Important free speech case involving Twitter moves forward

I first told you about the case filed by Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) against Twitter here in February.
Now we learn that Taylor’s lawsuit can advance as a California judge refuses Twitter’s effort to dismiss the case.

Editor: I use Twitter almost daily and was steadily moving upward in follower numbers until a few months ago.  It isn’t my imagination, I know that Twitter is doing something (maybe shadow-banning to some of my 14 thousand followers) to keep my numbers down. So they don’t have to ban you outright as they did Taylor, they simply make sure you can’t expand your reach.

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More of Australia's rejected migrants headed to your American city

It has been quiet for awhile—months I believe—since we’ve heard of another shipment of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers to America in that dumb deal Obama made and Trump is continuing.

Manus island detainees
Some of these men are your new neighbors!

Unlike feckless European leaders, Australia’s government at the time, rightly and successfully, blocked the arrival of migrant boats about five years ago and apprehended those trying to break in to the country.  They were packed off to offshore island detention centers and efforts were made to get them to return to where they came from.
Most didn’t, and Obama rode to the rescue and said, sure, send these ‘refugees’ to America. 
(Readers, this is a completely unorthodox and possibly illegal use of the Refugee Admissions Program.)
None had arrived yet when Donald Trump first set foot in the White House, so he could have (should have!) stopped the airlift before it began.  He didn’t and they are coming to a town near you—mostly Muslims, mostly men, from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Burmese Rohingya.
New batch is on the way…
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