Joliet, IL Catholic Charities running out of government money

I know many of the new readers coming to RRW are surprised to learn that most liberal-leaning non-profit groups, even church groups, are heavily funded by federal and state government.    Losing that taxpayer money can often mean the end of some or all of an organization’s programs like this one in Joliet, IL.

JOLIET – Last week, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Joliet was forced to lay off staff and announced it would be closing some of its programs due to lack of funding.


Some programs, such as the Refugee Resettlement Program, are slated to close in the next few weeks, while others, such as St. Elizabeth’s Residence for senior women in Joliet, would close by the end of June.

According to Kathleen McGowan, executive director for the agency, years of inadequate funding from state and federal government sources and a lack of business for some programs have caused most of the drastic measures.

Refugee Resettlement can be a cutthroat business with volags competing with each other for immigrants to resettle.  So, I suspect that Ms. McGowen is referring to that when she says they have a “lack of business for some programs.” 

The International Institute of Erie, PA we wrote about yesterday must be having the same problem.

Virginia rounding up immigrant sex offenders

Although presumably none of the immigrant sex offenders rounded up in Virginia are refugees, I found this story very interesting.     The State of Virginia has been cracking down heavily on illegal immigrants but this initiative is to deport any immigrant who has not yet become a citizen, but who has been convicted of a sex crime.  Hat tip: Infinicat

Richmond, Va. – More than 170 criminals will be deported as part of a joint law enforcement operation to remove alien sex offenders from Virginia.


“Operation Cold Play” identified 255 people convicted of sex crimes who are not U.S. citizens. Eighty-four offenders on the list had already left the country or been deported. The other 171 offenders were either in jail already or picked up off the street.

The news report says the immigrants are from all over the world.