Aberdeen, SD citizens hear from expert on refugee program, 'news' story shows bias

I’m sorry to say I don’t have time to give you all the background of what happened this week in Aberdeen, SD (a city I visited on my travels) as I dash out to my last stop of my 4 week (12 state so far) tour of American cities and towns troubled with a refugee program that is largely aimed at supplying cheap LEGAL immigrant labor to large manufacturing companies and that includes the new (re-opening) meat packing plant in Aberdeen.

Corey Heidelberger
Blogger, progressive activist and candidate for the SD Senate, Corey Heidelberger appears to be working on behalf of the South Dakota meat packing industry as he confronted Branstner. I have a hard time understanding why liberals work with the large multi-national corporations pushing migrant labor on America. Bio here: http://coryheidelberger.com/bio/

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A new ‘pocket of resistance’ is forming there.
Here is a small portion of the story at Aberdeen News (you have to subscribe to see it):

Things got heated at a lecture by Ron Branstner at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Aberdeen on Thursday when Corey Heidelberger defended a piece from his blog, Dakota Free Press, that Branstner critiqued in front of the group of about 200 assembled.

Heidelberger and Branstner began talking over each other, and members from the audience began shouting “get out” to Heidelberger, who is running for state Senate.

This happened during the question-and-answer portion at the end of Branstner’s lecture.

Branstner asked that things not get violent and the crowd quieted down.

The beginning portion of his lecture used a digital slide show as a guide as Branstner spoke off the cuff.
Much of his speech attempted to discredit the U.S. refugee resettlement program, which in South Dakota is run by Lutheran Social Services.

He also spoke out against Islamic groups, President Barack Obama’s administration and illegal immigration.

By the way, I have met Ron Branstner, great guy, and an extremely knowledgeable private citizen who has done his homework about how the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is busy supplying large multi-national corporations with immigrant workers.
One major conclusion for me at the end of my tour—-it is about MONEY! (and it is about producing Democrat voters by shoving diversity down the throats of unsuspecting towns and cities!).
Update August 16th :  For a laugh, see some more on Heidelberger by clicking here.

"Anti-refugee rhetoric" fueling controversy in southern elections

So says a publication called Facing South.’

Foreign-born growth_v3
Notice that two of the top three states with the most foreign born population are turning from red to blue, and they have promised to flip Texas one day too. Progressives know that most new immigrants vote D (so they can continue to receive their taxpayer funded services).

I want you to read this story (even if you don’t live in the south).
I found it interesting because of its implication that once again southerners are anti-foreigner, but I do want to make it clear that the concern about pouring third world poverty into any state North, West, East or South is growing, and that it is a concern that was growing long before Donald Trump came on the scene.
Security concerns are also driving citizens to get organized politically as well.
In fact as I wrap up my ‘listening tour’ of the heartland, I can assure you that changing America by changing the people is not sitting well anywhere.
From reporter Allie Yee:

“Southern states like Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama have had some the fastest rates of growth nationally among their foreign-born populations. And while immigrants make up only a small share of most Southern states’ population — and refugees an even smaller share — the arrival of new languages, complexions, cultures and religions has elicited reactions from local communities ranging from wariness to outright hostility and even violence.

The anti-refugee reaction is intertwined with the rise of anti-Islamic sentiment in the region.”

No kidding!

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