Holland: Iraqi illegal aliens refuse to leave

They say they will be killed because they are not Shiites.   But, when Obama took us out of Iraq he told us everything was fine there—new government, no more religious warfare—what gives?

Sure looks like the same sort of camp “refugees” have set up in Germany demanding to be taken care of, here.  (Probably a coordinated protest across Europe.)

From the BBC (and by the way, no mention of women/children or Christians in the camp, probably Sunni young men or the reporter would have highlighted the women):

In The Hague dozens of Iraqi refugees have set up camp together, jointly resisting the government that wants to send them home.

A medley of tents are pitched across the neatly manicured Dutch grass, their khaki shades mixing with the fallen leaves from an overhanging lime tree to create an impromptu seasonal collage.

It is still early when we arrive at the camp, near the central station in The Hague, the administrative centre of the Netherlands.

“Terrorists will shoot them,” they say, but most of the “terrorists” in Iraq were/are Sunni Muslims?

The campers – about 60 of them – are living on borrowed time. Their visas have expired. They are now illegal residents, littering the landscape in an act of defiance, refusing to disappear quietly back to Baghdad.

“If I go back I will be dead,” says Ajid.

He has just woken up, but already his arms are outstretched, hands grasping at the air, imploring us to understand. “I know 100% if I go back to Baghdad I will be killed, they will shoot me.”

Who will shoot you? “The terrorists, I phone home and no-one knows where my family are, they say my street is kaput, broken. If you are Christian or [Sunni] Muslim you cannot live in Baghdad.”

The Netherlands does not send everyone back, each “asylum seeker” is reviewed individually.

According to the latest figures, 40-45% of Iraqi asylum claims in the Netherlands were approved.

The Dutch “rightwing” believes Holland will be Greece if they are allowed to stay.  

The BBC story continues:

Some warn that allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the Netherlands will provoke a social crisis.

“You see what happened in Greece, with Golden Dawn? That will happen here,” says right-wing commentator Geert Tomlow.

He is referring to the Greek neo-Nazi party that is seeing a surge of support and which has been accused of violence against immigrants.

The threat of far-right street violence seems at odds with the Netherlands’ reputation as a liberal nation.

“You don’t believe it? Look at what happened with the Nazis – we collaborated,” says Mr Tomlow. “If the government doesn’t do something about this ‘Catch 22’ position, then people will take things into their own hands.

“We see the economy getting worse and we can’t afford to pay for these illegal people anymore, otherwise we suffer.”

Be sure to watch the accompanying film and note the excellent English the main spokesman uses to describe their ‘plight’ to the credulous reporterette!   Maybe she might have asked, have any of you committed crimes here in Holland?  Were you involved in any militia activity back in Iraq?  Are you members of Al-Qaeda?  Stuff like that!

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