A town in Massachusetts with a mayor named Kennedy says “we have to stop this!”

What they want to stop is the flow of refugees to Lynn, Mass., a city now overwhelmed with its immigrant population.

The mayor says they are going to the United Nations to ask the UN to stop the flow!   They need to understand that will do little good.  Mayor—you must go to your US Senators and your Representative in the House!

It would probably be a good idea for Mayor Kennedy to also make contact with Mayor Gatsas of nearby Manchester, NH and compare notes.

Here is the story from a roundup of stories for the year from the Daily Item (emphasis mine):

Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy announced in 2011 that she is planning to ask the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees why exactly it has made Lynn a haven city for immigrants and how it plans to help.

It is our plan to get a delegation together with representatives from the school department, the police department and the housing authority, to go down and say, ‘You’ve got to help us out financially or stop placing people here,’ Kennedy said during an editorial board interview with The Daily Item.   [The UN is not placing people in Lynn, the US State Department is doing that through contracts to resettlement agencies.]

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established in 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly and its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. Kennedy discussed the ever-growing number of immigrants – legal and illegal – in the city during the interview.

The flood of immigrants into Lynn is taking its toll on the city and in particular on the schools, Kennedy said.

She estimates there have been 819 new students that have moved into the district since June. She said she would never deny any student the right to an education, but she also called the influx “a huge burden” on the district.

Kennedy was quick to note that Lynn has always been a welcoming city and a city of immigrants, but she said that status is getting more and more expensive.  [LOL!  here is that “welcoming” mumbo jumbo!]

Take, for example, a program developed to give older students that have never set foot in a school a crash course in high school life, she said. Programs such as that cost money, Kennedy noted.

“You’re not going to find programs like that in Lincoln or Sudbury,” she said. “You’re only going to find those kinds of problems in big urban districts.”

It was School Committee members John Ford and Rick Starbard who, Kennedy said, came to her and essentially said, “We have to stop this.”

I’m sure the good Mayor is no relation to Senator ‘bring them to Massachusetts but not Hyannis’ Kennedy who is responsible along with Delaware Senator Joe Biden for spearheading the Refugee Act of 1980 through Congress (signed into law by who else—Jimmy Carter).

Again, the only way to begin to stop the flow of new refugees is to put enormous, and I mean enormous, pressure on your elected Members of Congress who in turn (if you are lucky and have put sufficient pressure on them!) will pressure the State Department.  (Also, refugee contractors get funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Dept. of Health and Human Services, but it’s at the State Dept. where the decisions are made about who goes where, well sort of, mostly these contractors call those shots.)

Unfortunately, once the word is out that you have a “welcoming” city (and you did that to yourselves) you can’t stop immigrants and secondary migration refugees from coming to your town because, as the immigrant activists will quickly tell you—this is America and people can move around.

For Massachusetts readers, here are the Refugee contractors in your state.   Looks like Jewish Family Services has an office in Lynn.   But, unfortunately for Lynn they even have a New American Center.  I don’t have the time to research it but it seems to be a conglomeration of ECBOs (Ethnic Community Based Organizations).

I haven’t written about ECBOs lately but they are usually also funded with taxpayer money and basically they each help THEIR OWN PEOPLE get plugged into services (taxpayer funded programs and welfare) and then when there is a political problem they become the mouthpieces to the media.   I liken them to mini-ACORNs.  Here is our category on ECBOs.

Below are the ethnic groups that make up Lynn’s New Amercan Center.  Doesn’t look like there is much hope for Lynn to extricate itself.

The New American Center is a collaboration of seven non-profit organizations that work to provide services to the refugee and immigrant community in Lynn, MA. These non-profits include: Bosnian Community Center for Resource Development, Congolese Development Center, Haitian-American Public Health Initiative, Jewish Family & Children Services, Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center, Russian Community Association of MA, and Southern Sudanese Solidarity Organization.

As I said, no time to research their finances, but if you do, you will likely find that it is the TAXPAYER keeping these ECBOs alive.   And, so much for assimilation if each group is taking care of its OWN PEOPLE.

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