Rohingya drums and Rambo

You can hear the drumbeats, a little here, a little there.   We’ve told you about them before, Rohingyas are Burmese Muslims and the agitation has begun to bring them to America.   Take a minute and go back to my original post of a few weeks ago.  

Now comes another beat on the drum to find a “durable solution” in third country resettlement.   A Mr. Zafar Ahmad, President of Myanmar Ethinic Rohingyas Human Rights Organization Malaysia wrote this past week to the Geneva head office of the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner on Refugees) with his “demands.”

We, Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Right Organization Malaysia
strongly demand on behalf of all that Frontier UNHCR’s Representative Head
Officer Dr.Volker Turk to tackle continuously and its recognized Rohingya
refugees may solve before his transfer . We Rohingya are forgotten
people on earth and well-founded fear of persecution subjected to Race,
Religion and Political opinion.

 Then Mr. Zafar Ahmad goes on to say:

This current situation pointing
that Rohingya have only a way of permanent solution to 3rd country
according to Refugees convention due to facing various as origin of the
persecution in the host.

That third country is going to be the United States, or some country in western Europe, maybe Australia.

I bet you are wondering how I have Rambo involved in all this.   Well don’t you know in his latest ‘blow ’em away’ flick he goes after the Burmese military junta to help save the Christian Karen people.   The Burmese Karen are one of the latest wave of refugees coming to America.   Rambo got guidance from the United Nations on his choice of human rights violators to film.   The UN will be slipping those Rohingyas by us as one more of Burma’s ethnic minority, just mark my words!

Incidentally there is speculation about why Rambo didn’t go after Al-Queda.    Actor Sylvester Stallone said in an interview I happened to catch that it was because he didn’t want to look tougher than our military men and women.  LOL, I will bet anything he didn’t want to be seen blowing Islamic radicals away, probably not good for his career (or personal safety).