Fun with numbers! See the 2007 Yearbook of Immigrant Statistics

If you are interested in who came to the US (legally) and why (for decades) and you love to pore over numbers, this is the place for you to spend many a joy-filled hour—“2007 Yearbook of Immigrant Statistics.”   Published in September 2008 by the Department of Homeland Security, this is a must-have document for anyone interested in immigration generally.

For example, on page 18, I learned that in 2007, 54,942 refugees became legal permanent residents.   81,183 asylees (definition) became legal permanent residents and 42, 127 diversity visa lottery winners hit the jackpot.

To new readers:   We have a ‘Where to find information’ category, those of you new to the refugee resettlement program might wish to visit from time to time.

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