Free speech and Steyn win one in Canada

We’ve discussed on several previous occasions that author Mark Steyn and Macleans magazine were recently dragged before the so-called Candadian Human Rights Commission to answer charges that Steyn and the magazine voiced extremist views when Macleans published an article by Steyn based on his best selling book, America Alone.

Now comes word that Steyn and Mcleans have won.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint by a Muslim organization against Maclean’s, ruling that the views expressed in one of the magazine’s articles were not “of an extreme nature.”

The Canadian Islamic Congress had alleged that the article written by Mark Steyn entitled “The Future Belongs to Islam” and posted on the magazine’s website in October 2006 discriminated and spread hatred against Muslims.

The article, an excerpt of a book authored by Steyn, talks about Islam being a threat to North American institutions and values. It used statistics to show higher birth rates plus immigration mean Muslims will outnumber followers of other religions in Western Europe.

Steyn begins his announcement of the decision on his website on June 27th:

On Thursday, the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission (very quietly) dismissed the Canadian Islamic Congress complaint against Maclean’s re America Alone – and without even giving the Socks the consolation of an Ontario-style drive-by verdict.

So what is a ‘sock’?   That is short for ‘sock puppet’ which is the term used widely to describe the Muslims who filed charges against Steyn.  See the blog, Free Mark Steyn, for a photo of a sock puppet here.  You gotta laugh!

Read Mark Steyn’s America Alone.   Judy and I have included it at the top of our list of recommended books here.

Note to all those who wish to silence us in North America—we aren’t European or British!


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