Are we crazy?   Why on earth does anyone want to bring more Iraqi Muslim men to the United States?  How can you women running the State Department sleep at night? 

Do you know they killed her?   The pigs have killed the brave mother of a girl stomped to death by her husband, the girl’s father.   The daughter’s crime was that she became friendly with a British soldier serving in Iraq and to protect the family’s so-called honor the father STOMPED his 17 year old daughter to death.   See the post I wrote in April for the full story of the honor killing sanctioned by the religion of peace.  Religion of peace, what a joke!

I’m so angry I can’t write, but I don’t need to.  Go to Atlas Shrugs for the whole story of how the mother who dared to leave her husband has been gunned down on the street on the very morning she was leaving for Jordan to seek refuge.

And then go to Frontpage Magazine from two days ago and read “Horror in Hamburg” about the increasing number of honor killings among MUSLIM immigrants to Germany.  

Finally, give some serious thought to author Stephen Brown’s last paragraph to which I would only add one more thing.  Stop all Muslim immigration to the US, period, before it’s too late.

But in the end, it is we Westerners who have to stand up for the life-affirming values we hold dear and change our laws substantially to reflect this. Western legal codes were written when the predatory and barbaric practice of honor murder was unknown due to the absence of these immigrant groups. This must be rectified and the new reality reflected in new laws, since the bottom line is that we cannot have women being killed at sixteen if we are to call ourselves human.

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