Biden Reaffirms He Would Begin Admission of 125,000 Refugees in 2021

“[We] are hearing the President-elect speak in the language of social justice!”

(Jesuit Refugee Service Director of Advocacy and Operations Giulia McPherson)

He did it yesterday in a recorded message to a leading group that advocates for more refugees for your towns and cities—Jesuit Refugee Service which by the way received $19,478,560 of US taxpayer dollars (grants and contracts) in the last 12 months according to USA Spending.

The Washington DC-based Jesuit Refugee Service USA is one more taxpayer funded ‘non-profit’ that can not survive financially on its own.  The “social justice” group requires a massive infusion of your tax dollars every year in order to survive. In case you are wondering there is no separation of “church and state” when it comes to the US Treasury funding ‘religious’ social justice advocacy groups.

In fact, they are even more awash in your money in the last year than they were in 2019!  See page from their 2019 annual report below***

From Religion News Service yesterday:

Biden pledges to raise refugee ceiling to 125,000 in address to Jesuit group


President-elect Joe Biden announced he will raise the number of refugees allowed into the United States to 125,000 in his first year in office, a major reversal from President Donald Trump’s steep cuts to the U.S. refugee program.

By way of comparison, President Trump set the ceiling for FY2021 at 15,000 and admitted 9,772 in FY20. Under the Refugee Act of 1980, that Biden helped create, the President  is solely responsible for setting the admissions ceiling.

It’s not the first time Biden has made that pledge. He previously floated the number in a statement he made during the summer on World Refugee Day.

But it is the first time he has confirmed that number as president-elect.

And, notably, he made the announcement Thursday (Nov. 12) to a Catholic group that works with refugees.

“The United States has long stood as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and the oppressed, a leader of resettling refugees in our humanitarian response,” Biden said in a prerecorded video set to air during the virtual event celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jesuit Refugee Service.

“I promise, as president, I will reclaim that proud legacy for our country. The Biden-Harris administration will restore America’s historic role in protecting the vulnerable and defending the rights of refugees everywhere and raising our annual refugee admission target to 125,000.”


“That he chose to make this announcement with us tonight is an indication that President-elect Joe Biden is following his faith when it comes to American policy to protect and welcome refugees,” Jesuit Refugee Service Director of Advocacy and Operations Giulia McPherson said in a written statement.

“Not only is it exciting that the United States will once again welcome refugees at an historically high number, but it is also significant that we are hearing the President-elect speak in the language of social justice about the rights of refugees and our call as people of faith and as Americans to accompany them to safety.”

Faith-based organizations, like Jesuit Refugee Service, have long played an important role in refugee resettlement work in the U.S.

That is something they could not do without extracting your taxpayer dollars to do it because there isn’t enough support in the form of real private charity for what they do—help change America by changing the people.

***From JRS USA’s annual report for 2019. (BTW, they are exempt from reporting the details of their finances because as a “religious” group they are exempt from reporting to the IRS!)

Wow! I wasn’t expecting to see that high a percentage of federal funding—63% involuntarily from you!

As I said here last week, there are over 27,000 Muslim refugees in the pipeline waiting for Biden to say the word!

Malta: Muscat push-back plan gets attention from big media

The Telegraph has a detailed article on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s plan to try to stem the tide of illegal aliens arriving on Malta, and getting stuck with them, because the EU rules they must abide by are really screwy.

“Refugees” hanging around in Malta waiting for a ticket out—to the US maybe!

We told you about the plan here and  here the other day.   If no changes are made Malta will eventually become a Muslim country, and the US will have played a role.

Here is the UK Telegraph:

The tiny island of Malta has received 17,743 mainly African migrants this decade – the equivalent, in Britain, of 2.5 million people. And it is struggling to cope, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says.


Perched on a tiny but strategic set of islands between Europe and Africa, the Maltese have long prided themselves on their ability to repel unwanted invaders. In the 1500s, their resident Knights of St John were the heroes of Europe after seeing off the Ottoman Turks, and in the Second World War, they won the George Cross for helping Britain to keep Hitler at bay.

Their latest efforts to turn back a foreign armada, however, are unlikely to win such plaudits. Or not from the European Union, anyway, which last week was embroiled in a bitter row with Mr Muscat’s government over its plans to return Mr Abdi [a newly arrived Somali from Libya] and his ilk to Libya, from where they came in a people-smuggling boat 12 days ago.

Malta the doormat:

….the row has highlighted how Malta – and nearby Italy – is struggling to reconcile their obligations as EU states with their unsought role as the doormat for illegal migrants from Africa seeking entry to Europe.

EU rules keep them in Malta:

….few African immigrants seek to put down roots down in Malta, preferring instead to head to mainland Europe, where job prospects are better, and where they can legally go under the Schengen arrangements.

But that creates another problem. The rules insist they must return to the country where they first claimed asylum within three months, and while the majority simply overstay, every year hundreds are caught and forcibly returned to Malta from other Schengen countries.

The US to the rescue! 

For new readers this is why we follow closely the controversy with illegal aliens (yes, The Telegraph calls them that in this piece) arriving on Malta—we are taking the largest share to America in a perversion of international refugee law.

Katrine Camilleri with Jesuit Refugee Services

A transfer scheme is already in place, but over the past decade other European nations have taken only 700 of Malta’s arrivals, with the US taking 1,300.

* Photo above is from this story where an immigration lawyer, Katrine Camilleri, (we mentioned her here) got an award for her stellar work with the migrants arriving on Malta.  This is what we want to know:

How many “refugees” has Ms. Katrine Camilleri welcomed to live in her home?

One more thing, Muscat represents the Center Left party in Malta and they are ticked-off at being labeled “xenophobes” by the immigration industry advocates.

Type ‘Malta’ into our search function for our many years of coverage of the Malta mess.

EU Court of Human Rights says NO to “push-back” plan in Malta

Update July 16th:  Catholic Ireland takes ten Somalis from Malta, here.  It’s a good thing the EU is stepping up.  This is not America’s problem.

You knew this would happen.  The government of Malta would not be able to send a message to the thousands waiting in North Africa to board boats and make a run at Italy and Malta.  Don’t try it, you will be returned to Africa is message needed now.

This, below from Voice of America, is an update to my post yesterday.  If you are a new reader here at RRW we follow Malta’s illegal alien troubles closely (and have for over 5 years) because the US State Department has been bringing some of those African migrants to the US in a perversion of international refugee law.

Jesuit Refugee Services—a leader of the pack?

I feel for Malta and the Maltese people because they are a tiny country overloaded with not just illegal aliens, but apparently a large and noisy group of NGOs sucking off government funds (EU tax payer money too) just as the US refugee contractors do in America.  Those Europeans opposing the cultural annihilation of Europe do not have the resources to battle the human rights industrial complex in the media.

Voice of America:

LONDON — Malta has been forced to cancel the forced return of dozens of Somali migrants to Libya, after an emergency ruling by the European Court of Human Rights. The EU has criticized the attempted repatriation, but Malta has accused its European partners of a lack of solidarity. It comes after the Pope visited an Italian island earlier this week that’s received thousands of migrants.


Maltese authorities had intended to send two planes back to Libya carrying 45 Somali migrants who had arrived Tuesday.  But the European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling banning the repatriations.

The migrants must be given the chance to apply for asylum, says Katrine Camilleri, a Maltese lawyer from the Jesuit Refugee Service.*


Authorities say more than 400 migrants have arrived on the island in the past week, including babies, pregnant women and three men with gunshot wounds. Most are Eritrean or Somali.


Malta has accused the European Union of a lack of solidarity in failing to help with the refugee influx.

The United Nations says around 8,400 refugees have landed in Italy and Malta so far this year – double the number in the same period last year.

The article goes on to gush about the Pope going to Lampedusa here to put a guilt-trip on the world.  Update:  Maybe Pope should stay home and continue cleaning up child abuse in the Vatican!

Learn more here about the Jesuit Refugee Services which is getting EU funds to give “vulnerable” refugees “psychosocial” support.  How about the members of the EU taking some of the needy migrants to their countries and give them their psychosocial support there—in London, Paris and Berlin?

*How many “refugees” has Ms. Katrine Camilleri welcomed to live in her home?  Does anyone know?

Click here for an archive going back more than five years on the Maltese mess—a mess the US helped to make by offering free tickets to America for some of the African illegal migrants.

Be sure to see this story about an Italian diplomat and UN workers being arrested for trafficking Somalis between Libya and Malta—guess the business is back up and running!