Minnesota trial of Somali refugee jihadist wannabes ignored!

As Brenda Walker reports here at VDARE, the trial of nine Somali refugees who plotted to leave the US to join ISIS is wrapping up and long sentences are being handed down.  (Take note all of you refugee advocates who say there is no connection between the Refugee Admissions Program and Islamic terrorism.)

What are these Somali refugees costing us?

Here is Walker:

The Trump-obsessed press has paid little attention to important news like a major terror trial wrapping up in Minneapolis: nine Somali men were sentenced last week in Minnesota for their jihad terror crimes. But the liberal media ignores Muslims terror trials in America no matter what else is going on.

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Think about this and consider taking the challenge!

First, think about the fact that your tax dollars raised these budding jihadists. You paid for their food stamps, their medical care, their schooling, subsidized their housing, and you might even have fixed their teeth, so I ask what are you getting for your investment?
More expenses! 
Just imagine what these trials cost the taxpayers of Minnesota and America! And, more importantly, since several of them are getting 30 years plus behind bars, imagine what that costs us!
I don’t even know why we bother stopping these punks when they try to leave the US. They are cannon fodder for ISIS, might as well let them go.

What value are they for us as they languish behind bars and are fed special halal diets for decades? What will they contribute when they come out at say 55 years old? Do we put them on welfare again?

I’m wondering if when Jeff Sessions becomes Attorney General, can he stop this madness?  Just let them go and take away their US passports!
The challenge!
And, maybe to help Sessions and law enforcement generally reconsider whatever policy it is that we follow by stopping the jihadist wannabes from leaving the country, someone should do an economic analysis of what each of these Somali convicted Al Shabaab/ISIS sympathizers cost us.  I bet one of you could do this!  And, remember there are more than nine of these mostly Somali refugees who have attempted to leave the country since about 2007.
See if you can figure out what they cost the American taxpayer!
And, one more thing! I know it would never happen, but it’s fun to fantasize! I would love to see the resettlement agencies (the contractors), which failed to assimilate their refugees, financially responsible when one of their darlings breaks the law!

Washington Post does big article on Twin Falls, Idaho: Big business needs refugee/immigrant labor

Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar whines to WaPo about Breitbart reporting. As Chamber of Commerce Prez. he helped get Chobani Yogurt plant built in town.

I have other things I want to post today, but since the WaPo has devoted many column inches in its Business section to the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy, I need to at least direct you to it.
Thanks to reader Brenda for sending it my way.  (For decades I had a subscription to the WaPo but cancelled it years ago when they savaged Sarah Palin.)
Go here where reporter Chico Harlan tries to cover all the issues, but the focus is on the symbiotic relationship between the refugee program, big business, and white workers/politicians who benefit.
See our YUGE archive on Twin Falls by clicking here.
Just one more reminder that the Refugee Admissions Program is largely about cheap labor (at taxpayer expense!) and NOT first and foremost about humanitarianism.

When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!

When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!
When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!
When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!
When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!
When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!
When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!
When governors withdraw their state from the Refugee Admissions Program, that is not the end of it!

What am I doing you ask?  An expert on communication once told me that people have to hear the same message seven times before they get it.  I want readers to get this point!

Come on Governor LePage—do it! Sue!

Once a governor withdraws his/her state from the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (RAP), a Constitutionally unsupportable program created out of whole cloth known as the Wilson-Fish program gives the director of the ORR the (supposed) authority to designate a NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization to run the program in the state.
Please visit the Office of Refugee Resettlement website, here, to learn more about it (see a list of all states that are W-F now).

Knowledge is power:

Then, see Michael Patrick Leahy’s (Breitbart) clear description of the history of the law/regulation known as the Wilson-Fish Alternative program by clicking here.  (That article, written almost a year ago, is available by googling. Are lawyers for governors withdrawing from the program so incompetent that they can’t  find that information?)
As governors withdraw there may be a brief period of disruption to the flow of refugees to the state (the new withdrawals are New Jersey, Kansas, Texas and now Maine), but the resettlement proceeds and services are supplied when a federally-funded non-profit resettlement contractor takes over.
Think about it!  The federal government and an unelected, unaccountable to any voters, non-profit group will be deciding how to spend local and state taxpayer dollars in this case, Maine!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott—do it! Once Texas is designated a W-F state, file the Tenth Amendment case!

I continue to be stunned by how little lawyers for these governors know about the RAP and are apparently in the dark about what they are doing…..
Unless of course they do know and by withdrawing they are getting the monkey (you) off their backs, fooling those of you who want it stopped, and thus allowing the program to proceed claiming they can do nothing.
However, they can do something…..
If a governor withdraws, he must follow-up with a state’s rights lawsuit!
The state of Tennessee is proceeding to challenge the Constitutionality of the Wilson-Fish program, see hereThe real test for the governors who withdraw is if they will join the lawsuit!

Under present administration of the program, Maine resettlement will continue as the federal government will (illegally we believe) assign a replacement agency to administer it!

Now, here is the AP story about what the Governor of Maine has just done and what the feds will do in response (I bet Catholic Charities is chuckling behind closed doors!).  Will Governor LePage sue?

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has a mixed record on refugees. Test: Will he join the Tennessee lawsuit?

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Refugees will continue entering Maine despite Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s announcement that the state will no longer participate in a federally funded resettlement program.

So far this year, about 607 refugees were resettled in Maine, and more will arrive next year. Over the past decade, the state has worked with Catholic Charities of Maine to settle more than 3,400 refugees.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said its Office of Refugee Resettlement is working to appoint an interim agency that will administer earmarked federal funds, though a timeline is still uncertain.

That agency will likely be Catholic Charities. The federal government will later accept competitive bids for an agency that will take federal funds directly for refugee resettlement. [This whole process is built on no legal authority!—ed]


LePage wrote a Nov. 4 letter to Democratic President Barack Obama saying he no longer wants Maine associated with the federal refugee resettlement program, and he has also opposed the settlement of Syrian refugees in Maine “until adequate vetting procedures can be established.”


The governor said Maine communities are being burdened by this “unchecked influx of refugees” and “especially prevalent” welfare fraud within the refugee community. He did not provide data for such assertions.


Maine joins three other states – New Jersey, Kansas and Texas – that have recently opted out the federally funded refugee assistance program.

If you live in one of the so-called Wilson-Fish states you should be urging your governors to join the Tennessee case!

Endnote: I saw Kansas Governor Brownback’s name on a list of people Trump is interviewing.  I sure hope it isn’t for any position relating to immigration/refugees. See here in 2014 we reported that he signed on to a letter with Grover Norquist and other RINOs, including Jeb Bush, which urged the Republican Party to embrace more refugee resettlement.  Human Rights First loved it!