Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!

Turn off the damn faux impeachment hearing! And, for goodness sake forget about shopping and whether Prince Andrew did something to a blond girl whenever.

The President heard your concerns about refugees being placed in your towns with no warning and no local approval and did something about it! Are you going to let him down now?

For those of you who spend the day reading news to inform yourself, stop reading for 15 minutes and do something—I’ll tell you what shortly.

The President listened to your concerns about having no role in the decision making process about where refugees are placed in America.

He has gone out on a (another) political limb and created an Executive Order back in September with the lowest determination for the number of refugees to be admitted to the US since the Kennedy/Biden/Jimmy Carter refugee program became law in 1980.

And, in that Executive Order, although imperfect, he directed the US State Department to collect approvals in writing from governors and county/city elected officials saying they will opt-in (and accept refugees) so that the federal contractors can get their funding to move the Africans, Middle Easterners, Asians, etc. to your towns.

The deadline is approaching and…

….those approvals are now coming in!

Open Borders Inc. and the federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors are turning the process into a referendum on the President and the Refugee Program and have pulled out all the stops as I have been reporting here for days.

My analysis:

Every county in America is up for grabs!

This is the National Association of Counties map that the lobbying arm of the refugee industry is directing its followers to use in order to find the contact information for county government leaders.


Even counties that haven’t previously received refugees are on their hit list. 

They are not sticking with the established resettlement sites I posted here a few days ago. And, mark my words, those approvals from far flung counties will be held by the contractors and used as political cudgels no matter who is President.

By the way, there are 3,242 counties and county equivalents available to be resettled! And, that is how they are turning red states blue—one county at a time.

Both the governor and the local elected body (county government seems to be the primary goal) or possibly a mayor, especially for big cities, must agree to the placement of the impoverished refugees in order for the refugee contractors to get their plans to the State Department and to ultimately be paid to do their work.

(See my right hand sidebar for the governors who have already said yes, or at least the ones we know of.)

The contractors are pushing to obtain the approvals by Christmas in order to get their proposals to the State Department by January 21st.

This is what the Refugee Council USA is telling its followers to do (I told you about it here).  You should follow their model except obviously with a different message:

Your State & Local Officials Need to Hear From You

When you engage your local officials, we encourage you to educate them about the existence and content of the EO and ask whether they will provide written consent to resettle refugees. Here are the top two ways to take action:


  • Tell Your Governor to Declare Welcome for Refugees: Click here to contact your governor and tell them to declare that they welcome refugees in your state. Ask them to provide the necessary written consent to the federal government stating that refugees are welcome. A template letter that can be adapted to your state is available here.


Letters should be addressed to: Secretary Michael R. Pompeo, U.S. Department of State; and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Carol T. O’Connell, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, U.S. Department of State.

This is what Refugee Watchers Must do ASAP

For the sake of time, focus on your county government and your governor.

You can keep your message simple (choose any or all you like):

~Tell your elected officials that by agreeing to accept refugees they are agreeing that state and local taxpayers pick up the financial burden (refugees are eligible for all forms of welfare) that Kennedy once said would be a federal responsibility.

~Tell your elected officials that we have enough of our own poverty in America and that vulnerable Americans should come first.

~Tell them there are hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers (wannabe refugees) that must be processed first.

~Tell your elected officials that security screening is inadequate and that safety is an issue.

~Tell them that the ‘religious’ ‘charitable’ groups placing those refugees are actually federal contractors who depend on high numbers of refugees to receive their pay from the US Treasury.

~Tell them that the original law created an opportunity for states to opt-in or opt-out that has been ignored for decades.

~Tell them politely about any other concerns you have about the UN program that moves impoverished third worlders to your towns/cities.

If you haven’t been following RRW in recent days, go here, here, and here for more information.

Are you as tough as North Dakotans?   I guess we will soon find out!

Please spread this post far and wide, honestly if we can’t muster at least some small showing of support for the President’s efforts to slow costly, disruptive and possibly dangerous refugee resettlement to the far corners of America, then speaking for me, why should I bother to continue investigating and writing!

Endnote to readers in Ohio: A story here in September says your governor is on board with MORE refugees, but I haven’t seen anything in the last week or so.  Assume he hasn’t sent an official letter yet.

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19 thoughts on “Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!

  1. I wholeheartedly REJECT the idea of taking any refugees until President Trump can get a handle on the whole immigration situation. I abhor this Congress for doing nothing in the last 3 years except shove a knife in the Presidents back and squeezing every tax dollar they can get to support ILLEGAL aliens and impeachment.

    1. I agree, but wherever you live in America take the time to contact your governor and your local county (or big city) government!

  2. I live in Arizona and take a Greyhound bus from and to Tucson about every 3-4 weeks. in Tucson the bus station always have a bunch of families going East with volunteers speaking to these families in broken Spanish. The other day I found out that these families were going to Colorado. What a shame. But Tucson just voted not to be a Sanctuary City which I was very surprised about because the Mayor and Council are very pro Sanctuary.

  3. My city is in ruins because of refugee resettlement and sanctuary status for illegals. We had our own poor. Now we have poor dumped on top of poor. Soon the whole country will be one large 3rd world cess pool if this does not stop.

  4. I’ve noticed from comment sections on YouTube that this generation believes Palestinians are good Moslems. Yet they still despise everything George Bush said. They forget (or never heard) Bush telling us that Islam was a peaceful religion.

  5. I want you to know I am talking to anyone with ears and any politician with a telephone to stop the faux refugee insanity. Keep up your exellent work. There are people out here who really appreciate all of your hard work. You are a great source of condensed information.

    God bless you a thousand times

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