Another Governor Tells Trump to Send More Refugees to His State

Washington Democrat governor Jay Inslee has jumped to the commands of Open Borders Inc. and is telling the President that Washington state doesn’t have enough refugees (plenty of homeless people, but not enough refugees).

Washington ‘welcomed’ the second highest number of refugees in the last year, second only to (blue state here we come!) Texas.

Jay Inslee: Refugees add to our cultural landscape!


See my right hand side bar, here at RRW, where I am keeping tabs on the governors who are preemptively (before any procedure is put in place) telling the White House they want more, and more, and more refugees. Washington is the fourth state to tell the President to give them more!

See here that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is leading a campaign to pressure governors.

Welcoming Washington as a Port of Entry?

By the way, rumors are swirling that there isn’t enough housing for all of the refugees who have gone to the state of Washington already and that refugee contractors are secretively moving some into northern Idaho (demonstrating a significant flaw in the Trump Executive Order).

Press statement from Inslee’s office:

Inslee welcomes refugee resettlement in Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee notified the U.S. Department of State today that Washington will continue to welcome refugees, pursuant to the president’s executive order (EO 13888) that requires state and local consent.

“As the state that resettled the second highest number of refugees last year, we are honored to remain a place of safety and security for those fleeing persecution and violence,” Inslee wrote. “Refugees contribute to all sectors of our economy – as teachers, service members, doctors and more – while adding to our cultural landscape. They are an integral part of Washington’s past, present and future.”

In the letter, Inslee committed to work with localities across Washington on the written consent that the federal government now requires of them. Later this week, Washington state’s refugee coordinator at the Department of Social and Health Services will send a letter to local jurisdictions with further information on the new executive order and how to ensure refugee resettlement can continue unimpeded.

The letter also documents Inslee’s concerns with the Trump administration’s cuts to refugee resettlement and the imposition of new written consent requirements.

“I remain troubled by this administration’s deep cuts to refugee resettlement and disappointed that my call for a considerably higher number of refugees went unanswered,” Inslee wrote. “Further, I have significant concerns about the imposition of written consent requirements upon states and local jurisdictions as a condition to receiving new refugees for resettlement.”

Of course they would rather not go on record supporting the importation of more third world poverty to their states, but since they are going on record it should be clear what you must do in the four states that have already blasted the President—tell them what you think.

Indeed let all governors know that this isn’t a political freebie for them if they oppose the President’s 18,000 ceiling for FY2020.

Your best message: Take care of Americans First!