Al Gore is responsible for the Kosovar refugees in the US

….he was importing Democrat voters!  I’m jesting, it is actually much more disgusting then that.

I guess by now you’ve seen the news about the Kosovo-born Muslim immigrant who planned to ‘off’ a few infidels in Tampa, FL.  He wanted to bring terror to his “victim’s hearts.”    If you haven’t heard the news from yesterday then check out Gates of Vienna, hereLimits to Growth, here and Creeping Sharia, here.

I’m guessing that the arrested terror-plotter is one of the thousands of refugees admitted to the US in the wake of Bill Clinton’s Bosnian war, or is a relative of one of those who came in 12 years ago.   Our perp would have been a child if he had been part of the infamous airlift (but so was one of the Fort Dix jihad plotters, remember them) when he arrived with the largest group of Kosovars we admitted.

Here is the simple version.  In 1999, we brought 15,000 Kosovars to the US and later that year we flew about 10,000 back.   You see they didn’t really want to be here in the first place. I reported on this incredible situation here in 2009.

But, it wasn’t until March 2010 that I learned what really happened when I found this declassified report from the National War College.  The paper written by David Robinson (still involved with the State Department refugee program I believe) basically said that the federal refugee contractors were crying that they didn’t have enough bodies to resettle in the US (and therefore not enough money in their coffers since they are paid by the head to resettle refugees) and the administration wanted a humanitarian excuse for the whole damn war!  So in April 1999 Al Gore sprung a surprise on the professionals in the State Department with the announcement that the photo op of “refugees” arriving in NJ was coming their way whether they liked it or not.

This is what I said in that 2010 post:

I just came across this report from the National War College about how the volags (supposedly voluntary agencies but really federal contractors*) were basically in need of warm bodies to resettle (for $$$) in the US in 1999 so they pushed Gore and the National Security Council to go against professionals in the State Department and even against the wishes of the UN and airlifted tens of thousands of Kosovar “refugees” to the US during Bill Clinton’s phony baloney Bosnian War.

The Clinton administration got its photo op.  The NGOs got their contract money (emergency money too from Congress) and then later that year (surely at taxpayer expense), about ten thousand unhappy “refugees” were returned to Kosovo.    A few thousand stayed in the US.  Again, I don’t know if the Tampa terrorist was in this group, but if he is a naturalized US citizen he got into the US through some legal program.

This is how Robinson begins the 2000 report:

Why did the United States offer permanent resettlement to Kosovar refugees during
Operation Allied Force? Neither the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
(UNHCR) nor the Government of Macedonia (GOM) requested U.S. resettlement
assistance. Even the three federal agencies with principal responsibility for refugee
admissions–State, Justice, and Health and Human Services–balked at the idea. Most
importantly, the refugees themselves strongly resisted being moved from the close
proximity to home of the camps in Macedonia to safer, more pleasant quarters elsewhere.

Nevertheless, during a speech at Ellis Island on April 21, 1999, Vice President Gore
announced that the United States would immediately begin processing for American
residency up to 20,000 ethnic Albanians who had fled Serb persecution in Kosovo. His
decision caught the bureaucracy off-guard. The U.S. Coordinator for Refugees, Assistant
Secretary of State Julia Taft, learned of it only an hour before the speech was carried live
on national news.

The next day, an interagency team, led by the State Department’s Bureau of
Population, Refugees and Migration and including representatives from the
Immigration and Naturalization Service, the International Organization for Migration,
and the International Rescue Committee, flew to Skopje. Its mission was twofold: first,
to convince the UNHCR, the GOM, and the refugees that U.S. resettlement was a
preferred option; and second, to build an in-country processing program from scratch.
The team succeeded, but the question remains. Why did the White House insist on this
particular course of action?

LOL!  Maybe Bill just needed more cheap laborers for his friends at Tyson Foods (IBP)—remember it was Clinton who brought Bosnians to Iowa for meat packing jobs.  Lavinia Limon who heads one of the federal contractors now was Clinton’s head honcho in the Office of Refugee Resettlement, so she would know!

But, here is one reason Robinson gives us (and it should make you all weep):

But public support for committing American airmen to combat rested on the refugee issue. The White House could not simply turn its back on the Kosovars while in their name it rained high explosives on Serbia. It desperately needed another gesture, even if only symbolic, to keep the humanitarian rationale for military action credible.

Readers, if any of you see news on how the Tampa Islamic terror plotter got into the US in the first place, send it my way.

Oh, and then send your thanks to Al Gore and good ol’ Bill.