North Dakota Governor Straddles the Line: More Refugees Only if my Cities Want Them

I’ve been trying to keep track of which governors are responding to pressure from resettlement contractors and telling the President that they want more refugees.

So far governors in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington have sent letters to the White House begging the President for MORE refugees.

Never mind that there isn’t yet a formal structure in place to carryout Trump’s Executive Order that would supposedly give an opportunity for some local/state say-so when the federal government sends new refugees out to 49 states that have refugee programs in place.

Republican Governor Doug Burgum: We will take refugees if my cities run by the Democrats want refugees.

(Wyoming is the only state in the nation that receives zero refugees year after year.)

North Dakota’s Republican governor has weighed in, sort of, as he “embraces the order” and is leaving it to his local communities to say if they want more or not.

Of course if cities are run by Democrat mayors (this is why you all need to get engaged and run for local offices!), the mayor will beg for refugees he claims they need as low wage worker bees.

From AP:

North Dakota Gov. Burgum embraces Trump refugee order

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Gov. Doug Burgum announced Tuesday he’s embracing an executive order from President Donald Trump that gives states and cities the authority to refuse to accept refugees.

Burgum said in a statement that North Dakota will continue to receive refugees — as long as local jurisdictions agree to it.

“The governor believes it should be a local decision,” Burgum spokesman Mike Nowatzki said.

Advocates for refugees said they didn’t believe any of the state’s largest cities, where refugees typically settle, would turn them away.

“I can only speculate but we’re hopeful,” said Shirley Dykshoorn, a Lutheran Social Services vice president. “We have unprecedented workforce needs. We have employers who desperately need employees and they are happy to have refugees.”

More here.

North Dakota is Trump-country and it’s a good idea if your Governor hears from those of you who want to see immigration slowed.

You know he is hearing from Lutheran Social Services!

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