Comment worth noting: evil grows when good men do nothing

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not writing as much these days because I’m working on a political campaign,* but here is a comment we received from a Ms. Chesterman to this post about the Al-Qaeda operatives infiltrating Europe as asylees and refugees.  I thought this was too important to overlook especially as I hear this morning that another Somali has been implicated in a terrorist attack in NYC (as soon as I have a link, I’ll post it).

Here is the comment worth noting:

The old saying that goes something like this..” evil grows when good men do nothing.” its a tragedy that the actions of a few have ruined tainted the plights of the genuine refugees…but its a fact that refugees are infiltrated by the terrorists.

No matter whereabouts we are talking about them..they are very much active and using the plight of genuine refugees to push their own agenda and use open doors.

The time is gone when we can just put our heads in the sand and say that its o.k. because its not. if we dont rise up and become vigilant, we are going to be run over by Muslim Militants…i said…militants… when its over its over, and we wont have a voice.

In an effort to try and keep freedom of religion the basic right of every citizen we are also opening the door to those who have evil motives..and there is no way that we can take away freedom of religion . its a fundamental right.

So… we have to be very vigilant. To the point of seeming to be uncaring and insensitive. Believe me, there are many out there who are only too willing to use this as an open doorway.

We have a responsibility to our generation and the generations to come to see that they are safe. This war is being fought at an entirely different level…and its going to win by stealth if we dont rise up and take note..

*See Potomac Tea Party Report to follow the campaign, here is a post relating to immigration.