An Idaho Voter Sends Fabulous Letter to His Governor! You Can Do This Too!

Update December 10:  A reader suggests you copy your letters (that you are writing to county commissions and to your governor) to the US Secretary of State. See here.

Well, heck the Refugee Council USA (the lobbying arm of the refugee industry) prepared a “tool kit” for their followers to use to help them organize against the President and to argue for more refugees.

Governor Little is a fan of Chobani Yogurt (just so you know)!

They prepared template letters for their people!

(I’ve posted their “tool kit” here.)

Well, we can do that too!  A reader from Idaho shared his letter to Republican Governor Brad Little.

It’s great, you can use it too! 

Simply substitute your governor’s name and your state!  Maybe add a few more points you want to specifically make!


Dear Gov Little,

I am writing to urge you to advise the State Dept that Idaho will
NOT accept any more refugees. While I suspect Chobani and other Big Ag interests will push for a massive increase in refugee numbers, the
fact of the matter is that many parts of Idaho are already
experiencing a housing shortage as well as burgeoning school
enrollments. We need to take care of our state first.

Idaho has a relatively small population and you can bet that most
refugees will vote for Democrats, the party of Open Borders and Free
Stuff. We can’t out-pander the Dems, so let’s not try.

A major problem for states in taking refugees is that local
governments end up paying most of the costs for their healthcare and
education. Most refugees arrive with no English proficiency or useful
skills, many are illiterate in any language. This places a huge burden
on our educational system, a burden shouldered by local taxpayers.
Refugees often arrive with serious health problems that local hospital
districts are expected to pay for. Local governments are required to
provide interpreters in hospital, court and educational systems,
regardless of how exotic the language and expensive those services

These are the kind of costs that “welcoming” states are required to
provide. I’m sick and tired of the feds dumping costs on local
taxpayers. The Refugee Act of 1980 promised that state and local
governments would not be forced to pay these costs. They lied, but
what else would you expect from a bill written by Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden and signed by Jimmy Carter? That says it all.

Finally, once a state says that refugees are welcome they will have
no choice as to what kind of refugees they receive. This is a problem
because most refugees are chosen by the UNHCR, a corrupt institution
run by an organization that hates us. Politicians are always saying
these people are seriously vetted, but that’s a lie. Many countries
sending us refugees are failed states that have little info on the
people they are choosing and we’re supposed to trust the UN.

While I am sure you’ll be getting lots of mail from refugee
contractors, this is one from an actual voter. Just say NO to more

Thank you for reading!

By the way, Idaho has taken a lot of refugees over the years, so the Governor could simply say that the state needs a breather, time for the existing refugees to assimilate.

Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!

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See the right hand side bar for the governors who have caved already and told the President that they want more impoverished refugees placed in their (your!) state.

As I said in my post this morning:

If you are contacting elected officials please send me feedback at

Are you making your calls?

Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!

The President listened to our concerns about having no say in where refugees are placed.  If you are fuming over the impeachment process (which you can do nothing about) then support him by doing this one little thing—take 15 minutes and make some calls!

(Visit my category, Where to find information, if this is the first time you are hearing this news. I’ve been writing non-stop for days on this important opportunity Trump has made available.)

If you are contacting elected officials please send me feedback at

Here are a few of the arguments your elected officials (who want more refugees) will make:

  • Trump isn’t bringing very many so the numbers are tiny.  Yes, they are smaller than they have been in the past, but wait till Trump is no longer in the White House and watch the numbers explode!
  • The federal government pays for the program.  No it doesn’t. It has long ago stopped reimbursing states for myriad costs.  Who do you think is paying for Medicare, education for the children and even translation services at every institution that interfaces with the refugees?  Not to mention the cost of the criminal justice system in your county and state.
  • Non-profit groups and churches are taking care of them.  Only for the first three months and they are paid by the federal government (you again!) to do their ‘humanitarian’ work. Their CEOs are pulling in obscene six figure salaries for their ‘charitable good works’.
  • Big companies like meat packers need the ready supply of labor—jobs Americans won’t do.  Maybe that is because these giant globalist corporations aren’t paying decent wages. (Refugees receive welfare to make up for meager wages.)  Why should your town suffer cultural destabilization and social upheaval to help the likes of BIG MEAT?
  • Our community is lacking in diversity and everyone knows that diversity brings strength. There is no research to support that favorite talking point of Open Borders, Inc.  In fact there is some research that refutes that mumbo-jumbo.
  • But we are a compassionate people.  Yes, and so how is it demonstrating compassion to move poor people from their own cultures, dropping them off in places like Chicago so they can get menial jobs, an act of compassion? Why not keep them safe in their own region of the world until they can go home?
  • We are a nation of immigrants.  That is another of Open Borders activists favorite talking points.  Do you know that we actually stopped most immigration to America for 3 decades leading up to 1965?  Why? Because so many were coming that we needed a breather to give them a chance to assimilate. So taking a break is not unprecedented.
  • Refugees are screened and therefore they don’t commit crimes or commit acts of terrorism. Yes, they do and I have literally hundreds of posts archived here confirming they do.  And, use your head, how do you screen someone who has left some hellhole country with no government and is wandering around the world with no papers?  We aren’t stupid!  Tell your elected officials, the US is not capable of calling up some little village in Syria, for example, to see if Mohammed has a criminal record.
  • Ask all pro-refugee elected officials if they have any limit to the number they want for your town/city/county/state.  Is 100 a year a good number?  500? 1000? 10,000?  Pin them down, make them tell you if they have a number that would be just too many for your community or state to absorb.
  • And, ask your elected official if they have in any way taken the pulse of your town/city/county or are they just listening to the political activists at the local Interfaith group.
  • When they call you names—racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, or whatever—know that they haven’t any good arguments and have resorted to attacking you personally. Wear the attack as a badge of honor!