Refugees being beaten by blacks in Denver, get cellphones for security

Here it is Christmas Eve and every bit of news I’m seeing is troubling.  This story, hat tip Mars, is headlined ‘Denver cops give 911-only cellphones to refugees worried about recent attacks.’  What do you think the chances are that hate crime charges will be brought against the thugs?  And, where is the ‘diversity is beautiful’ in this story?

If they kill me and my son, who will take care of my wife?  Not the refugee agency that is for sure!

From the Denver Post:

Recent beatings of South Asian refugees have prompted Denver police to hand out cellphones to newcomers from abroad.

The hope is that the emergency-only phones, which require no payments, will help refugees reach paramedics and police to prevent future trouble, said Scott Snow, director of the Denver police Victim Assistance Unit.

“It gives a sense of security,” Snow said.

A dozen refugee victims of recent attacks now carry police-issued phones. Police are talking with a potential corporate partner to supply 50 phones, he said. Ultimately, police aim to give phones to all refugees, along with orientation information and safety tips.

On Dec. 11, a group of men beat and robbed teenage refugees from Bhutan in east Denver, following them from an RTD bus, according to police.

Six were beaten, one requiring emergency-room treatment. The attack spread fear among refugees from Bhutan, Burma and elsewhere — who are concentrated in low-rent apartments and have been victims of previous robberies.

“If they kill me and my son, what will my daughter and wife do?” said Dambar Bhujel, father of an 18-year-old victim, who is now wary of letting his son go to school.

“At first, I was happy to come to the United States. After one year, I’m feeling very bad and I don’t want to stay longer. But we can’t go back to Bhutan and we can’t go back to Nepal,” Bhujel said. “They told us America was secure.”


…when police arrived, about 50 refugees approached. Many spoke little English. “Several members of the group had been assaulted by a large group of black males,” the report said.  [Were they Somali or American blacks? That is what I would like to know.]

No arrests have been made. “It’s possible it is bias-motivated,” police spokesman Lt. Ron Saunier said. Detectives “are still looking at that aspect of it.”

Who told the refugees America was safe and who put them in squalid neighborhoods?  Bingo!  You guessed it—-their federal refugee resettlement contractors, that is who!  

These efforts are appreciated, said Paul Stein, director of refugee services in the Colorado Department of Human Services. Federal funding for refugee resettlement is insufficient for safer apartments, Stein said.

It’s always about the money!  Not enough taxpayer money!  Mr. Stein, how about raising adequate private funds so that refugees like the Bhutanese (ethnic Nepalese) and Burmese aren’t living in slums.  If you can’t raise the money, don’t bring the refugees!  New readers should know that the resettlement of refugees is supposed to be a public-private partnership, but is increasingly the responsibility of the taxpayer.

Readers, I told you previously that someone I know had the occasion to be in one of the Denver slum apartments of a Bhutanese refugee woman.  She and her daughter were living miserably and scared to go outside.  Some life!   I think refugee agencies, not taking proper care of refugees, should be required to offer them airfare home.

Meanwhile over on the East Coast, Bhutanese refugees were seriously injured this week in an apartment fire in North Carolina, here.  Was it a slum too?

Oh, and lest we forget, a promising young Bhutanese man was murdered at point blank range by a black thug in Florida last July here.

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