its 10 voluntary agency partners placed thousands of Lost Boys of Sudan refugees in inner city neighborhoods of many of our largest cities. These young men were resettled without parents or extended families, and were often placed in cities that did not have members of their ethnic groups. As a result, many of the young men were preyed upon by street thugs and other criminals while the State Department and its partner agencies sat by offering little assistance.

In 2001 ‘Lost Boy’ Ring Paulino Deng died at age 19 with a knife in his chest outside the Nashville apartment where he had settled, the victim of an argument over a parking dispute. In May of 2003 the Lost Boy refugee Moses Pieny, 25, also of Nashville, was murdered after being lured to a house, tied up and robbed. He was later shot several times and his body was dumped in a vacant lot. In Nashville in May of 2006 the 34-year-old Eritrean mother refugee Freweini Gebremicael was shot in the head and her corpse lit on fire. In Chicago we counted 23  ‘Lost Boys’ refugees brutalized on the streets – three were stabbed, many were beaten and had teeth knocked out, and one sustained brain injuries after being kicked down the concrete steps of an L-platform.  The State Department dismissed the refugees’ fear of the neighborhoods in which they had been placed in Chicago as “perceived” safety of the neighborhoods.


Christopher Coen


Friends of Refugees

See our last post on Chris Coen and the tireless work he does to bring the plight of refugees in America to the authorities attention only to be rebuffed.  And, shame on the lazy and incompetant mainstream media for aiding and abetting this travesty by their silence.

I reiterate, we can debate all day long about how many refugees we should take and from where they should come but there is no excuse for the neglect many suffer when they have come to live among us.  Every refugee or refugee family unit must have a church or group sponsor/advocate as was the case in early refugee resettlement before these volags completely ran the show.