Somalis killed in (another) van rollover, this time in Texas

Friends of Refugees has the whole story.  Blogger Christopher Coen has been keeping track of the unsafe 15-passenger vans that refugees use to get often long distances to work at such places as meatpacking plants.

We are told that Catholic Family Services (the head hunter for big business in the Amarillo area—YES! the headhunter) is bringing more workers/refugees to Amarillo this year.

In 2010 we told you about how much the demographics of Amarillo are changing, thanks in part to the good folks at Catholic Charities.   And, LOL! “welcoming” Amarillo.

For new readers:  We have resettled over 100,000 Somalis in the US with the greatest numbers after 9/11.  Visit this post for all the numbers.   Also, note that in FY2011 (here) that ended on Sept. 30th 2011, we admitted another 3,161 Somalis through the program.

Minneapolis Somalis protest bank decision to stop money transfers to Somalia

We reported earlier, here, that a bank that had been helping Somalis in the “diaspora” send money “home” (some of it going no doubt to terrorist activity) is stopping the practice.  But, in the good old fashioned American immigrant tradition, the Somalis have taken to the streets in protest.

Here is the story from the AP posted at The National:

MINNEAPOLIS // Hundreds from the largest Somali population in the United States demonstrated over a bank’s decision to stop handling money transfers that they say relatives in their famine-struck homeland need to survive.

Somalia has not had a functioning government since 1991 and has no banking system, and Somalis use money-transfer businesses called hawalas to send earnings home. But many big banks have stopped handling the transfers, saying US requirements to crack down on terror financing are too complex and not worth the risk.

Friday’s rally came a day after 15 hawalas in Minnesota stopped accepting wire transfers because the bank that handles the majority of the transactions, Sunrise Community Banks, planned to close their accounts, citing similar concerns.

The article follows with a couple of sob stories before it tells us there is proof that Somali refugees are sending money to Al-shabaab.

Sunrise’s decision came weeks after two Minnesota women were convicted of conspiracy to provide support to Al Shabab, a group at the centre of violence in Somalia and one that the US says is tied to Al Qaeda. Evidence showed the women used the hawala’s to send money to the terror group.

Maybe the next refugee who returns to Africa for terror training could just take money in his underwear.

Then it’s good to see that the Obama/Holder US Justice Department is sticking by its guns on the terror financing issue.  It’s a wonder they have time between defending guns walking south and persecuting US Sheriffs.

Sunrise Community Banks said it would consider extending the service if it was given a way to minimise its risk. But US Attorney B Todd Jones said a waiver is not possible.

“The Department of Justice doesn’t give anyone a free pass right up front for possible future criminal activity,” Mr Jones said.

Wait for it!  Someone will cave-in and the practice will be continued.