Minnesota: Interfaith Network Formed to Advocate Across the Whole State

Advocate for what?  Well, the usual Leftwing causes like halting global warming and welcoming more impoverished people from across the globe to Minnesota’s welcoming welfare system, and most of all shutting up those who disagree with the Leftwing’s political agenda by calling them haters and racists.

I’ve been saying this until I’m blue in the face—the Left is organized and continues to develop their networks of like-minded people so that they can promote their issues, while conservatives are pretty lousy at organizing grassroots action.

Read this 2017 essay by the Rev. J Cody Nielsen who has been tapped to organize the Interfaith Leftists in Minnesota. There is no confusion about who they are. https://www.stateofformation.org/2017/01/theres-no-tradition-which-stands-for-silence/

I’ve been writing a lot about the religious Left in posts in recent days, here and here about the Christian churches that are anti-Trump on immigration (and likely everything!) and it is those groups and individuals who spearhead the creation of Interfaith groups along with Jewish Leftists.

Back in the early 1980s, I was fighting to save my farm from being taken to expand a national park and had been surprised and disappointed (I was naive!) to learn that the hard Left, which had infiltrated and taken over major environmental groups, was pushing for the government to take more private land from unsuspecting farmers and ranchers across the country.

Isn’t that a communist idea when the government wants to own all of the land I queried. 

Yes it is actually!  And,  I was told by someone knowledgeable with the planning for the Lefts’ agenda to transform America that in order to bring their agenda to fruition they must “get to the churches.” 

Church-going Americans were generally conservative in those days and were blocking the Lefts’ plans. I was informed that one leading group promoting that concept was the Pew Charitable Trust located in Philadelphia.

So they have been working on this strategy (successfully!) for 40-50 years!

(Learn more about “Cultural Marxism.”  I wrote about it here in 2015.)

Sorry for the digression!  I’ve observed in recent years that it is often Interfaith groups (sounds warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?) that push for more refugee resettlement and open borders generally, and so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Minnesota Interfaith groups are joining forces to advance their Leftwing political agenda claiming they will be first in the nation to strengthen their ties.

From the Star Tribune (hat tip: Brenda):

New network aims to link interfaith efforts in Minnesota

Minnesota has long been a national leader in interfaith cooperation. A new nonprofit will be launched next week to strengthen ties even further.

The Minnesota Multi-faith Network will hold its kickoff event Monday night with a gathering of faith leaders — including Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus — pledging to collaborate on education, outreach and advocacy across the state.

Hundreds of faith organizations are working on issues ranging from climate change to immigration to combating racism, organizers said. The network will be a place where they can find one another, join forces and make a stronger impact.


Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker


The network can provide a coordinated response to hate crimes and other timely issues, organizers said.

“We need to combat hate with love, which is very much part of the Minnesota fabric,” Spilker said. “But we need coordination to make that happen.”

The network hired J. Cody Nielsen as its first executive director earlier this year. Nielsen, founder of the national interfaith group Convergence, said groups working toward similar goals often don’t know about one another and don’t share training or seek shared funding. He hopes the new network can change that.

Nielsen’s priorities include launching regional hubs across the state to connect local groups. He also wants to coordinate with university student organizations, such as the Muslim Students Association, as well as university professionals involved in interfaith and religious work.


The network also has created a speakers bureau, Duke said, making it easier for schools, churches and other groups to offer education on lesser-known religions and to dispel myths.


Nielsen said if the network works as planned, Minnesota could become a national model for this type of collaboration.

“I see that as a larger possibility,” Nielsen said. “And what better place than Minnesota, one of the most religious[ly] diverse states?”

More here.

I wonder where they are getting their funding?  Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Paul Singer?  I recommend that Minnesotans sign up for their mailing list and attend meetings to find out what they are up to! Surely they won’t block anyone—they are lovers not haters (right?).

By the way, where are the America First! networks in every state?

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3 thoughts on “Minnesota: Interfaith Network Formed to Advocate Across the Whole State

  1. A couple of points: Interfaith dialogue fails because it is one way–from Christian and Jewish to accept Muslims. Islam cannot and will not move any toward acceptance of other faiths as this is a violation of the Quran and is simply not to be tolerated. Second, I have tried contacting groups working on the “right” side of the issues and voicing my opinion that we need to organize nationally if we are to succeed in stopping the left in its push toward those agenda items we do not want. However, it seems that egos and personalities seem to get in the way. Maybe this is because conservatives are too independent while those on the left are more like sheep who follow those who espouse similar beliefs. All I know is that we on the right side of thinking must consolidate and work together or we will be “left” out.

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