Michael Savage being himself on refugees

Here is something I missed previously,  radio talk show host Michael Savage commenting on remarks by First Lady Laura Bush for World Refugee Day.    I don’t know what Laura Bush said, I didn’t even pay attention at the time or look it up now because I knew it would be some politically correct mumbo jumbo.    Here is Savage: 

And moreover, let me tell you something. I am an immigrant son, but when my grandfather came here, he could read and write. And he had a business that he opened with his money — the first monies he got, he opened his own business. He knew how to use toilet paper; he had used a toothbrush. We’re getting refugees now who have never used a telephone, a toothbrush, or toilet paper. You’re telling me they’re going to assimilate? They will never assimilate. They come here and they bring their destitute ways to this country, and they never assimilate. And then their children become gang-bangers. It is a disaster. Did you hear what I just said? A disaster. And Laura Bush is talking about political refugees as though it’s 1955. It’s pretty amazing to me that she is as out of touch as her husband is. 

I wonder if Mr. Savage has seen an advance copy of Mark Krikorian’s latest book, The New Case Against Immigration, due out this week.   Krikorian, in more genteel terms says the same thing—this isn’t 1955, or 1924—things have changed.

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