USCRI needs money now that President Trump has reduced the number of their paying clients

Just now I wrote about what happened in Rutland, VT this week where the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) lost their chief advocate for Syrian refugees, Mayor Christopher Louras, in a stunning mayoral election upset.
And, I have been meaning to update readers on USCRI’s financials for some time, so this gives me an excuse.
Also, earlier this week when the Trump Administration announced its upcoming 120-day moratorium on refugee resettlement, USCRI immediately tweeted this plea for funding:

When I opened the link here, I was expecting to see a pitch for how to tell the Prez he is wrong, instead it opened directly to a donation form.

My first thought was, why didn’t they long ago try to raise more PRIVATE funds rather than become completely addicted to the easy flow of federal dollars to their bank account?

USCRI CEO Lavinia Limon with Chobani Yogurt CEO at Clinton Global Initiative. Limon was Bill Clinton’s Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Go here for our Limon archive:

(See recent posts on four other of the nine major resettlement contractors: HIAS, LIRS, Church World Service and the USCCB financials.)
Because this is a rotten system that pays contractors by the head to resettle refugee ‘clients’ in to your towns, now that the federal spigot is closing (at least temporarily) the budgets of these quasi-government agencies will shrink commensurately.  And, they are running multi-million dollar agencies paying out BIG salaries.
Before I give you the most recent information available from USCRI’s Form 990, check out this post I wrote in 2008 where we reported that in 2006 USCRI was operating on a budget of just over $18 million!

USCRI’s gross income was $18,352,000.   $16,905,312 was from government grants (that’s you the taxpayer) while another $675,868 included government contracts.

Total compensation of officers was $358,587 and other salaries were $2,966,521. 

By 2014 their budget had grown to $51,524,570, government grants were a whopping $46,560452. Total compensation to officers was $820,147 and other salaries were $7,293,845.  That would be a very respectable growth for a small non-profit except that virtually all of its growth depends on more refugees admitted to the US with a very handsome increase in the per refugee resettlement payment.
We calculate that USCRI is 94% funded by taxpayer dollars. It could be higher, but we don’t know about some of their income categories.
Here are a couple of pages from the most recently available Form 990.
Page 9 is where you usually see how much in government grants they receive.

At the bottom of the total revenue column is where you will find the number $51,524,570. The IOM collection fee is your money too. We did our calculation of 94% funded by you (taxpayers) on just the federal grants and the IOM collection fee. Some of those other items may be taxpayer money too, but we aren’t sure.

Here is the salaries page:
Revolving door! Limon was Bill Clinton’s Director of ORR, then Eskinder Negash, who had earlier been a Veep at USCRI, took a swing at the government job, but has now revolved back to USCRI. If Hillary had won, would Limon revolve back to a government job? I’m guessing not because that would involve a big pay cut.

Go here to see if USCRI has a sub-office in your town! USCRI does list a Rutland office, so while it lasts, those 2 Syrian families should get a lot of help and attention!

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