When is the "man" going to be identified by police and the media?

How many times have you seen headlines like (for example): Minneapolis “man” arrested for _____?

Ann Coulter in her book ‘Adios America’ makes the point repeatedly! She says…..

Citizens need secret decoder rings when reading about immigrant crimes.

We have to play the name game and try to figure out who the perps are—-from which country they came. Sometimes there is a photo to help you play the game.  But, rarely does the mainstream media admit his (or her) home country and almost never immigration status.
I thought about this last night when I saw Leo Hohmann’s latest about a St. Cloud “man.” 
Based on other evidence, Hohmann pegs him as a Somali refugee.  Frankly we don’t know, but I’m thinking, what the heck, if the mainstream media and law enforcement don’t provide important facts (attempting to hide them obviously), let’s play the name game.  Let the authorities tell us if we are wrong.
Here is Hohmann:

Somali refugee chokes woman ‘nearly unconscious’ while high on khat

Mohamed motel
Mohamed the alleged St. Cloud strangler!

A 30-year-old East African migrant is accused of strangling a woman to the point of “nearly unconscious” at a motel in Stearns County, Minnesota, while high on the Somali drug of choice — khat.

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, described by the local newspaper as “a St. Cloud man,” was charged Tuesday with felony domestic assault, fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance and interfering with a 911 call.


The St. Cloud Times was so careful not to reveal Ahmed’s ethnicity as a native of Somalia that it even covered up the country where most khat is grown: “Its use is widely accepted in certain African countries, but the stimulant is considered a controlled substance in the United States,” the newspaper reported.

Then here is Hohmann from the day before:

Somali migrant attacks, tries to rape victim after hiding in woman’s restroom

Mohamed the alleged restroom rapist!

Local media simply identified Mohamed as “a 32-year-old Bloomington man.” No mention of him being a migrant from Somalia who likely came to Minnesota the same way most other Somalis came to Minnesota – through the United Nations-U.S. State Department refugee resettlement program. This program has delivered more than 140,000 Somalis to U.S. cities and towns over the last 35 years despite their horrendous record of non-assimilation.

More here.
He could be from Ethiopia, not Somalia, but from the name game we know he is a Muslim. From his photo, he is East African.  So how did he get here? Was he thoroughly vetted?

Play the name game with this guy!

A reader sent me this story: “Man” accused of assaulting (female) Metro security officer.
It begins:

SHILOH, Ill. (KMOV.com) –
An Iowa man is accused of assaulting a Metro security guard after she checked his ticket.

Screenshot (257)
Is Sohaib an “Iowa man?” Readers want to know!

Sohaib Anglo, 27, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is charged with aggravated battery of a transit security officer.

My reader thinks he could be a refugee, from where?  Let’s start with the name game…
‘Sohaib’ is a Muslim boys first name I learned, but from his picture he doesn’t look East African.  Nothing in the story gives us any hint.
I’m looking for answers if any of you see more on the perp.
But, do you see what I mean, it would actually be to the benefit of the general public including the Open Borders political activists to support the idea of saying more about immigration status of someone with the name Sohaib Anglo because we assume he is an immigrant anyway, even if he isn’t!
And, where is Congress?  How about a law that immigration status is made available to the public in cases like these!
See my gigantic Crimes category here at RRW by clicking here. Over 2,000 posts, so far!
Endnote: To readers critical of my work over the years who say I don’t write about all the crimes perpetrated by white people, my answer is that you, dear critic, can write your own blog about white people committing crimes—go for it!  (This is a blog about refugees.)
It’s a free country after all.

Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans help refugee contractors stay afloat

I heard recently that the refugee resettlement agencies (the big nine)*** which the State Department contracts to place refugees in your towns and cities were busy resettling ‘interpreters’ from Afghanistan and those federal payments were helping keep them financially afloat.
So…I checked some numbers at Wrapsnet and was amazed by what I saw.  Sure enough we are bringing in Afghans at an astounding rate.

From FY08 to FY18 we have admitted 49,358 ‘interpreters’ from Afghanistan and that number does not include their spouses and children. Holy cow!

Were there really nearly 50,000 people doing translation work for us? (And, more to come!) 
I know I can hear it now—-shouldn’t we take care of those who helped us in Iraq and Afghanistan (while we were helping their countries!), but really, 50,000 and more!  (I think you can also surmise from this flood of supposedly friendlies out of Afghanistan that we are done there, but that is a story for another blog.)

Know that our usual bunch of federal contractors are paid to place those ‘refugees’ as well.

Poster boy for Iraqis who helped Americans! Jasim Ramadon doing 28 years to life for brutal rape.   https://townhall.com/columnists/dianawest/2014/01/24/from-us-helpers-in-iraq-to-sex-criminals-in-colorado-n1783901

I early on wrote about the Special Immigrant Visa program for Iraqis that ol’ Ted Kennedy got placed in a Defense Authorization bill in the dark of night in 2006, but have never followed it closely. (Numbers of slots available were low. For comparison, we admitted 18,084 ‘interpreters’ from Iraq during the same time period we have admitted nearly 50,000 Afghans!).
However, I see this morning that Donald Trump, when signing the Defense Authorization bill for FY18, also signed in to law a new Afghan Special Immigrant Visa program which permits the entrance to the US of thousands more Afghans in that category.
Read all about it here, and note that the ‘interpreters’ don’t even have to have been employed directly by the US government! They could have been working for allies and presumably NGOs too!  
(I have something else I have to do today, so this is just your intro. to this under-the-radar push for more Middle Easterners to be distributed around the US.)
Here are screenshots of a few pieces of the data at Wrapsnet.

Below is the top of the data sheet on our Afghan admissions.

Circled in red is the column for Special Immigrant Visas compared to the number of regular refugees from that country.  On the fourth line down, that is California which is obviously being flooded.
Screenshot (253)_LI
This is the bottom half of the same data chart:

Screenshot (255)_LI
Refugee numbers (column one) are relatively low for Afghanistan, but the SIV numbers (column two) are huge!

See that in Trump’s first (partial) year in office (FY17) we admitted an astounding 16,866 ‘interpreters’ and in this fiscal year (2018) to March 5th we have already admitted 7,017! Again those numbers do not include spouses and children.
To conclude, although the regular refugee numbers are way down as we reported here.

8,583 refugees have been admitted in 5 months.

You can add to that another 7,017 paying SIV clients (and their families!) for the VOLAGs (resettlement contractors) to place in your towns.  (There are also ‘interpreters’ still coming in from Iraq, but numbers are much lower now.)
***Here are the nine federal refugee contractors. They have been complaining as their regular paying client numbers (refugees) have declined, but it seems they have some taxpayer supplied funds coming in with this huge push to bring in Afghan ‘interpreters’ and their families.
The original Refugee Act of 1980, that set up this monstrosity, envisioned a public-private partnership that over the years has almost completely morphed in to a federal program.
The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.