A town in Massachusetts with a mayor named Kennedy says “we have to stop this!”

What they want to stop is the flow of refugees to Lynn, Mass., a city now overwhelmed with its immigrant population. The mayor says they are going to the United Nations to ask the UN to stop the flow!   They need to understand that will do little good.  Mayor—you must go to your US Senators […]

Sudanese refugee murdered in Denver on Christmas

Recently I reported on the Sudanese gangland violence in Omaha, Nebraska.  On Christmas, a Sudanese father of five was shot outside his home in Denver.  As of this writing the police have no motive or suspect in the shooting. This is one more story about refugees escaping violence somewhere in the world and dying by […]

Will Nigerians be next?

Will they be the next batch of needy people needing to get to the US through the Refugee Resettlement Program.  You watch there will soon be a drumbeat—maybe its already begun!   Here is a Nigerian writer, writing in the wake of the Muslim church bombings, to suggest a “refugee crisis” is looming. And, by […]

Special Immigrant Visas not forthcoming for Iraqi interpreters

I remember it like it was yesterday, in 2007 and 2008 the refugee lobby hounded George Bush on the slow flow of Iraqis into the US.  Every month like clockwork AP reporter Matthew Lee reported what the refugee activists deemed too small a number of Iraqis entering the US and Bush was soooo bad!  And, […]

Texas “Santa” murderer was a Muslim unhappy with teen daughter

You probably vaguely heard the news in recent days but chalked it up to one more crazy person, maybe even a dispute over drugs, and dismissed the murder/suicide story in Texas on Christmas.  Turns out what the mainstream media isn’t saying is that it likely was an ‘honor’ murder. See the story at Jihad Watch […]

Omaha gets it now: when you bring that many refugees you are in trouble!

Omaha official:  We should have known better! Reader Michael sent this article about Sudanese gangs in Omaha from the Huffington Post on Christmas Eve day and I planned to post it then, but it was too dispiriting to post for Christmas, so here it is now.  [Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!]  I’ve been […]

UK baby adopted to save her from honor murder

Since I mentioned ‘honor killing’ in the US just yesterday (from 20 years ago!), thought I would show what it’s come to in the UK where the Muslim population is much larger than the one in the US.  (LOL! Got to get this all in before the UN and Hillary begin their hate speech hunt).  […]

An honor killing in America twenty years ago!

Who knew?  I was amazed to see this little nugget in the Washington Examiner yesterday.  I bet I’m not alone in thinking that Muslim honor killings are a recent phenomenon in the US.  Wrong!  Here, in 1991, the parents were given a death sentence for killing a teenager who became too Americanized. We’ve written a […]

Gainesville, Florida food stamp fraud bust nabs 31

I’m still trying to work through my backlog of food stamp fraud busts and picking only those that have some new angle. Here is one from Gainesville earlier this month.  No Mohammeds this time only Sharifa and two Syeds (pushing my luck with the Islamophobia police!) Note that there are warrants out for some who […]

Prayer in public schools aok in Wisconsin

This is a story about how as the Arab and Somali population grows in Wisconsin, schools are accommodating Muslim prayer requests even in elementary schools.  The article from Green Bay goes on to say that they accommodate Christian and Jewish religious observances too.  Others? Green Bay Press Gazette: Four Muslim students at Keller Elementary School […]