US residency up for sale through investor visa programs

This isn’t the subject of Refugee Resettlement Watch but I want to post these links to various LEGAL immigration programs that allow foreign nationals to buy their way into the US so as not to lose them (and to point out that LEGAL immigration is not all that its cracked up to be!).

I’ve written at length about the E-2 Treaty Investor program (summarized by an international law firm here) that allows nationals of certain countries to buy little enterprises in the US that ultimately allow them to stay to run their business—-convenience stores are a favorite and then it’s my theory that the immigrants then get into the more lucrative food stamp fraud business.   (Search Food Stamp Fraud here at RRW for dozens of those posts).

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) tells us about another questionable visa program (EB-5 here) where big foreign money enters the US along with the investor (and his whole family)!

Michelle Malkin alerted the public to the potential for fraud, here in a column about ten days ago.

Everyone who says “legal immigration is o.k., it’s illegal I have a problem with” needs to reevaluate that assertion.

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