Memory Lane: Meatpackers Work Directly with ‘Religious’ Refugee Contractors

Because it is all over the news these days, I figured this might be a good time to repost some stories that you might not have seen or have long since forgotten.  Like this one from 2017 (sure is good we were able to recover RRW when it was removed from the web last summer!):

Foreign-owned Big Meat hires Lutherans to help them find and retain refugee labor

That is the crux of this story and not in my wildest dreams did I think that money was directly changing hands between the meat industry and a federal refugee contractor, in this case Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

Don’t miss my post about LIRS just a few days ago.

I always assumed it was an informal relationship where the largely federally-funded ‘religious’ charity (LIRS is 96% funded by you and not via the collection plate) just happened to be bringing immigrant workers to small town America.

Now we learn that there is a formal (secret!), contractual arrangement planned for pilot projects in four states with JBS USA a Brazilian-owned company. And, it makes me wonder if this isn’t new and whether similar arrangements are being made with others of the nine federal refugee contractors.***

For those of you in places like St. Cloud, MN frustrated that you can’t get local elected officials to listen to you, remember their seemingly illogical resistance to slowing the flow of refugees has nothing to do with humanitarianism and everything to do with changing America for the almighty dollar!

From Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily:

Global meatpacking giant goes all in for refugee labor

A Lutheran resettlement agency that places United Nations refugees into dozens of U.S. cities and towns is working with the world’s largest meatpacking conglomerate to train refugees for work in four American states while also softening up the local natives to be more “welcoming.”

JBS Headquarters in Greeley, CO Photo credit: me

The secretive pilot program between Baltimore-based Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and the U.S. subsidiary of JBS Swift aims to pump more refugees into Georgia, Texas, Iowa and Michigan to work in the company’s meat plants. If successful, the pilot program could be renewed for a second year and replicated at JBS meat plants across the U.S., WND has learned.

JBS Swift, the Brazilian-based global meat-processing giant, has agreed to pay Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, or LIRS, $155,000 to implement the pilot program over the next year in the four states, according to a draft of the partnership agreement obtained by WND from a person with inside knowledge of the deal.

“The shock here is to find out that a religious agency is being paid by a foreign global corporation to train refugees and ultimately transform the demographics of small towns in America’s heartland,” said Ann Corcoran, an expert on the international movement of refugees and the nine volunteer agencies that resettle them for the U.S.

The deal between the global meat producer JBS and the Lutheran agency has been dubbed “Rebuilding Dreams,” and is described in the draft document as a “grant and collaboration agreement” between JBS USA and LIRS in the four states.

“The primary goal of this agreement is to improve the capacity of JBS USA and local resettlement agencies to support and improve the hiring and retention of refugee employees at four pilot sites in Michigan, Texas, Iowa, and Georgia,” according to the document.

The following are the cities in those states where JBS has meatpacking plants:

Iowa – Council Bluffs, Marshalltown and Ottumwa, mostly pork production
Michigan – Plainwell, mostly beef
Georgia – Elberton, Douglas, Athens, Ellijay, Canton and Carrollton, mostly chicken
Texas – Waco, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Pittsburg and Mount Pleasant, mostly chicken

“Rebuilding Dreams will achieve this goal by creating customized trainings and resources for key stakeholders, building stronger relationships through communications and technology platforms, enhancing the collection and evaluation of data, and improving the overall quality and culture of the workplace experience for refugee employees,” the agreement states.

The agreement also calls for improving the local “welcoming culture” in the cities where the refugees will be placed.

Part of United Nations agenda for sustainability

JBS is a transnational, global corporation that beats the United Nations “sustainability” drum on its website, and it also cashes in on the globalized “labor mobility” concept pushed by the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Read more here. The story is a detailed must-read about how a global corporation and a supposedly religious charity are changing America by changing the people.

And as a side reading project, see this 2006 article from the Greeley Tribune involving Swift (JBS bought Swift) explaining how the meat industry went from being a desirable place for Americans to work to their model today that is increasingly reliant on the global movement of labor—-middle America be damned!

Don’t miss Bloomberg: Big Meat worried about Trump’s reduced refugee flow, here.

For Republicans it’s about money!

We know the Dems are pushing refugee resettlement in order to boost the number of Democrat voters, and if you are wondering why the Republicans aren’t doing enough to get the program controlled—look to the Chamber of Commerce and GLOBAL Corporations that have convinced the Republican leadership that the free flow of cheap and captive (uncomplaining) labor across borders is the future.

The jig is up!

Big Meat gets cheap labor, the Dems get voters, and you, the taxpayer, get to subsidize it all (including welfare for workers paid insufficient wages!). If you complain you are a hater, a racist and an Islamophobe!

LIRS  is headquartered here in Baltimore. This is their own description: The Lutheran Center (LIRS headquarters) is a six-story structure constructed in 1999 on property owned by Baltimore’s historic Christ Lutheran Church. The building is located near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in the historic Federal Hill neighborhood, a charming area rich with history and an eclectic array of eateries and shopping venues.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
is the lead federal contractor for the following list of subcontractors.

Making it clear! 

LIRS, in Baltimore, is not a separate group from the others on the list!

LIRS is the lead contractor that deals directly with the US State Department and divvies up incoming refugees between the agencies below—LOL! it is the ‘mothership’ to the following:

(Update: Since this post is from 2017 some of the subcontractors listed may no longer exist.  I didn’t bother checking. See if the one near you is still up and running and let me know!)

Canopy of Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville

Refugee Focus, Phoenix, Tuscon

Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service, Los Angeles

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado Springs, Greeley

Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville
Lutheran Services Florida, Miami, Orlando, Tampa

Lutheran Services of Georgia, Atlanta, Savannah

RefugeeOne, Chicago

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, Hyattsville

Ascentria Community Services, Westfield, Worcester

Samaritas, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Troy

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, Minneapolis, St. Cloud

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Omaha

New Hampshire
Ascentria Community Services, Concord

New Mexico
Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, Albuquerque, Santa Fe

New York
Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees, Utica

North Carolina
Lutheran Services Carolinas, Raleigh

North Dakota
Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota—Center for New Americans, Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks

Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Portland

Bethany Christian Services, Allentown, Lancaster, Philadelphia

South Carolina
Lutheran Services Carolinas, Columbia, Charleston

South Dakota
Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, Sioux Falls

Refugee Services of Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Houston

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, Falls Church

Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Tacoma, Vancouver

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Madison, Milwaukee

So what do you do?  Go to this post I wrote earlier this month and get to work where you live!

For more on meatpackers and cheap immigrant labor, go here.


*** For new readers, these are the nine major federal refugee contractors largely funded by you, the taxpayer. Refugee resettlement is not first and foremost about humanitarianism so don’t let them shut you up!


Refugee Advocates Join Forces with Major National Wildlife Protection Group


Presumably because global warming (they say) is producing more refugees, or, because the Left has complete control of old line traditional conservation groups, or is it simply because the CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is married to the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

The power couple in 2016

These Leftists never miss a trick!

When I saw this story with a small mention of a joint video between the Hindu CEO of LIRS and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) it got my attention.

Back in the day, the NWF, as the largest of the politically active national groups working to supposedly protect the environment, was about as far right as you could get on the Enviros spectrum of groups working in Washington.  I know, I was there.

(The Nature Conservancy was the largest financially, but NWF had a greater grassroots network of activists that were often hunters and fishermen concerned with true conservation of wildlife and who could be counted on to call their Congressmen and Senators.)

Apparently like all of the groups, starting with the Sierra Club, NWF is now thoroughly immersed in the promotion of Leftwing political goals. See what Influence Watch has to say:

The National Wildlife Federation is one of the nation’s largest and highest-profile environmentalist organizations. In recent years, along with its associated NWF Action Fund advocacy organization, it has transitioned from being a conservation organization representing the interests of hunters and outdoor recreation enthusiasts into a left-leaning pressure group focused on global warming advocacy and promoting left-wing social causes.

Like refugees!

You’ve got the picture.

Now here is the story about Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, the former Michelle Obama staffer and former gubernatorial candidate in MD, now CEO of LIRS, arguing that Trump is hurting national security with his refugee and immigration restrictions that have been tightened since the Chinese Virus ‘crisis’ arrived.

It is the usual stretch….

From The National Interest:

How Blocking Immigration Hurts U.S. National Security

President Donald Trump’s new executive order barring broad categories of immigrants from entering the country may bring real harm to U.S. national security.

“The pandemic has highlighted for us that national security also involves the assets that we can harness and put against an invisible enemy,” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah during an interview with Ploughshares Fund podcast, Press The Button. “And that includes the health care providers, the nurses, the doctors, the aides who are serving in assisted living facilities. So many of them are made up by refugees and other immigrants.”

Vignarajah is the president and CEO of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of nine resettlement agencies working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide advocacy and support for immigrants and refugees. She argued that the central justification for the immigration clampdown – the Trump administration’s claim that a faltering US economy cannot absorb any more foreign workers – is based on a myth.

“Saying this order is needed to protect American workers plays into the patently flawed idea that American prosperity is a zero-sum game,” said Vignarajah. “We see consistently that immigrants are essential workers. They’re entrepreneurial, they’re tax paying, they’re job creating members of society.”

Far from being a threat to the United States in its fight against COVID-19, immigrants are providing vital national services, explained Vignarajah, particularly in a time when experts are redefining traditional notions of national security.

Funny no mention that her big ‘get’ in making a joint video with the NWF is most likely because her hubby is the CEO of the NWF.


Vignarajah is advocating for a pro-immigration united front.

Last year, her organization partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation “around a campaign responding to threats of mass deportations from the administration.” [LIRS is almost completely taxpayer funded!—ed]

Vignarajah is also joining with some non-traditional allies. Just last week, she recorded a video with the National Wildlife Federation on how the climate crisis is affecting immigration. “Two thirds of the migrants that we see today are actually a result of climate displacement,” said Vignarajah. “This is only going to get worse going forward.”

More here.



Doing well by doing good!

As I have said before, tell your kids to grow up to be Leftwing/Democrat non-profit CEOs!  As head of an approximately $80 million a year organization O’Mara makes just over $350,000 a year. (See recent Form 990)

The missus makes surely as much as her predecessor Linda Hartke who left under a cloud ($376,000-$400,000 a year) heading an approximately $60-70 million a year organization that is at least 85% taxpayer funded.

Lutheran Refugee Agency Blasts Trump (again) Over Proposed Immigration Ban

In their usual knee-jerk response, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service came right out of the box on Monday (before anything is even on paper) to blast the President over a reportedly non-existent ban on immigration to America during the Chinese virus crisis.

Never mind that the President’s draft plan is pablum (see my comments at Frauds and Crooks earlier).  You would think by now the President should know that walking down the middle on an issue of great importance—in my view the most important issue for the future of America—he would understand that the middle of the road means you are road kill (targeted for death from both sides).

He is getting it from the Right and from the Left on the immigration ban issue.

Here are the Lutherans, from Relevant:

[By the way, if you think this group is financially suffering during the Trump years, you are wrong. The ‘religious’ charity which is 85-90% federally funded is doing just fine.  See here. It is insane that you pay their salaries as they denigrate the President and us!]

Lutheran Group Has Condemned Trump’s Plan to Suspend Immigration During the Pandemic

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah is a former staffer of Michelle Obama

One group pushing back is the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which called on the White House to continue to welcome asylum seekers and refugees during the pandemic. “America has always been able to respond to crises while upholding its obligations to the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers,” wrote LIRS President Krish O’Mara Vignarajah. “How can we shut our borders at the same time as our leaders openly encourage protests and the reopening of businesses like gyms and bowling alleys? To imply that immigrants are a threat to the vibrance and prosperity of America’s workforce is a xenophobic talking point — proven false time and time again.”

Ho hum, what else would you expect. Free speech, right!

She can blast the Prez all she wants on her private dime. The maddening thing is that you, the taxpayers of America, pay her salary. Three years ago Trump should have figured out how to shut down their funding.

By the way, I expect some of you are reading this now and saying—well who the heck are you going to vote for other than Trump?

Of course there is no question I still support the President, but Trump and all politicians need to know that in order to have an energized base they need to take strong positions—no one is going to go out and knock themselves out campaigning for middle-of-the-roaders.


Special Afghan Refugees Still Arriving in US Says Resettlement Contractor

Although as you know by now the arrival of refugees has all but stopped due to travel restrictions put in place worldwide.

The UN halted refugee travel a few days ago and the US State Department has reported that no new refugees will arrive now before April 6th.

However, I have been on the hunt to find out if Special Immigrant Visas are still coming in and sure enough they are.

Thanks to a reader for spotting this e-mail from Lutheran Social Services National Capital Area:

Now check this out!  They want a piece of a House goody bag! You’ve been reading that Nancy and her Democrat pals are working on a massive giveaway that apparently the refugee contractors expect to benefit from!


I have been checking the data at Wrapsnet (Refugee Processing Center) and sure enough 211 Afghans (who receive all the benefits regular refugees are entitled to) arrived this week bringing the total for the month of March (3 weeks) to 660 from Afghanistan.

That brings the overall total to over 66,000 since FY2008 when this effort to bring Afghan ‘interpreters’ to American towns began.

Although there is no data readily available on where the 211 were placed in the last week, one might expect they were placed in the usual top sites—obviously in Virginia and Maryland as LSS reported in its e-mail.

In this fiscal year (FY2020) that began on October 1, 2019 these are the top five states that ‘welcomed’ Afghan interpreters and their relatives.

California (2,697)

Texas (1,280)

Virginia (730)

Maryland (510)

Washington (489)

So, as your travel is being restricted, planes are still in the air bringing Afghans here for American taxpayers to support!

And, btw, Afghanistan has COVID-19. Are the arriving special refugees being tested?

Here we go again! Refugee Contractors Wail Over Trump Travel Restrictions

One of the reasons they hate Trump so much is that he has put them on defense and doesn’t let up.

Joy to behold: President Trump putting the Leftists on the defense daily!

After having watched the nine federal resettlement contractors*** operate for going on 13 years I’m laughing as I watch them spin in circles with each new move by the Administration to slow the flow of immigration to America.

And, I long ago learned that they don’t have the best interests of their clients (refugees) at heart, but are really agitating for ever more migrants of any sort as they work to change America by changing the people.

Further confirmation comes in the wake of the latest Trump Administration effort to restrict travel from countries that are not apparently doing their share in weeding-out bad actors who are coming to the US through various legal avenues.

Here is what I said on Saturday when I reported that refugees are exempt from the new travel restrictions:

…if any of the nine federal refugee contractors (whose salaries we, taxpayers, pay) run out and hire lawyers or even open their mouths in opposition to protecting our safety when refugees are not banned, then they show themselves as nothing more than partisan anti-Trump agitators advancing an open borders agenda while hiding under their white hats of phony humanitarianism.

Of course they can’t control themselves and are flailing at the Trump Administration.

They take our tax dollars and agitate daily against our President!

First out of the chute, we have Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (85-90% funded with taxpayer dollars in any given year, for decades) taking their whack at Trump.

Don’t miss: Lutherans paid to take care of foreigners not Americans!

From Crux (a Catholic publication).  Where are the Bishops on this?

Administration imposes travel restrictions on six African, Asian countries

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, CEO of LIRS, and former staffer for Michelle Obama

“This policy has been devastating to thousands of men, women and children whose only beacon of hope is the safety and prosperity that America can offer,” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. LIRS is one of the largest refugee resettlement agencies in the nation.

“How can we look at ourselves in the mirror knowing that we are doing less and less, especially when an unprecedented global refugee crisis calls for swift, bold action from the world’s humanitarian leader?” she added in a Jan. 31 statement.


In her statement, O’Mara Vignarajah said LIRS is “particularly concerned about Burmese refugees who may see America’s doors closed to them at a time of desperate need – including thousands of ethnic Chin, Karen and Muslim Rohingya, who have fled severe persecution.”

“Nearly 5,000 Burmese refugees started to rebuild their lives in America last year, many of whom seek to reunite with family still in harm’s way,” she added.

What she doesn’t tell you is that after they get the original seed communities planted in America they begin working to bring in the relatives.

178,395 Burmese isn’t enough!

I just checked the Refugee Processing Center data and see that since 2002 (when this data base was set up) we have admitted 178,395 Burmese to the US.

21,000 are Muslim Rohingya which we did not admit to the US when I first began writing RRW.

We, didn’t start any wars in Burma!  Their internal ethnic squabbles are their problem. We have no responsibility to do more for the Burmese!  

They take our tax dollars and agitate daily against our President!

Now here comes Church World Service telling its groupies to support the No Ban Act  being heralded by Rep. Ilhan Omar and Speaker Pelosi who, we are told, plans to push it through the House shortly.  Even if it were to pass the House and Senate, the President surely won’t sign it.

So once again we see the typical Democrat tricks to undermine the President, agitate through the media and all the while using their members and followers to push for a bill that is nothing more than a media generating anti-Trump tool.


Rep. Ilhan Omar Dems go-to gal for all things Muslim (Tlaib in the wings)!

URGENT: Tell Congress to Oppose New Muslim Ban Expansion and Protect Our Muslim and Refugee Neighbors


The administration continues to repeatedly attack refugees, asylum seekers, and our Muslim neighbors, prolonging family separation, undermining our moral and legal obligations to the most vulnerable, and discriminating against people based on their faith or nationality.

Then they give their followers a script for a message to Congress. You could have fun using the basic outline of the script and tell your member to oppose Rep. Omar’s NO BAN ACT bill.

Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a person of faith], I urge you to strongly oppose the cruel and harmful expansion of the Muslim ban that the Trump administration announced today, which will restrict entry to the United States from six new countries. I also urge you to cosponsor the NO BAN Act (S.1123 / H.R.2214), which would ensure that no one is banned from our country based on religious or nationality-based discrimination. My community is still feeling the negative impacts of this administration’s immoral and wrongful bans that continue to tear apart families. No one should be blocked from entering the country just because of their faith tradition or where they come from. My community welcomes refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”

More here.

Just a reminder that Church World Service was awarded $53 MILLION  in federal grants in the last year which amounts to 62% of their income being provided by you—the US taxpayer!

They take our tax dollars and agitate daily against our President!

*** For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement in America.

Church World Service one of the ‘religious charities’ responsible for changing America by changing the people with a ‘Christian message.’

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?

(I try to post this information once a day, or at least every few days!)


I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.