German arsonist denied refugee status in Canada before getting into US

The “German” arsonist arrested in the recent Los Angeles crime spree had previously been denied refugee status in Canada.  Here is the story from the Montreal Gazette:

The mother of a former Vancouver man facing charges in the U.S. for a multi-million-dollar arson spree at one time pleaded to Canadian immigration officials to allow her and her son to stay in this country.

Harry Burkhart, 24, was charged Wednesday with 37 counts of arson for deliberately setting at least 50 fires, torching cars, garages and homes in Los Angeles and reportedly causing about $3 million in damages.

Burkhart was arrested during a routine traffic stop while driving a minivan with British Columbia licence plates.

The story of how Dorothee Burkhart and her son ended up in L.A. begins with their arrival in Canada in September 2007.

According to Federal Court documents obtained by Postmedia News, the two fled Germany and applied for refugee status in Canada, claiming they feared they would be imprisoned, tortured and killed if they were sent back to their home country.


During the hearing, the minister of citizenship and immigration intervened. The minister requested Dorothee Burkhart be barred from refugee protection as she had committed a serious crime in Germany.

The refugee claim was denied in late 2009 and, upon review of the application in May 2010, the Federal Court agreed.

Then the question becomes—how the h*** did they get into the US?

Surely with a legal decision against them in Canada as recently as 2010, they should have been easily detected by ICE.

Blogger Debbie Schlussel asks the same question and then tells us more, here, about the Chechen-born Burkhart and his mama.

The mother of Harry Burkhart, the man who set several dozen arson fires in Hollywood last week, is exactly the kind of person who doesn’t belong in America and should be deported. And, after you read about both mother and son, you’ll wonder how either of them were able to get into the U.S. Well, we know how the son got on: a lax visa system, in which Customs and Border Protection and State Department employees use little scrutiny or time, before rushing through the rubber stamping of the golden ticket into the U.S., as I’ve been writing about for years, and as internal Homeland Security documents confirmed, earlier this week. Oh, and by the way, Burkhart was born in Muslim Chechnya. Hmmm . . . (Don’t worry, though. In the Hollywood movie, he’ll be a Christian from Texas.)

Read it all.

Canada set to deport alleged war criminal

The former refugee to Canada is scheduled to be deported January 12th.  Last minute appeals hinge on whether he will get a fair trial in Rwanda.

From CBC News:

A man accused of playing a role in the Rwandan genocide could be deported next week unless he convinces Canadian officials he won’t receive a fair trial at home.

Leon Mugesera has lived in Quebec since 1993 and was granted permanent resident status.

However, in 1995 the Canadian government learned of allegations that Mugesera gave a speech three years earlier at a political meeting in Rwanda, inciting party militants to kill Tutsis. According to court documents, killings took place the next day.

Mugesera’s name appears on a list prepared by the American State Department of those implicated in the genocide in Rwanda.

He has been fighting and delaying orders for his deportation for more than 15 years.

In early December, Canada’s Immigration Ministry handed down an 80-page decision that stated Mugesera’s life would not be in danger if he was returned to his home country to stand trial.

His lawyer is arguing that as long as he doesn’t do anything bad in Canada, as a refugee, he should get to stay.

As a refugee, she said, her client shouldn’t be deported unless he has been convicted of a crime and is deemed a threat to the host country.

Does that mean that any fugitive Islamic terrorist who happens to get into Canada as a refugee, can stay as long as he eschews his former terrorist ways—-for how long?    Until he does his next terror act?