Ayaan Hirsi Ali: whole refugee program needs to be revamped

Why?  Everyone lies, she says.   And, besides asylees and refugees should be judged on what they can contribute to the receiving country and if they will assimilate —- good luck with that!

From The Australian:

AYAAN Hirsi Ali has called for a radical change in the way refugees should be assessed.

Ms Hirsi Ali, arguably one of the most high-profile asylum-seekers in the world, believes the 1951 United Nations convention on refugees is out of date and unable to cope with the scale of migration, and says Australia is well-placed to lead moves to replace it.

Ms Hirsi Ali, a prominent critic of Islam, said it was futile for countries to attempt to establish the bona fides of would-be refugees, not least because many asylum-seekers will say anything in order to qualify for asylum.

She said refugee claims should be rigorously assessed on the applicant’s ability to make a contribution to the host nation and to accept its values and culture.

“Everybody lies,” she told The Australian yesterday.

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