Republican Governor Sununu Tells Trump: New Hampshire Welcomes More Refugees

New Hampshire becomes the sixth state (that I know of) to tell the President that his/her state is all-in for more impoverished refugees.  You can bet the Open Borders agitators are joyful about another Republican governor (see Utah) telling the Prez that the state is open for more third worlders.

Most recently I told you about Virginia jumping on the bandwagon bringing the number to five at that point:  Pennsyvania, Washington, Oregon and Utah having expressed their desires earlier.  North Dakota Gov. Burgum’s response is frankly wishy-washy leaving us uncertain about where he stands.

I’m keeping a list of the governors who want to see refugees numbers increased in their states here at RRW in the right hand sidebar.

From US News:

Sununu Consents to Refugee Resettlement Following Exec Order

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has consented to receiving refugees at the state level, in response to an executive order from President Donald Trump that requires consultation with states and municipalities about the settlement of refugees in specific areas.

Is that an America First! sign behind Republican Governor Chris Sununu? Hmmmm!

Trump issued the order in September saying the federal government should resettle refugees only in those jurisdictions in which both the state and local governments have consented to receive refugees.

Sununu, a Republican, said Friday his administration will work closely with area agencies to ensure that those who are resettled in New Hampshire have the chance to become “hardworking members of our local communities.”

New Hampshire municipalities can now opt-in to accept refugees.

Because there are no guidelines available yet (that I know of) on how the President’s September Executive Order is supposed to work, it isn’t clear how your community will opt-in or out!

But, as you saw in my post two days ago, 88 mayors are declaring they are in!

Other than to satisfy their Leftwing constituents, these governors don’t need to be making any public declarations until some guidelines come from Washington.

So, it is up to you to let them know that this embrace of more refugees is not a political freebie for them.  There is a political cost to their declaration.



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3 thoughts on “Republican Governor Sununu Tells Trump: New Hampshire Welcomes More Refugees

  1. What is most vexatious about these p0liticos begging for refugees is that a particular city might ask for refugees but it’s usually the local area (county,hospital district, school system, etc) that has to pay for their presence. I can’t vote out the offending mayor if I don’t reside in the city, but I get to pay anyway. I don’t like being “volunteered” to pay for things I don’t want nearby. That kinda sounds like taxation without representation.

    I don’t know if refugees placed in a “welcoming” state can be dumped in a neighboring state, though I suspect it happens, since “welcoming” states often don’t have cheap housing. This way they virtue signal at no cost to themselves. As usual, the peasants in flyover country are made to pay the cost of their replacement and our elites, both Dem & GOP, couldn’t care less how we feel about that. I’m sick & tired of being asked to vote for GOPe types then find out they’ve sold out to Big Ag or meatpackers. Gee, and I thought the Sununus were “conservative”.

  2. If these politicians are so keen on bringing people into the state for the taxpayers to support, why not bring in the homeless from some other state?
    Or at least take care of the homeless in your own state before bringing in people from some foreign country.

    1. I’ve never understood why poor immigrants are more attractive to the Left than our own poor people. But, then it really isn’t about helping the poor, it is about changing America! It is about shoving diversity down the throats of “deplorables” and about creating their supposed Socialist/Communist dream world.

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