Are white European descent minorities discriminated against in Finney Co., Kansas?

This is one of the locations in the US where Whites of European descent are now a minority and it sure looks like they are getting the short shrift.

An ethnic “minority” group (that now represents the majority, I know its confusing) wants to acquire a building presently owned by the county to use for a multicultural center, but are the minority whites part of the multi-culty here?  It is not clear.

From the Garden City Telegram:

Representatives of local ethnic minority groups say they want to turn the city’s soon-to-be American Legion building near downtown into a multicultural center.

That was the request from several dozen residents who are part of the Coalition of Ethnic Minority Leaders and who attended Tuesday’s town hall meeting at Kenneth Henderson Middle School, 2406 Fleming St., where Garden City commissioners convened in front of rows of packed seats.

Most residents who were in attendance belonged to Garden City’s Somali, Vietnamese and Burmese communities, with a handful of others from Laos, El Salvador and the Philippines.

Jonathan Galia, a chaplain at the Tyson Fresh Meats beef-packing plant who spearheaded the effort nearly two years ago to organize Garden City’s various ethnic minority groups and identify leaders within those groups, told the commission and crowd gathered Tuesday that there is a desire among them to share their cultures more publicly.

“We all know we are a majority-minority community,” Galia said, referring to Finney County’s designation by the U.S. Census Bureau as a community where less than half of its residents identify themselves as white and not of Hispanic or Latino origin. “(It’s) best we are mindful we are not just refugees or temporary residents and that we educate everyone that we have a responsibility to help build this community.”

Galia and a few others representatives from the coalition said it is their hope that they could begin a dialogue about acquiring the soon-to-be city building at 125 W. Pine St. or possibly rent the space to serve as a center for the offices of the seven communities participating in the coalition and as a venue for inter-cultural dialogue, classes and other community events.

Who are the seven?  The article earlier mentions Somalia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, El Salvador, and the Philippines.  Is Mexico number seven?   How about adding eight—miscellaneous not represented minority white folks (or maybe American blacks, come to think of it, where are they in all this?).  Maybe the white people could have an office there too—the Society for the Preservation of European Whites in America (and there could be a club for struggling African Americans who are being crowded out by immigrant labor.)

How about an office for Redneck fans of NASCAR?   (I love Rednecks!).  Or, the Trailer Park Tattoo Club?  O.K. I’ll stop.

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We’ve written a lot about the politically correct Garden City, Kansas so use our search function for more information.  But, it’s the city where apparently Tyson Foods does the city planning (like leading this effort) and probably city policing too because they apparently buried the story of a Mexican worker getting stabbed in the neck back in June while on the job.   He died.  This is also the town where the Somalis want their own public graveyard.

Finney County Somalis already have a Somali community center (oops they have two and they are squabbling among the clans)—so much for that multi-community.

By the way, all this (the need for a multi-culty center) sounds like Tyson Foods is more concerned about keeping its work force from imploding then bringing brotherly love to Garden City.

Maybe the town fathers should consider the novel idea of a COMMUNITY CENTER and leave off the divisive notion of a “MULTICULTURAL” CENTER that in truth isn’t any such thing.

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