Sweden: Refugee News for a Little Laugh this Morning

I’m getting dragged down by all the awful news of governors one after another (even some Republicans) jumping on the bandwagon to oppose the President and to support importing more poverty to America.

One reader suggested that the media interview in a homeless camp in say LA and ask the homeless (on camera) how they feel about Third Worlders coming to the city and immediately given housing, food, medical care.  We can dream!

Of course I have a lot more to say in the days and week ahead about the President’s refugee reform efforts and how no matter how many citizens speak up in favor of reform and slowing the flow, Open Borders Inc. is better funded and more organized and it’s not because of any power naive humanitarian voters have, it is about the almighty dollar.

Can you say, George Soros, Paul Singer, Michael Bloomberg, Chambers of Commerce, global corporations, campaign donations (to Democrats and Republicans), and nine phony-baloney so-called charities.  US Refugee resettlement is driven by, yes, those seeking a borderless world and those getting rich on the backs of refugee pawns.

Sorry, I told you I was going to give you a little laugh this fine December morning!

Here it is!  ‘Invasion of Europe’ news!

The story is from the German publication Deutsche Welle:

Swedish town to integrate refugees by housing them with pensioners

The first residents have moved into a new housing scheme that mixes seniors, young people and foreigners who came to Sweden as unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. They are required to socialize with each other.

The first time the young immigrant men met their future Swedish neighbors, it was Kristin Ohman (photo above) who made contact.

Here is Human Rights Watch reporting that most of the unaccompanied ‘children’ who came to Sweden in 2015 were teenage boys from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq and Ethiopia.

“They were standing alone so I came over to meet them and I gave them some flowers,” the 74-year-old smiles, as she remembers the gathering of the 70 people hand-picked to live in her new apartment building. “They seemed a bit shy, but they were all very positive.”


Dragana Curovic (left), an integration specialist, shows off the arts and crafts room in the mixed living housing complex.

The “SällBo” project in the Swedish city of Helsingborg aims to combat loneliness among the elderly at the same time as helping former child refugees integrate by housing them side-by-side in the same building. There are 31 flats for retired people and 20 for 18- to 25-year-olds, ten of which are reserved for people who arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied child asylum-seekers.

The project’s name combines the word “sällskap,” meaning company or togetherness, with “bo,” meaning to live, and under their contract, residents commit to socialize with each other for at least two hours a week, helped along by a live-in social coordinator.

“It’s not only the first in Sweden,” says Dragana Curovic, an integration specialist at Helsingborgshem, the city’s municipal housing company. “Our constellation is unique anywhere in the world.”

Curovic and her colleague hatched the idea for their integration project two years later, when considering whether to convert two floors back into assisted housing for the elderly and leave the bottom level for young immigrants. In the end, they decided it would be better to mix the groups together.

“We thought, ‘okay, we have this house, and we have these needs, and we know that there are a lot of lonely people. Why don’t we do an integration project, where there are different kinds of people?'”


Her hope is that by meeting and working together with elderly Swedes, the young men will improve their cultural understanding and absorb practical skills they would normally have learnt from their parents. Former child asylum-seekers face a lot of stigma in Sweden, so Curovic hopes the project will also help them understand that not everyone in Sweden views them with suspicion.

More here.

And, this is at the very end of the story!  Kind of makes you wonder if Deutsche Welle was having a little laugh too!


How did Sweden get to this awful place?  They opened their gates wide to the Third World! Pray this morning that we will never become Sweden!

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6 thoughts on “Sweden: Refugee News for a Little Laugh this Morning

  1. Makes me wonder who pays for the housing of both the seniors and the refugees? Do the seniors have to sign a contract to socialize? What happens if the seniors chose to not socialize according to the program?

  2. God help these elderly people. They are so vulnerable, I shudder to read of the
    horrors these refugees will wreak on these elderly.
    I’m referring to the terrible murders in Texas committed by a so called refugee.
    As an aside, I have written my Governor, Jay Inslee to suggest he follow
    the requirements for admitting new refugees to my state, I won’t hold my breath.
    Linda, Washington State

  3. I’m sure that if they housed the seniors with genuine Chinese refugees of conscience from either the mainland or Hong Kong this project would have been a success. Europe would have an economic renaissance IF they just chose the Chinese fleeing oppression instead of Europe’s natural enemies.

  4. Do you think the people and organizations forcing this upon the elderly will be held responsible if one pensioner ends up dead, raped or both… hell no!

    What I see happening is extortion,
    Financially and or sexually.
    Give me half of your retirement check every month or I will hurt you. If you tell anyone we will all call you a racist. Same goes for sex/rape.
    Sweden is a very sick country.

  5. So, let’s see: the Swedish Powers-That-Be are forcing 31 elderly, vulnerable, lifelong-taxpaying and law-abiding senior citizens to live with and even hang out with, 20 uneducated, unskilled, un-Swedish-speaking young Muslim male adults from a war-torn failed state, a brutal Islamist dictatorship with no history of democracy, human rights, women’s rights, freedom of speech and religious tolerance, as a kind of ultra-PC social experiment?? Gee, what could possibly happen? Well, we know what happened in a similar circumstance recently in Texas: twelve little old American grandmothers were brutally murdered and robbed by an African Muslim refugee for a few dollars!!

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