Role-play a refugee in Davos

National Review’s Jay Nordlinger is at the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos and is in the midst of a series of informative and entertaining reports.  Here’s one of his items today:

Here is something different: a “refugee run.” The following has arrived in my inbox: 

Invitation to an event you will never forget: EXPERIENCE LIFE AS A REFUGEE IN DAVOS!

During this year’s Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, we would like to invite you to an experience unlike any other on the agenda: an opportunity to step into the world of conflict and experience life as a refugee.

Just five minutes’ walk from the Congress Centre [the main building in town], you can enter a simulated environment that will thrust you into a war zone. You will meet a rebel attack, navigate a mine field and battle life in a refugee camp. (Spoiler alert: No harm will come to you!)

A debrief will follow in which you will discuss your experience. . . .

How bizarre. Maybe we should put on a couple of different role-playing opportunities. One could be as a refugee who comes to America thinking he is coming to the Promised Land, only to find himself abandoned by his resettlement agency, not understanding English, living in a bug-ridden, unfurnished apartment and forced to take a job far below his capacities.

Another could be role-playing the citizens of communities suddenly beset without warning by large numbers of strangers who have never lived in a civilized country, make disruptive religious demands in the workplace, wreck apartments, and crash into local drivers.

Or, to keep it to actual refugees before resettlement, what about making role-players stay in one place with nothing to do except listen to radical Muslims teach them about jihad?

There is just no limit to the frivolousness and condescension of elites, is there?

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